1. L

    Increase pleasure by contact with breast in animtools?

    Hi all, I'm attempting to make a custom position in animtools, and I've got it all set up to work the way I want except for one problem: I can't figure out how to increase pleasure when the penis makes contact with the breasts. I've tried enabling "pleasure from bodycontact" and increasing the...
  2. Hank East

    Animtools Position - Laydown Paizuri 2020-06-13

    Edited this from someone else's animation, but I can't remember which, sorry :/
  3. V

    Paizuri Pack v5

    Six positions, they are all very similar, three different breast sizes with an alt version for each. One is an upgraded version of this position: Combination Paizuri Blowjob Handjob Animtools Position Since I was adding more positions I decided to make a new post. Chloe Hair Chloe Outfit...
  4. V

    Combination Paizuri Blowjob Handjob Animtools Position 2019-05-09

  5. BamonSwanqueen

    Tit BlowJob 2018-09-06

    I made a titjob where you can make the girl suck the cock! Let me know if you like it! - BamonSQ.
  6. Yeehaw Games

    Yorna: Monster Girl's Secret [Monster Girl, Yuri, Straight, Female Hero]

    The preparation stage is over and I’m happy to present you my new project – Yorna: Monster Girl’s Secret. It uses the same RPG Maker engine but is quite different from League of Corruption. A young mage from a noble family arrives at a distant castle to find it ruined and her sister missing...
  7. sorrowww

    Chair Tit Job 2017-12-20

    A Tittyfuck from Use: 1.Download file 2. Press F2 in game and select file 3. Profit Requires animtools
  8. dantethedarkprince

    Titfuck Monkey 1.0

    See also the Assfuck Monkey.
  9. NoctSoul

    NoctSoul's Updated Dialogue Versions

    Hello there!!! This is the first dialogue thread I ever made, so be clement. I looked around the dialogue threads, and I tried to mix up with something good. Lonely Teacher v3 (multiple positions) Inspired by Delev dialogues and Samoth dialogues (which in case you don't know them, I suggest you...
  10. sby

    animtool positions

    This is a place to share and find animtool position files. --------------------------- background info: animtool position files are text documents created and loaded by animtools that define a custom animation/position. you can get the latest version of animtools in my loader imports thread...