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Hey, guys and girls. I'm an amateur 3D fetish artist, currently active on DeviantArt. I have two 'universes' currently running, and the stories (sets of renders, usually around 10) I release will belong to one of those universes.

- The 'Heroes' universe. Basically a fetish fanfic of the 2006-2010 TV-series 'Heroes'. The main character is Claire Bennet, the cheerleader with the power of regeneration. She becomes a vigilante, and tries to apprehend as any superpowered bad guys as possible. Obviously, this goes horribly wrong quite often! Eventually she joins the evil company Pinehearst to become a fully-trained agent.

- The second universe describes a near future in which a revolutionary form of 3D-bioprinting has essentially made death reversible in all living things. A dead patient is simply moved into the machine, which then reconstructs the destroyed tissues and revives the patient. This has had major repercussions on society. Bloodsports to the death are once again legal. Death scenes in movies are no longer CGI or practical effects, but totally real. Performers are simply revived after every take. This series follows Italian-American actress Leslie Baker, as she takes part in bloodsport matches, and acts out often lethal scenes in her movies.

This is my DA page: TomVleminckx on DeviantArt

And here's some samples from that page!


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