AnySizeHer 1_4_1

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Loader is required! (Tested on 5.45d)
PenisRangeV5 is also required! (since AnySizeHerV1_4, his penis will be invisible otherwise)

This mod is on hold (or cancelled, depending on how optimistic you are).

The source code for this mod is in the download. Feel free do whatever you want with it. If you're interested in taking over this project, then go for it! You can PM me if you have any questions (although I'm rarely online).


* Highly customizable! (all keybindings, min/max limits, etc. can be changed in the settings file)
* Scale her head! (her head can be scaled independently from her body)
* Increases her body scale range! (from 0.95 / 1.075 to 0.05 / 5)
* Her body scale slider range is independent! (defaults to 0.65 / 1.1)
* Bend his/her knees and scale her up/down with handy keybinds! (listed below)

Read the Setup section of inside the download.

See inside the download.

See inside the download.
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Latest updates

  1. AnySizeHer 1.4.1 - Small update

    Small update. Bug fix: Loading character codes should no longer cause issues! (thanks to sby...
  2. AnySizeHer 1.4 - Automatic Knee Bending & more

    New Feature: Automatic Knee Bending! & more NOTE: New requirement! You must install and load...
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Latest reviews

Great mod, works fine. Is there any chance you'll continue it's development?
Thanks! I might do some small changes like bug fixes.
Great mod - in theory. I can't get it to work. She works fine - but she will be blowing the air way under his dick ;)

So I must be doing something wrong?
Many animations do not work if you scale her too much. To avoid this I added a feature that "bends their knees" to align them properly, but it only works for the default animation. You can also edit existing animations or create new ones with a different body/head scale in mind. I wrote some comments about this in the settings file (see comments for bendKneesAuto)
amazing work.
Can you tell me where to get the position you use for tinkerbell in the image?
and also how to change both the size in the gif of D-va
You can change the size by pressing the scale up/down buttons (the default keys are listed on this page).
Someone asked about Tinkerbell in an earlier review, you can scroll down to find my answer.
i get an error saying invalid settings key"" null.
This is likely the bug that was fixed in v1.4.1
Great work, I like this mod!
But I noticed that the smaller her head, the greater the distance to his pubis during deepthroat.
Can this be fixed? =)
I have also noticed this but I didn't think to much about it. I think this could be a good feature so I'll put it in the TODO list.
Hello, Could anyone tell me, if it is only me who has this issue: after loading this mod "auto swallow" is turned off, I mean, when he cums in her mouth and I tilt up, but she still has penis in her mouth, she won't swallow. She swallows only when guy pull back penis and no longer in her mouth. I know it is more realistic, but it would be great to have a posibility to change this is seetings file. But I didn't find such option. So, does anyone can help solve this issue? Or the mod creator can add such feature?

Thank you in advance.
Doesn't load, it keeps saying that the AnySizeHer_v1_4.txt wasn't found
That error appears when it fails to find the settings file. The settings file should be placed inside "Settings" folder (it is next to files like "Loader.swf" and "SDT.swf").
Makes the dick disappear. Can't find a way to make the dick not disappear with this mod. Been wrestling with this jumble of nonsense for five hours, and messing around with every value only made it worse. I'm happy for those this mod has worked for, but as the newest version seems to be heavily glitched to a gamebreaking degree, I cannot recommend battling with this.
That usually happens if PenisRange isn't installed and loaded. You can find a link to it at the top of the Overview page of this mod. If that doesn't fix it, send me a PM and I'll see what I can do.
I Like it. But I have a question:
How do I recreate the tinkerbell scene of the image?
Thanks for the review!
It's a bit of a hassle to make it work, and it barely does when you get there (his leg will "flicker" when you move her head back and forth).
Anyhow, you can find her hair/outfit by searching for "tinkerbell" on this site.
You will also have to disable all(?) AnySizeHer settings that automate stuff.
Love how this gives a ton more options. Only complaint is compatibility issues with Animtools / PenisRange when working with extreme sizes. AKA Was trying to make a pixy playing with a huge cock which would require its very own set of animations. Other than that, WONDERFUL!
Thanks for the kind review! : )
That's one of the issues I've wanted to tackle since I first made this mod. The solution with the best result is to add support for AnySizeHer in Animtools (imo). I'll see what I can do about it :)