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SDTL 2 - SDT Launcher 2
(Name is still a work-in-progress)

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What is SDTL 2?
SDTL 2 is an open source launcher for SDT. It's a desktop application that you run the game with instead of the Flash projector or a browser. It's built on top of Electron (a custom version of Chromium) which opens up a ton of new possibilities.

SDTL 2 is a replacement of the Flash projector. It does not replace the vanilla game or ModGuy's Loader!

SDTL 2 is targeted towards experienced users (for now). If you are familiar with SDT and ModGuy's Loader then this is for you. If not then I suggest starting out with this guide (and getting SDTL 2 once you get the hang of it).

Why should I get it?

Here are some reasons:
  • Drag & Drop (you can drop files directly onto the game window to load mods, hairs, backgrounds etc.)
  • Extension support (extensions are "mods" written in Javascript for SDTL2)
  • Automatic "CharacterFolders.txt" (SDTL2 can automatically generate these files at runtime and in-memory, no actual files needs to be created!)
  • DevTools console & Debugging tools (this makes life easier when developing mods or extensions)
  • SDT Booru integration (browse and load hairs directly
  • Potentially higher framerate (some users have reported higher/lower framerate, fingers crossed that it's the same or higher)
  • Easy to setup (downloading and setting up only takes a minute! See the instructions below)

How does it work?
SDTL 2 is built on top of Electron, which is a custom version of the Chromium browser designed to help you create desktop applications with web-technologies. It then uses the Pepper Flash Player Plugin to run the game inside the application window.

This enables us to do things such as:
  • Intercepting "file requests" (and change the response!)
  • Run Javascript code
  • Display HTML & CSS (making UI easy to make, more efficient and perhaps even prettier!)

You can read more in the docs folder inside the download.

Where can I get it?
If you've installed a SDT mod before, this will be a piece of cake!
  1. Download SDTL 2.
  2. Unzip SDTL 2 and put it wherever you want.
And that's it! Just run SDTL2.exe to launch the game!

How do I run my existing SDT setup in SDTL2?
If you already have SDT and want your existing folder to run in SDTL2 you have two options:

1. Replace the SDTL2/game folder with your existing SDT game folder
(Make sure that Loader.swf is directly inside SDTL/game and not in a subfolder!)
2. Change the setting "gameFolder" -> "location" in SDTL2/settings.json to point to your SDT game folder
(Don't use backslashes! Use forwardslashes instead!)

Note: A "SDT game folder" is any folder containing SDT.swf and Loader.swf

Why is this not just an update to SDTL?
SDTL 2 is a complete rewrite of SDTL with a focus on being simple and extensible so that anyone with the technical know-how can create their own features for it.

"It doesn't work!"
Check the docs/ file inside the download. It contains documentation and a section about trouble shooting.
If that doesn't solve the issue, reply to this thread and I (or someone else) will see what we can do. Include all the information you think might be helpful (screenshots are usually very helpful).
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Latest reviews

Doesn't work on Arch Linux with pepper flash installed from the AUR. I've tried pointing it to the file, but it's just a white screen. With two instances running I can get it to show a menu but it says "cannot load plugin" so the game doesn't actually launch. The plugin and SDTL are both 64 bit.
way more cpu consuming than my loader pack with with in flash player just runing the standard game with no mods i only got 15 fps and my cpu was at 100 compared to my old 30 fps
Thanks for the review! I'm sorry to hear that, and there's not much I can do about it. The performance difference seems to be fairly random. I used to mostly get reports of the performance getting slightly better but with higher CPU usage. But lately I've only had reports of the performance getting worse. I don't know if something has changed or if the reports are just not representative (since I only get a handful a year).
Any chance for a version that works on Mac without using a virtual machine?
Hey and thanks for the review! A Mac version may come out in the future
Was great until it completely stopped working. It started saying "file not found" even though i looked in the game folder and saw that everything was where it should be. Reinstalling the whole thing doesn't help somehow...
Hey and thanks for the review.

I have not heard about this issue before. It sounds like either a bug or the antivirus randomly deleting a file (common with avast/avg/norton). If you make a post on the SDTL forum thread (link at the top of this page) with some additional information I can try to help you out!

When does the error appear? Does it say anything else (along the error)? Does a fresh download of SDTL2 work? Are you running the game from a shortcut or a console?

