1. Perdition

    Mermaid Tattoo 2019-11-17

    RGB adjustable tattoo of a mermaid for her arm, butt, and ankle. Uses the armwear, panties, and legwear slots respectively. Uses the secondary RGB slider.
  2. Ramikadyc

    Request: Mermaid Tail belly fix - revision request

    I was hoping someone could separate the belly (in the body slot) that is in the Mermaid Tail.swf that is included with SBY's loader pack, and make it so the legs are visible when applying it. Also, make it so it changes with skin tone. I would upload the original file, but I honestly don't know...
  3. ArcheoPtide

    Dangerous places

    Dangerous places Pay attention.. or you might well die! ^^ The dark tour. Endroits dangereux Restez vigilants.. ou vous pourriez bien en mourir! ^^ Le sombre voyage.
  4. sclover13

    Mermaid Body - Large 1.0

  5. sclover13

    Mermaid Body - Small 1.0

  6. stuntcock

    Clamshell Bra 5.9

    This mod is based on Rusty Shackleford's original work. Rusty's clamshell bra was designed to fit his custom breast mod. The new version fits vanilla breasts, and will expand to fit the entire Breast Slider range. It is also treated as a "bra" import, while Rusty's original was a "top"...
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