1. SyntaxTerror

    Loader - Screenshot Positions 1.0

    This is only intended for artists and modders that release screenshot example of their mods. This is a Loader version especially set up for me by @sby that has minimal addons and shows only the girl on a white background, avoiding that she closes her eyes. The girl has SD Chan 2's hair, with...
  2. Boronic

    [Tool] 3Dmigoto Texture and Mesh replacer for DirectX 11 games

    (This is not my tool and i dont know how to use it. Please go to the forums for advice.) This tool was used to make an adult mod for Dead or Alive Venus Vacation and the devs have told me that it may work in...
  3. Dr Bees

    Can't decide what mod you'll make next? Use this gizmo.

    This wheel is highly customizable and I use it when I can't decide what SDT Hair I want to make next Wheel Decide
  4. SyntaxTerror

    Custom Data Cleaner 1.2

    This tool is only intended for artists and modders that release their mods along with custom datas. When providing custom datas with mods, most of the time it is unneccessary (if not a source of bother for users), to leave parts like His clothing, Her mood, body positions, background, etc. This...
  5. 3

    How to Extract Textures as other Files (??)

    hello (^^) Somone know how can i extract the Textures from the Game Onigiri Cyberstep (??) I dont want to replace the Textures (><) I need some Map Textures as psd png or whatever, but not the .kxr Files (TT) thank you for help (^^)
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