dialogue writers

  1. Cyrillics support for Super Deepthroat

    Cyrillics support for Super Deepthroat 1.0

    Russian chars support for dialogue writers
  2. K

    How do I make the intro work?

    OK, I've been working on a custom variation on VincentL's "Loving Wife", where instead of a random "begin" quote playing, my own "intro" set plays, but I can't seem to get my characters past "intro1". I've tried everything I can think of. I've even used other dialogues as references, but...
  3. A

    AutoMoveV1 (mod)

    Three month ago I started the project to make an upgrade of the Colin's Custom Automation mod. I was so young and innocent. Now I found bugs in my sleep and wake up screaming "NaN!". But AutoMove work. AutoMoveV1 it's mainly: - 8 triggers - 38 parameters - Many sub-parameters - A free syntax -...
  4. Resource icon

    AutoMove V1 2017-06-23

    Move the girl automatically with this DialogueActions extension
  5. A

    Acclaim's Loader Mods

    Comment, suggest and reuse as you want Auto Move V1 Auto Move is an upgrade of the Colin's Custom Automation mod that adds many news parameters and a free syntax. Recquire DialogueActions Mains Change with Custom Automation Known Issues Install Auto Move Triggers Free Syntax...
  6. N

    MilfCest Dialogue Tuneup?

    Hello. First request. Sorry if breaking any rules. Also One that can be solved without anyone's help most likely but I wanted to give someone a chance because someone out there is definitely %100 a lot better than me at editing and tuning up dialogues and may enjoy it. Request: fix my...
  7. MoreTriggers

    MoreTriggers 2.22a

    Adds some triggers for DialogueActions (Mod for Dialogue Writers)

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