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Collars for Leashes 1.0 by stuntcock

Vanilla leather collar with D-ring attachment points for leash clips

  1. stuntcock

    This mod adds a simple grey D-ring to the vanilla leather collar accessory. It is intended for use with Leash mods, but it could also be used as a simple visual embellishment in a bondage/humiliation scenario which does not actually involve leashes.

    The collars support normal RGB adjustments. The D-rings do not.

    This mod is compatible with moreClothing.
    LeatherCollar_FrontRing.swf=Leather Front Ring:CostumeCollar
    LeatherCollar_RearRing.swf=Leather Rear Ring:CostumeCollar
    LeatherCollar_BothRings.swf=Leather Both Rings:CostumeCollar
    Modders can find the source file on mega.nz. Normal users can download the 7z archive (containing the SWF files) via the link at the top of this page.
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