Feel free to include any other information that you think could be relevant!
So.. how can I get tickle's anim tools sex positions to work?
Hey and thanks for the review!

Adding mods is done the same way as without SDTL2. If you're new to SDT and don't want to fiddle around with files for hours (like I did), then I strongly recommend reading "Getting Started with SDT" ( ) as well as downloading a "Loader Bundle" (links can be found in the guide). You can use a Loader Bundle together with SDTL2 by replacing the "SDTL2/game" folder with the loader bundle folder (just make sure that the "SDT.swf" and "Loader.swf" files end up directly inside "SDTL2/game"!).

If you have any more questions you can post them on the forum thread (link is at the top of this resource's page)
It's great, but I have one small issue, I wonder if you can help me.
When I load a character via the sidebars my hishead mod doesn't get loaded. It works fine if I load through the game like before.

My Characters folder are basically: Code.txt, Hair.png, hishead.swf, Mods.txt containing the line hishead.swf
Other mods I put in character folders seem to load fine. Any idea ?
Hey and thanks for the review!

I don't think I've had that exact issue, so I can't give you an exact solution. But you could try changing the order of the mods in Mods.txt or renaming the mod(s) to one of the following names: "Char.swf", "Mod.mod" or "Mod.swf". (since they all(?) get loaded when a character folder is loaded if my memory serves me right)

Loading mods has always been error prone in my experience (even before I started working on SDTL) and I've had quite a few problems/bugs related to it while developing SDTL and my other mods. But I would like to solve this issue, so please send me a PM with more details about your character folder & what mods are listed in your "Mods/$INIT$/Mods.txt" file! : )
I wish you had made it much simpler, in terms of actually how to use the mods people download on here. It can not be expected of everyone to understand these terms, as I certainly do not. I don't understand what $INT$ is, even from a google search, and I certainly did not see this alleged folder anywhere in any of the versions I downloaded. I could not use a single mod I downloaded, after spending about 2 hours looking for how to do it. The guides are of no help and neither are some of the replies. I am giving my rating because, while it may be a good loader, It is terrible in terms of user-friendliness so much so that I do not plan on touching it until I see a reply that gives a clear answer as to how to use the mods present within this community.
Hello and thanks for the review!

I think this is a fair critisism and I remember having the same opinion when I first got into SDT modding. The documentation is still a work in progress so expect it to improve over time. For now I'm sort of assuming that all SDTL users are already familiar with the Loader (which is what uses the "$INIT$" folder btw). I'll update the resource overview to include a section for new users. If I'm not mistaken there is a great guide somewhere on this site for getting started with mods. Feel free to ask questions at the forum or PM me
This version of SDT is amazing but I have to ask about mods.

How can I add mods into this version?

If there will be solution, I will change my rating.
Thanks for the review! Mods are loaded the same way with and without SDTL. Any mods you want to load on startup should be placed in "sdtl2/game/Mods/$INIT$" (and added to the "Mods.txt" file in the same folder). The "sdtl2/mods" folder is intended for SDTL2 specific mods only (it works just like the $INIT$ folder). If you have any more questions you can post them on the SDTL thread and I'll reply there (there's a link at the top of this resource's overview)!
I seriously appreciate anyone who tries to improve the performance of SDT. You've done an amazing job with this.

My experience with SDTL2:

In order to get it working I had to change the backslashes to my game's filepath to forward slashes. I also had to change "auto_character_folders" to false for it to load my characters properly.
It worked perfectly but I get a slightly lower framerate in SDTL2 than when I'm using the flash projector. To be certain I was giving it the best chance I ran SDTL2.exe in administrator mode and heightened each of STDL2's 7 processes to high priority. I also set the in-game quality to low. It sounds like other users get higher framerates with SDTL2 so I guess it depends on hardware and drivers or whatever.

Again, thank you for your contribution. It did not improve SDT's performance for me but I'm glad it has for others.
Thanks for the review! I've made some changes to the "auto_character_folders" feature that'll make it work as intended (thanks to some feedback), they will be included in the next release. The increased/decreased framerate is an unintended side-effect of using a different flash player. It would be interesting to see how different versions of the flash plugin changes the framerate! : )
This loader is taking SDT in the right direction, this loader has better performance and frames than SDT. Can't wait to see more updates!
Thanks! The improved performance was an unexpected bonus. If you have any suggestions feel free to post them on the forum thread or in a PM! : )