SwitchSet Organizing Mod

SwitchSet Organizing Mod 1.4

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This mod gives allows users to assign 'sets' to individual character folders and fill those sets with resources to be used by that character(hairs, outfits, backgrounds,etc). This mod then allows you to switch between those resources at runtime, by clicking selector buttons.

This is useful if you have multiple hairs or backgrounds for a character and don't want to make multiple versions of the same character. More information can be found in the notes.txt file included within the mod.

Refer to the included Example files if you need a working model on which to create your own character sets.

This mod requires Loader patch 5.45b or newer. If you are using a Loader bundle, then you probably have version 5.45a. You should be able to make a backup of your current Loader.swf and then replace it with the Loader.swf file extracted from the 5.45b ZIP file.
It is recommended, but not required, to use Loader v5.45d.

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Latest updates

  1. 1.4

    Bugfix, should not cause compatibility problems. Conditions added to prevent loading issues...
  2. 1.3

    Super sets added to swap between multiple configurations. Loader mods with visual components are...
  3. 1.2

    Backgrounds can now be in various image formats (png, jpg, bmp, gif). Multiple code files can...

Latest reviews

impresionante, ahorra el trabajo de tener múltiples carpetas del mismo personaje .
ahora, creo que esto podría mejorar si se pudiera usar mas de un swfset al mismo tiempo y poner un espacio para los archivos de huedata.
Nice mod.

Was wondering if theres a way to load 2 swf mods in at once in a superset? for example seifukus crop top and a pleated skirt. I tried using a comma as someone below mentioned but doesnt seem to work, or I'm coding it wrong
Great mod, but switching dosnt work with animtools.
Is it perfect now ?
I'm sure I can still find some other nasty bugs ;)
Thanks :)
This mod just gets better and better. If you're still looking for things to make it better, you could make it possible, so that when you assign two mods to load together, they can be different file types.

Example, I tried to assign a specific background to load when a specific outfit is being used, I tried to put them together under SWFsets, but it didn't work.
It's perfect now. Thanks for including Code switching!
Perfect ! I was just about to ask you to add the possibility to switch charcodes as well :)
Amazing mod! This is something that really needed to be added to SDT. Just wish there was a way to load multiple swfs for a costume.
This is an awesome mod. Thanks, Modguy.

Also, to those wondering, you can combine more than one mod into a preset outfit by placing a comma in between them. =)
I was also struggling with multiple characters in a same dialogue and had to entirely reload everything. Plus the fact that it made the Charfolder organization pretty messy !

I'll have the same question than Hank East though, because I rarely use only one mod to dress a girl ^^

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