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Blakely, Ophelia, Angel, Li and Chelsea were in Major Mason's office. She says, "Good, we just have to wait for the last squad leader and we can start the briefing..." There was a knock on the door. "Come in, we've been waiting for you!" The door opened on a woman. "Sorry I'm late." "This is VP1 Rita Ozgen, leader of the reserve squad, made up of prisoners you captured and who have joined our cause. So we can get started. We sent a squad into the Amazon jungle because of rumors of disappearances, people who hadn't returned from previous expeditions... However, this squad hasn't given any sign of life for a week, so we're sending you there to find out what happened. That's all, you can go."


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Operation Bronze Garden
Phase 1
Srg Chelsea Montanegra report

"We had been in this jungle for four days, luckily we weren't far from the outpost anymore! Apart from insect bites, we hadn't encountered any problems during the trip. 2 hours later, we had arrived at the outpost, no sign of the squad, no signs of struggle, however, the transmitter (the only tool powerful enough to communicate with the outside world) seemed to be broken ... After all, maybe they were looking for help? We decided to split into two groups, one would go in search of the missing squad, the others would stay here, in case the squad returned."


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You happen to have a choice: do you want to send your squad on patrol or do you want to stay put? The choice is yours! (Those who don't answer will be randomly assigned)


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After simulation, the fight was tough, but the victory is ours! This time, you'll have the pictures at the same time as the report, in short, a little patience ...


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The fight having been quick and brutal, the report shouldn't take long to write (although it seems to me that's what I said the last few times...:rolleyes:)


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Srg Angel Snow report
"My squad had gone with the reserve squad in search of the missing. It must have been an hour since we had left when we came across traces of blood, they were dry and there was nothing else unusual around. We were wondering what had happened when suddenly a scream was heard, it wasn't an ordinary scream, it sounded more like... a war cry!

We dispersed and prepared for battle, it seems that those we were looking for had been ambushed and by the looks of the tracks on the ground, they must have been massacred at least a week ago... The enemy showed up: about twenty women, topless, dressed only in loincloths and armed with swords, spears, bows and knives came out of the thickets and rushed towards us. Victoria and I were with the majority of the reserve squad, on our right were Emi, Myriam and the rest, so there were 12 of us facing the enemy...

The enemy rushed on us and their archers opened fire but we missed them. We held our position and fired, their weapons were no match for ours: Emi fired first at an enemy armed with a spear, the latter collapsed with a bullet in the belly. Meanwhile, Victoria, who had not yet been able to fight in hand-to-hand combat, ran towards the enemy with the hope of fighting, for my part, I shot an archers until I hit her in the pelvis. Myriam hit two of the closest targets, but only scratched their flanks, she started again and hit the second one on the shoulder. My efforts finally paid off and I ended up hitting another archer under the left breast, she fell unconscious.

Their archers continued to target me unsuccessfully, but I wondered "What if archers were the biggest threat after all? A swordswoman charged Nina and a hand-to-hand engagement ensued. The enemy continued to get closer. Rita shot one of them, Carmen dropped one of them in the pool, which Rita continued shooting at her opposite thigh, she would have difficulty getting up! She continued on her way and killed another swordswoman, just like Nina who cribbling another one, Carmen dropped another one. At that moment I felt something penetrate my thigh and I fell to my knees, an archers had hit its target... Emi hit it on both sides of the pelvis, it seems to be the talion law! Taura strafed the chest of an assailant armed with a knife that had come too close, she hit a spearwoman in the arm in the process. Another fell like a fly, touched by Myriam at the pelvis. I took revenge by sifting the legs of an enemy who was trying to get up. Myriam and Karina were engaged by a swordswoman, while Taura dodged the arrows intended for her. We heard a scream and saw Karina stagger before collapsing, the enemy had pierced her chest with a sword.

Emboldened by this success, the others redoubled their ardour and continued to approach us, even though they were falling in numbers... Victoria had a swordswoman who zebraed her flank, she fell to her knees in shock. She did her best to defend herself, but a spear passed her guard and penetrated her chest... This only affirmed our resolution: to make them pay for the losses they had caused us. Myriam, still fighting with Karina's assassin, shot her in the leg before doing the same thing to a blonde who was shot by Maya, her breasts riddled with bullets. Emi shot one of the archers in the heart, Taura a swordswoman with two bullets in the belly. Poly, was on her knees and had taken an arrow in the lower abdomen which seemed to be without gravity despite the blood that flowed from her lips, she still managed to hit an enemy in the hand, which didn't make her drop her weapon for all that. Suddenly, Taura took an arrow to the shoulder, but still showed precision by gouging out the eye of the person who had hit her, killing her instantly. Nina put a bullet in the head of an enemy too close to her liking, Poly hit the same target as before, but on the flank, Alyssa finished off an enemy on the ground. I shot another one in the belly on the diagonal, to believe that I was more accurate on my knees than intact and standing! Poly finally shot down her target. I aimed at an archer, put two bullets in her chest, but she remained standing, I continued on another who was seriously wounded. Rita finished one archers trying to get up, Maya nailed another one to the ground.

