AnySizeHer 1_4_1

Small update.

Bug fix: Loading character codes should no longer cause issues! (thanks to sby for the fix)

Other changes:
  • The documentation has been rewritten in Markdown
  • A hair mod that uses all layers has been added (thanks to SyntaxTerror)
  • The AS3 compiler and batch script for building has been removed (I moved the files around to make life easier for me)
New Feature: Automatic Knee Bending! & more

NOTE: New requirement! You must install and load PenisRangeV5 before AnySizeHer!

Their knees can now automatically adjust to match her height!

If "bendKneesAuto" is enabled, their knees will bend to adjust for her body and head scale. You can still bend up/down relative to the automatic bending with the keyboard.

DialogueActions "integration"!

You can now use DialogueActions to control her head scale and some of the settings. Read "DialogueHelp.txt" for more info.

Not all changes are listed in this post. Read "Notes.txt" and "ReadMe.txt" for more details.

Enjoy! :)

New Feature: Head Scale Slider!

You can now set her head scale with a UI slider!
A slider will appear at the bottom-left of the "Custom" tab in the in-game menu if "herHeadScaleSliderEnabled" is enabled. The min and max values of this slider is also customizable and is set by the "sliderMinHeadScale" and "sliderMaxHeadScale" settings.

Body scale range increase is now optional!

You can disable the entire sub-mod that increases her body scale range (min and max) with the "herBodyScaleEnable" setting. This also disables the keybinds that increase/decrease her body scale and the change in min/max of her body scale slider.

Not all changes are listed in this post. Read "Notes.txt" and "ReadMe.txt" for more details.

Enjoy! :)

New Feature: Relative Head Scale!

Her head scale is now relative to her body scale!
Changing her head scale while "herHeadScaleAuto" is enabled will now change her "relative head scale".
It is enabled by default.

All head/hair parts now scale!

Now all parts of her head is scalable and visible.

Current limitations:
- Her mouth "hitbox" is still not properly scaled with her head.
- His hand will still not follow her head properly when her head is scaled.
- Strands stuck to her head will not always scale with it.
- Scaling her head while strands are stuck to it usually cause massive lag until they are removed.

Read "Notes.txt" and "ReadMe.txt" for more details.

Enjoy! :)
New Feature: Her Head Scale! (Alpha)

NOTE: You have to enable head scaling in the settings (by chaning "herHeadScaleEnable" from 0 to 1 - it's at the top of the settings file)! (The settings file has to be moved to the settings folder to load)!

Her head now has it's own scale!
By default it's tied to her body scale. You can "untie" it by changing the setting "herHeadScaleAuto" from 1 to 0. When untied, you can change it with the Numpad 1 and Numpad 0 keys (while NumLock is active) (or rebind them with the "keyHerHeadScaleUp" and "keyHerHeadScaleDown" settings).

Current limitations:
- Not all hair/hat parts can be scaled yet. (Those that can't be scaled will become hidden)
- Her mouth "hitbox" is not properly scaled with her head. (It's a bit misaligned)
- His hand will not follow her head properly when her head is scaled. (Its a bit broken in general)
And probably a couple more things I can't remember right now...

Enjoy! :)

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