Clamshell Bra

Clamshell Bra 5.9

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This mod is based on Rusty Shackleford's original work. Rusty's clamshell bra was designed to fit his custom breast mod. The new version fits vanilla breasts, and will expand to fit the entire Breast Slider range. It is also treated as a "bra" import, while Rusty's original was a "top" import.

This mod uses extended physics scripting and therefore requires Loader version 5.45 or greater.

The bra color can be adjusted using the Bra.RGB1 sliders. Alpha reduction is not recommended because there are overlapping sprites within the bra which will look ugly.

Flash modders can find the FLA source file on Normal users can download the MOD files via the button at the top of the page.
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Latest updates

  1. Physics Library Update

    This is a minor patch, updating the internal physics library of the bra to version 5.9. This...