Few enemies were still in fighting condition, those who were not dead or unconscious were not able to get up. The last one still standing picked up a bow, Rita tried to stop her, but it was too late and she collapsed down dead with an arrow, but Emi avenged her and shot the killer in the head, showing no mercy. While my wound was being dressed, Carmen approached one of the bodies, which was moving weakly, took the spear that was lying next to it and thrust it into her heart. After all, she had lost a friend, but before we could stop her from attacking the other bodies, we found ourselves surrounded by even more enemies...

We had only defeated the first wave... At the sight of all these bows pointing at us, I gave the order to lower our weapons, we could not win this fight... We were disarmed, tied up and taken prisoner by these enemies of whom we knew nothing, we sank into the jungle."


PV1 Myriam McGregor : +3,5pts (4,25 points) Promoted to PV2.

SRG Angel Snow: +4,25 pts (14,25 points) Wounded for 2 battles.

PV2 Emi Miyato : +3,75 pts (6,75 points) Promoted to SPC.

PV1 Rita Ozgen : Killed in action
image03073 (1).png

PV1 Carmen Areye : +1,5pts (1,5 points)

PV1 Taura Arigae : +3,5pts (3,5 points) Promoted to PV2, wounded for 1 battle.
image03017 (2).png

PV1 Poly Torrente : +1pts (1 point) Wounded for 3 battles.
image03082 (1).png

PV1 Nina Osivna : +2pts (2 points)

PV1 Alyssa Eiden : +1pts (1 point)

PV1 Maya Jordan : +1pts (1 point)

PV1 Karina Yakubova : Killed in action
image03051 (2).png

PV2 Victoria "Vixen" Fox : Wounded for the entire operation.

Although the game was fast, it was very dense, so one month later, here is the report (with pictures). For once, I didn't upload them in advance... I'm still thinking of making a lot of changes as soon as this operation is over and you should like them! While waiting for the rest, I'll let you make the usual improvements !


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The second mission has been done for a little while, but after a month and a half break, I'm going to resume writing the report that goes with it, so stay tuned, just in case !


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Operation Bronze Garden Phase 1
Srg Chelsea Montanegra report

We had been assigned 2 recruits to manoeuvre the boat with which we had arrived, although they had no combat experience, they mastered navigation like no one else. We were waiting for the return of the patrol we had sent out when suddenly Ashley (from the Echo Squad) signaled that something was approaching. We grabbed our weapons and headed for the perimeter fence which had many holes in it due to lack of maintenance ... Indeed, something was approaching: was it our patrol? Not so soon... The missing squad? Maybe it was...

But it was nothing like that... All we saw were topless women with edged weapons rushing towards the wall, they seemed to be in a trance, as if under the influence of a drug. "I hope nothing has happened to our patrol..." we murmured. I made several warnings and asked them to drop their weapons... To no avail... So we were going to have to fight...

We were still running towards the wall, we had to get there before the enemy, a few arrows went towards us, but were stopped by the wall. Rosalie arrived first, followed by Miranda, who prepared to hold a breach. Rosalie fired unsuccessfully at one of the attackers.

The enemy came into contact with the wall, but could not climb it, but a blonde woman with a spear managed to enter the compound. Myriam was still the target of enemy arrows, we rushed to her rescue. Inaya and Isabeau attacked the intruder and wounded her in the arm and hit an enemy in the back of the head, the intruder took a bullet in the hip from Yolanda, one in the lower abdomen coming from Mackenzie (one of our auxiliaries), Blakely shot her legs, making her fall. Miranda fired into the pile and killed an assailant with four bullets. Katerina wounded the hand of an enemy who was trying to pass through another point. Blakely fired a burst that seriously wounded one savage and killed another.

The arrows fired, fortunately the frenzy of our enemies seemed to have a serious impact on their accuracy, but Mackenzie took an arrow under her chest and although on her knees, continued the fight. The enemy entered the compound. Ophelia killed one of them, Rosalie fired a burst that repelled them, but she was hit with a sword, the blade pierced her skirt and went into her pelvis. She sank into unconsciousness, but seemed to be still alive.

We fired at everything that moved, causing carnage: those who were not killed instantly continued the fight, but their wounds were horrible. If the drug they were taking made them resistant to pain, their blood was made more fluid so that the slightest wound caused them to bleed. Some began to panic at the sight of their wounds. Omura was shot in the flank with an arrow.

However, given their condition, we didn't have the heart to finish off their wounded, most of whom stopped resisting. Suddenly an arrow came and hit me. If the wound wasn't pretty, I was pulled to safety and told that I was out of danger. From where I was, I could see the whole battlefield.

Enemy corpses were covering the ground, there was blood everywhere, we were clearly winning this battle, but the assault was not weakening... But little by little panic seized the enemy. Most of them were dead or unconscious, the others were bleeding to death. We took advantage of their hesitation to deal the coup de grâce, to push the survivors to surrender. After that, we still didn't know what had happened to the others. Mia even shot a prisoner in the hope of getting the others to talk, to no avail... Maybe they didn't know what had happened to our patrol...

