Spandex Suit

Spandex Suit v4

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v3 bottoms require template extension v6 by @sby

As form fitting as possible. There was an error while compiling but it seems to work fine, the arm flashes when changing color but then works normally. Split into two pieces, the top is a top but also needs armwear and body. The bottom is a bottom but also needs legwear (so that boots will go over them).

Thanks to @ds14048 for giving me the FLA to his RGB Swimsuit from which I copied the breasts section.


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Latest updates

  1. v4

    Fixed a glitch where arms behind the back was still using armwear rgb instead of bra rgb.
  2. v3

    Changed bottom to use only legwear using sby template extension v6 and added low rise version...
  3. v2

    Small edit to fix visual bug when bent over to extreme angles. Accidentally deleted the top...

Latest reviews

This is nice, but the bottoms don't seem to work with the vanilla body type - they just kinda bubble out in the shape of the Thicker Ass and Legs. Is there a version for the vanilla legs, or some trick I need to get them to work?
No this is made for Thicker Ass and Legs. I believe dante made a spandex suit for the base game (it may come stock in the moreclothing mod).
Hi, really nice mods here, I was curious if you had any more tops that you've remapped to the bra slot, it's worked suprisingly well for creating more complex outfits, but not everything wants the really long sleves of the spandex shirt. Again, great work!
Sorry I don't. I haven't been doing much modding lately. Have about 15 unfinished mods and no motivation to finish them atm. I remember that changing from top to bra was not as straightforward as it seems because the template was off. If you want you can message me a link to something you would want converted but idk if/when I would get to it.