Casual Client
**Short Story**

With a sudden jerk, Kasumi awoke in the night. Heart beating wildly, she looked around her. The diner waitress was missing, the lights were dimmed, and she was alone. "I was drugged!", she realised. Disoriented, she stood up, dizzy and nauseous, and stumbled towards to the door.

Before she could even turn the door knob, a hand grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. Startled, she failed to block the punch and connected hard with her left temple. Senses reeling, she staggered into the door, trying to raise her hands up to guard against another punch to her head. That left her body unprotected. Another fist rammed into her upper belly.


She wasn't expecting that. Shocked with the sudden pain, eyes wide and mouth gape open, Kasumi tried to double over, but 2 hands wrapped around her neck and pulled her in. The first knee thudded into her lower belly, the second sunk viciously into her solar plexus. Agonizing pain exploded in her middle, and her diaphragm locked up. A third knee went in. With every knee, more of her breath seemed to steal away, and her vision started to grey. Her knees buckled.

"I have to do something!"

Desperate, she shoved 2 hands hard into her attacker's chest, creating space for her snap kick. It landed right under his chin. Senses derailed, he lost his hold on her. Out of breath but not wanting to lose the advantage, she pressed the attack. Kasumi shot forward with a flying knee straight into his nose. It broke with a satisfying crunch. Talk about returning the favour. She had to finish this now. Winding her leg up, she spun and----- crashed into the wall on the right.
It seems her attacker wasn't alone.

Another punch had closed in on her temple, and Kasumi was seeing double. Or was it four? She shook her head.
The second attacker sent a push kick her way.
She sidestepped in time, the kick shooting past her into the wall. The second attacker prepared for her counter, raising his hands to block. Kasumi saw this, and adapted, throwing not a punch, but a finger jab which slipped through his forearms, right into his eye. He cried out, shielding his face from further damage. She sensed movement on her right, and threw a sidekick, which hit attacker number 1 in the midsection. He flew back into the jukebox. Attacker 2 was moving again. She whipped back into position to face him. Only, no fists came her way, but a jug full of water, which splashed over her face, blinding her. Surprised, Kasumi yelped, vision blurry. A shadow approached her, and she instinctively threw a kick at it. She was rewarded with a grunt. However, it was short-lived. Exploding into sudden motion, he grabbed her leg, and swung her around. For the second time, her back slammed into the wall.

"Dammit, not again.. I hav--"

Seeing that Kasumi was momentarily dazed, attacker number 1 drove a knee right into her upper belly.


With her back to the wall, there was no way Kasumi could have lessen the impact. She took the full force of the knee, which buried deep in. Pain exploded through her middle. She doubled over in agony, retching. The knee had forced its way through her abs, compressing her stomach. The sudden retraction of the knee whipped her insides back into place. That churning motion was making her nauseous. "Fortunately I didn't eat much all day", She wheezed. Through glassy eyes, she saw attacker number 2 whip out a taser. She decided to name him Stunner. Gritting her teeth, she tried to straighten, but the crippling pain flared anew in her middle, and she immediately bent double again, wrapping her arms tightly around her churning belly. She felt like throwing up.

"That's for my nose!" Someone growled.

Attacker number 1 approached her, and with both hands, gripped the front of her blouse. Before she could react to his hands, he pulled her in close and threw her into Stunner. He wrapped his arms underneath her and pulled tight into a full nelson, preventing her from escaping. Desperate, Kasumi struggled, but he applied more pressure, locking her down. Attacker number 1 approached her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she decided to name him Clincher.

"Let me go! What do you want?!" Kasumi cried out.
"Well, you have been a pain in the ass for DOATEC, and you are needed back for more...'tests.'" Clincher replied.

Kasumi tried to break the lock- No such luck. Clincher looked menacingly at her, dragging the back of his fingers along her waist, which had jutted out from the tight hold. Kasumi winced at the touch, her waist tender. "Oh? Looks like someone got a tummyache. You sensitive there now eh?" Clincher growled. A heavy punch smashed into her lower belly. Then another into the same spot. It sank in deeper, her body folding over the fist. "Ahhhh..." And another, this time into her already bruised upper belly. She had tried to brace for it, but her spasming stomach muscles could not tense up, and the fist penetrated in without much resistance. Kasumi, who had already lost her breath at this point, could only manage a choking sound. "Oooh," Stunner crowed, "Careful there, sounds like she gonna spew any moment!"

"Not feeling so tough now, eh?" Clincher taunted. He placed a fist on her navel, and pushed in. "Your weak belly ain't gonna stop my fist!"

Bile started rising in her throat from the repeated blows to her navel and involuntary spittle drooled from the side of her mouth from the fist squeezing her middle.
"I am going to throw up.." Kasumi knew she couldn't take anymore, and so she did something she never thought she would do; she spat her bile into his face, then whipped her leg back into Stunner's groin. Clincher blinded momentarily and Stunner in pain from the groin hit, she kick off with her legs, pushing Stunner into the counter behind him and breaking the hold. Stunner roared and doubled over, groping at her and pulling hard. Something gave way with all the grappling and pulling, and the front of Kasumi's blouse ripped apart. Somehow her skirt too.

At the exposure of her skin, Kasumi blushed and anger rose in her, but there's nothing she could do about it now; it's a fight or flight situation. She went into her classic stance, left hand out. Panting, she managed to push back the bile stuck in her throat. Her body was still hurting very badly, a very dull throb. Her right hand drifted protectively towards her midsection, hunched over, but schooled her expression, never showing weakness to her attackers. She was in a perilous situation, but now, she saw hope.

During the struggle, she had stolen something from Stunner.

His taser, now firmly in her hands.


I had rendered an image to go along with the story, it can be found here:
Kasumi - Cornered

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