SDT Loader

SDT Loader 5.45d

I don't quite understand why the general consensus is that this is four stars. Once you get the hang of this, it's really useful and great to have. An essential mod for SDT. I would rate this four and a half at least.
It might take you some time to understand on "how to" and adjust it with all the mods you'd like. But it is essential and an excellent addition besides many great mods would not work without it.

Thanks a bunch for the hard work on this fine loader, it is much appreciated.
For a person not keen to computer-language, this is totally useless.
Further more; even if you follow the steps, you might run into issues the guide does not explain. I tried making this work for an hour and then I gave up.
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  • Version: 5.45d
too much info on WHAT the program dose, not enough information on HOW to use it
While the download is fine, the program itself does not work without Adobe Flash Projector... which sucks.

I'd recommend using any 3rd party site that has the game there. I'd recommend if you're looking to use mods they can be added through the modding tab.
the explanation is too confusing...............................
Oh,,, My eye’s!!!?
its are work alwesome..
thanks to fix bug.. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
what a nice game, but I hope you will add some nipples slider for her, so I can decide how long/short the nipples
I love it, but I can't add new hair and backgrounds, why?
perfect! a good loader! the best awesome! nice work
The Loader ! What would SDT be without it !? Thanks for this :)
Words don't need to be said as to how incredible this mod is. It's got an entire section of the forum dedicated to it, after all.
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