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Oct 19, 2015
Once Panty Anarchy was carried out of the arena, it was now the third match of the day.


The doors opened and a young girl with green hair tied in a pigtail and with dark skin walked towards the ring. She wore a pink top and mini skirt and green boxing gloves and green boots: showing her firm biceps and six-packs on her abdominal. The crowd cheered as she strode past them and climbed into the ring: raising her hands into the air and flexing her biceps before leaning into her corner.


The doors opened as Stocking Anarchy walked towards the ring: her long purple hair swaying left and right: wearing a one piece blue bathing suit that showed her arms and belly accompanied with purple and blue boots. The crowd cheered as she rolled into the ring and posed erotically to her fans before meeting Yin the middle of the ring: smiling at her.

‘Aren’t you a bit limited if you play the boxer?’ Stocking smirked.

Yin gave her a determined look. ‘Whether I’m a boxer or wrestler, I can still beat you!’

Stocking scowled. ‘We shall see bitch! Bring it on!’

The bell rang and Yin approached Stocking and fired a right punch but Stocking caught it and stepped behind Yin and pushed her down with her foot: slamming Yin’s jaws onto the mat. With Yin’s arms still locked within Stocking’s hold, Stocking planting her feet on Yin’s back and pulled her arm backwards: trying to dislocated her joint. Yin grunted but rolled onto her back and left hook Stocking in the face: forcing Stocking to stumble backwards. Yin quickly got up and uppercut Stocking in the belly and then to the jaws: making Stocking’s head snapped backwards. Yin prepared a right cross but Stocking bend her upper body backwards and Yin’s punch swung harmlessly above her. Stocking straightened up and grabbed Yin’s head and face busted her into the mat: Yin giving a scream.

Stocking then sat on Yin and pulled her head backwards in a chin lock but Yin quickly rolled Stocking off her and stood up: raining blows on Stocking. Stocking yelled and blocked herself from Yin’s Attacks until she curled into a ball and double kicked Yin in the stomach: making Yin spat out saliva and flew onto her back. As Yin lay on her back, clutching her stomach, Stocking crawled to her and pinned her: the referee making the count.

‘1... 2...’

Yin kicked out and angrily, Stocking pulled her up onto her feet and Irish whipped her into a turnbuckle: slamming her back into the ring post. As Yin leaned against the turnbuckle, Stocking charged into her to body slammed into her: only for Yin to step aside at the last minute and Stocking slammed into the turnbuckle instead. Yin then turn Stocking to face her and started treating her like a punching bag: landing punches on Stocking’s face and stomach. Stocking cried and spat out saliva every time Yin’s punches landed on her until Yin delivered a powerful uppercut into Stocking’s jaws: lifting Stocking off her feet. Yin stood aside as Stocking landed back onto her feet and collapsed onto the mat: groaning in pain. The referee made the count.

‘1... 2... 3... 4...’ Stocking moaned but lifted herself onto her four. ‘5... 6... 7...’ Stocking pushed herself onto her feet and she stumbled forward until she was standing in the middle of the ring. She shook her to clear her head and turned her back to Yin who had her left hand protecting her belly and her right hand near her chest: standing on a hit man stance.

Stocking charged at Yin’s left side, thinking that she have to swing her right arm all the way and and by the time she did that, Stocking would had reach her. To Stocking’s surprise, Yin moved her left hand and flicked a punch at Stocking’s face: not enough to damage her but was enough to hinder her attack. As Stocking flinched, Yin brought her right fist and uppercut Stocking in the belly before punching her in the face with her left fist. Growling, Stocking pulled Yin towards her and head butted her on the forehead. As Yin stumbled backwards, Stocking lifted her into the air and in a fireman’s carry position, slammed her down onto the mat: Yin crying in pain as she hit the mat. With Yin lying on her back, Stocking sat on her belly and started pounding her in the face with punches.

‘You like boxing right?’ Stocking shouted as she punches Yin left and right. ‘How do you like my punches you green-haired bitch? I’m going to make you regret for now fighting as a wrestler!’

Stocking hooked her legs around Yin’s right arm and locked it in a arm-bar: pulling it out of Yin’s socket. Yin screamed as her arm was being pulled by Stocking and then she gasped and screamed louder when there was a loud pop coming from her arm: Stocking successfully dislocated Yin’s right arm. With tears flowing from her eyes, Yin was pulled onto her feet by Stocking who taunted her.

‘See that bitch? With your right arm gone, there’s no way you could win! Prepare to be beaten you slut!’
With a cry, Stocking Irish whipped Yin towards the ropes and raised her right leg: confidant that she was going to win this match. However, there was one thing she forgotten in her excitement.

As Stocking fired a high right kick, Yin ducked, stepped behind Stocking and straight punch Stocking on the back of the head with her left fist. Surprised, Stocking twirled around: only to be backhand slammed by Yin’s left hand and a left uppercut into her belly. Stocking spat out saliva as the wind was knocked out of her body before crying in pain as Yin delivered a left uppercut into her jaws: sending Stocking stumbling backwards. As Stocking managed to stable herself and stood there in a daze, Yin readied her left hand and delivered a powerful left hook into Stocking’s face: sending Stocking spinning onto the mat. As Stocking lay on the mat, moaning and groaning in pain, the referee started the count.

‘1... 2... 3... 4...’ Stocking rolled onto her sides. ‘5... 6... 7...’ She raises herself with her right forearm. ‘8... 9...’ Stocking was so exhausted that she fell onto her back, feeling limped. ‘10!’

The bell rang as Yin raised her left hand in victory, as her right arm was broken, panting heavily but smiling as the crowd cheered for her and the announcer’s voice rang into her head.


Yin smiled as she nursed her right arm. She looked down on the unconscious Stocking and spat on her. ‘I can still fight with my left arm you idiot. I told you: whether I’m a boxer or wrestler, I can still beat you.’
Holding her right arm with great care, Yin slide out of the arena and left the arena: in need of medical aid.

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