Zakos and Bosses in Korean MMOs


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Oct 1, 2017
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Been hooked on Closers lately, I've completed all the current story contents and unfortunately there is only one type of "human zako". And they're shadowy copies of other characters the player can create. They look like these:

You also have this female android that attacks you with ranged attacks. They weren't too interesting so I didn't make a vid (but I can if you all are interested)

But at least one female boss you can fight is pretty neat, her name is Irina and is a ranged attacker. You encounter her in the second part of the story, and there are two types of her. (Both wearing a pretty sexy outfit imo)

Her first version (short vid)
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And for her second version, she's a lot more difficult than her first one, since she has a lot more damaging attack and cannot be combo'd easily. Will do a vid on her later.
Punisher Irina kinda resembles Emma from Fighters Club. Both being blondies and wears a black catsuit with its zippers opened to reveal their large breasts and sexy navels

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Mar 28, 2016
Tsukachan Tsukachan Nice :3

wj1905 wj1905

These two are boss versions bottom one is called White Queen, and the one below is an elite version of them.
SCREEN_CAPTURE 2018-07-14 16-06-01-579.PNG
SCREEN_CAPTURE 2018-07-17 00-45-27-893.PNG

If I recall you like monster girls as wel,l so here's another boss named Arlune. Pretty much like her appearance she attacks you with plant and nature related moves.
SCREEN_CAPTURE 2018-07-17 00-48-47-744.PNG
SCREEN_CAPTURE 2018-07-17 00-48-56-076.PNG

Also, regarding those BNS zakos, I made some posts about those zakos which you can find in the 1st post of this thread. (I love the Tyrian Cult outfit, it's pretty sexy)

Pretty much those zakos belongs to three groups (EN name Tyrian Cult, Lumang Syndicate, and Blackwater Marauders) Sadly the females don't appear often in game and is mostly made of males.


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May 26, 2015
Thanks! Yeah I prefer monster/robot girls. Arlune is a mythological plant monster - many japanese games use these, usually their lower bodies are trees or vines too, Castlevania has them as well.

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Mar 28, 2016
Adding to the BNS Zakos, found a pretty cool looking swordmaster zako that I didn't know existed the whole time. They only appear in a daily quest for level 35+ in an area where you'd be above the recommended level. Best thing about it being a daily quest is that you can abandon it and get it again if you'd like to keep encountering them.

Also, the game is getting a new story update next month, so hopefully there would be some more female zakos to find. And hopefully one with a grapple move and more.


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Mar 28, 2016
Alright, BNS update was unfortunately short and I only found one zako that only appears once in the story quest line...I love kunoichi zakos, and she's pretty good at fighting as well. Fast stun, guard break and can detect stealth, I tried doing some ryona on her for this vid. Ironically even though she's an assassin, she doesn't try to kill you if you revive/stand near her.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to record her death animation and scream because the game lagged loading the next part of the quest....

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