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Paizuri Pack v5

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Six positions, they are all very similar, three different breast sizes with an alt version for each. One is an upgraded version of this position: Combination Paizuri Blowjob Handjob Animtools Position Since I was adding more positions I decided to make a new post.

Chloe Hair
Chloe Outfit
Thicker Ass and Legs
Demonic Portal Background
Wakana Hair
Ninja Sash
See-Through Sleeveless
Sleeveless Fishnet
Rayne Panties
Butcher Boots
Thicker Ass and Legs
City Background
Canine Tail
Phylia Hair
Micro Jeans
Pushed Up Tank
Bell Collar
Thicker Ass and Legs
Forest Background
Pearl Necklace
Cinder Hair
Vanilla Bikini
Xenovia Bathing Bottoms
Strapped Heels
Thicker Ass and Legs
Jacuzzi Background
Butcher Boots
Indian Girl Sexy Top
Rayne Panties
Vierna Do'Urden Hair
Thicker Ass and Legs
Desert Background
If his penis disappears download penis range v6 and lower the mask offset in the settings file.
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Latest updates

  1. v5

    Updated to use Animtools v27 puts left breast behind penis.
  2. v4

    Adjusted Small and Large again. Added on bed version WIP. Old versions in zip.
  3. v3

    Adjusted v2 Large and Small. Old versions in zip file.

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Hey I am eager to try this but I am a noob and I don't know how to get it working. I know how to do hair and backgrounds but none of this. Would anyone mind please explaining how to work these ones? Thanks.
You have to download animtools then put these files in the settings/animtools_positions folder. Then you load them on the loader tab in game. You could download sby's or my own loader pack to get an idea of how everything is setup. Animtools: Sby loader pack: My loader pack:!qwtEFaxa!Et8yx5QpXFnNs6T7h7a7_JrkDUrDPpmB0cuQ-0bi5TM
I love this, finally some good Paizuri animations!
Btw, would you mind sharing the mod source of the two girls in the gifs for this mod? (I know one of them is from Kuroinu)
Sure, I added some links to the post. The top one is Chloe and the bottom one is something I put together to look like a fox girl. The canine tail seems to have issues with moreclothing mod so I just have it in a character folder.