What free software to use to download lots of images from the same gallery?


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Jul 25, 2017
Does anybody know how to download bulk images from Imagefap? Any free software to recommend?

I know it is not really on topic, but I can't find any good place to put my question in a way that my community (you guys) will notice and answer.


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Apr 25, 2015
I use plugin to capturing of media I think called download helper. When using to take image sometime annoying and collect small thumbnail and not full image. This seem to be case for some website only. I don't know if configuraton will help. I not try too hard :grin:


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Oct 4, 2016
Hmm I'm not sure on this but JDownloader or the newer one JDownloader2 can grab all content from a webside if it isn't blocked. I know I used it on many blogs and some image-hosters simply copy & paste the link from the main gallery and wait for JDownloader to grab all content from there. It will sort it in a package and prepared to leech. Then you probably must delete all the small stuff /previews and such.

After that select a download location and there you go, but like said I haven't used it for quite some time and as far as I remember not on Imagefap. Yet it is worth a shot and can fully work, good luck.

the downside is, it uses quite some pc resources. If you have a PC low on specs it might be tricky, but it should be alright.
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