Before we could go any further, we realised that we were surrounded! Taking advantage of the fact that we were all fighting at the North wall, others ennemies had gone around in the meantime! It was our turn to find ourselves prisoners...
image38041.png image38011.png image38004.png image02060.png image02059.png image02058.png image02057.png image02055.png image02054.png image02053.png image02052.png image02051.png image02050.png image02049.png image02048.png image02047.png image02046.png image02045.png image02044.png image02043.png image02042.png image02041.png image02039.png image02038.png image02037.png image02034.png image02033.png image02031.png image02030.png image02029.png image02028.png image02027.png image02026.png image02024.png image02025.png image02020.png image02021.png image02017.png image02011.png image02004.png image02005.png image02006.png image02009.png image02001.png image02002.png image02003.png image01016 (1).png


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For once, I kept my self-imposed deadline! I will try to finish the balance sheet in a few days, it will never have been so full!


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Squad 1 (Severity)
PV2 Isabeau Ardanelles : +1,5 pts (4,5 pts)

CPL Blakely Churches : +3,75 pts (11,5 pts) Promoted to SRG

CPL Wese Gifslang : +0,75 pts (7,75 pts)

CPL Alfhild Byrnes : +4 pts (11 pts)
Promoted to SRG

PV2 Inaya Ardanelles : +0,5 pts (3,5 pts)

Squad 2 (Inkt0b3r)
PV1 Yolanda Dias : +1 pts (1 pts)

PV2 Ophélie Bullion : +1,75 pts (5,75 pts) Promoted to SPC

PV1 Svetlana Osinova : +1,5 pts (1,5 pts)

PV1 Ashley Carson : +0,75 pts (1,75 pts)

PV2 Rosalie Bruneau : +1,25 pts (4,75 pts) Wounded for the entire operation.

PV1 Rachel Campos : +2 pts (4,5 pts)
Promoted to PV2

PV1 Omura Aneko : +1,5 pts (1,5 pts)
Wounded for 4 battles.

PV1 Kathlyn Mutiade : +0,5 pts (0,5 pts)

PV1 Lea Quiroga : +0,75 pts (0,75 pts)

PV2 Phoebe Ellis : +0,5 pts (4,25 pts)

Echo Squad (Elitessse)
PV1 Ashley Tanner : +1,5 pts (1,5 pts)

PV1 Miranda O'Conner : +3 pts (3 pts)

SRG Chelsea Montanegra : +2 pts (14,5 pts) Wounded for the entire operation.

PV1 Susan Kaplan : +3,25 pts (3,25 pts) Promoted to PV2

Squad 4 (Ryonaguy)
PV2 Mia Ferrera : +0,75 pts (3,75 pts)

Squad points
Squad 1 : + 2 points (2 pts)
Squad 2 : + 4 points (4 pts)
Squad 4 : + 2 points (8 pts)
Echo squad : + 3 points (3 pts)

You can now spend your points !


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This last scenario was special, so much so that I still don't know what to do with it? Nevertheless, I should post the images with a small report in a little while.


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I have good and bad news and I prefer to start with the bad: the last scenario is too messy, too dense, in short, unusable... Even after several adjustments...

So, I move on to the good news and you should like it! It concerns the reports: If the scenario will still be played via Bizarre Battles, I will rework the 3D images! In addition to improving the quality of the images, this will allow more flexibility so that your team can be the way you want it to be!

Basically, the scenario is played via Bizarre Battles, then I write a report, then I make images that I insert in the report.
The explanation may sound a bit confusing (the language barrier), but it's simple. I could just transpose your teams, but this is the opportunity for you to make your wishes come true!

So, here's what you have to do :

The first change is that each team will have its own uniform: for each class, describe the uniform that all the soldiers in that class will wear. If you have ideas for specific assets, pass me a link or a picture and I'll see what I can do.

The second is you will be able to change the appearance of your soldiers: For each soldier whose appearance you want to change, describe his new appearance (haircut, height, tattoos, distinctive signs, etc...).

Let me know if you want me to take care of it for you.

Here is an example with my team:

Bikini and high-heel thigh boots
Red leotard, satin gloves and thigh-high boots
Red shirt, leather skirt and latex thigh-high boots.
Red swimsuit and leather boots.
White shirt, black skirt and thigh-high boots.

Red latex leotard, cape, leather thigh-high boots, long gloves.
Heavy weapon
Black top, red leather jacket, leather skirt and leather boots.
Heavy Weapon.png
White striped red dress, gloves and knee-boots.

Team members

Yolanda Yolanda.png
Rosalie Rosalie.png
Phoebe Phoebe.png
Lea Lea.png
Ashley Ashley.png
I'm still available for questions!

P-S: If you just take a look at this topic and are interested, don't hesitate to let me know!