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The domination of Lorelei Becket

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Chainsaw, Nov 29, 2014.

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    The Domination of Lorelei Becket
    By Shredhead

    Jason knew the drill. He knew to show up at the appointed time and place, he knew where the footage would be kept and he knew that it would take him less time to earn more money than he does at his day job. He had never actually seen his employer but that didn't bother him. True to his word, his employer had left the keys under the house mat, he opened the door to a small room with a Mac Pro and KRK studio monitors. He booted up the system and opened the FCP project mentioned in the SMS.

    The bin was painstakingly detailed. Every shot was labeled with a ID and color coded. Music was pre selected, placed in a neat little bin. He looked to the side of the table to find the script and went about his work.

    Ryona Fantasies vol. 2
    By Nitika
    REVISION 4.0 Approved by Sloan.

    (Black background FADE IN)
    (Text, White) Ryona Fantasies Vol. 2 (Text, Fade out)
    CUT TO

    INT. NIGHTCLUB (Shot ID: Int-01)

    Nitika opening the segment with a PTC

    PTC: Hello and welcome to another instalment in this new web series, where we bring you the fans a look at Ryona filtered through the eyes of the real world.

    CUT TO

    INT. NIGHTCLUB BAR (Shot ID: Int-02)

    Nitika standing next to a bar continuing the intro. Take the shot where she is wearing a red dress.

    PTC: I have with me the owner and bartender of this famous bar in the city. (Insert: close up of bartender)

    CUT TO


    Nitika VO: Ahmed moved to the city when he was a kid. He took the business over from his father and entertains patrons, common folks and celebrities alike. (Insert: shot of actor sipping a drink, shot ID: Int-04)

    CUT TO


    Nitika continues the intro.

    PTC: Before we go any further it's time for my Ryona adventures where I get my ass kicked for your viewing pleasure. This time I squared off against the big muscle mountain Titan and let's just say he had more on his mind than just kicking my ass.

    CUT TO

    BLACK SCREEN, WHITE TEXT FADING IN, AMBIENT BED OF A minor arpeggios in slow tempo.

    NITIKA 5'2 70kgs
    Waist: 28
    Bust: 34
    Hips: 34
    Hair: Curly
    Eyes: Black
    Build: Curvy, well rounded


    TITAN 6'5 140kgs
    Bisceps: 11"
    Hair: Bald
    Eyes: Red
    Build: Massive



    CUT TO

    NITIKA's hands palms up towards the camera. Shot ID:Int-06

    CUT TO

    NITIKA's face, side profile, hair covering her lips, as she breathes the hair gently moves upward and settles back down. Shot ID: Int-07

    CUT TO

    LONG SHOT, TOP ANGLE, NITIKA lying motionless and nude at the corner of the ring. Her feet on either side of the ring post. Her hands stretched out to either side, palms facing the camera, Titan's hands enter the frame from bottom and with a swift motion drive NITIKA's body crotch first into the ring post. Shot ID: Int-07

    CUT TO

    BLACK SCREEN then Titan POV shot of Ringpost with NITIKA's feet on either side, his hands holding on to her ankles as he grinds her pussy against the Ringpost. Shot ID: Int-08

    CUT TO

    BLACK SCREEN then NITIKA's face close up as she feels a tingling sensation grow inside her. Her face changes expression from grimace to pleasure as she bites her lips provocatively. Shot ID: Int-09

    CUT TO

    Nitika's nude body slamming into the ringpost, nitika's back crashes into the go pro cam placed at the turnbuckle, the impact shakes Go Pro cam loose, as we are treated to a slightly tilted view of her huge opponent punching her face repeatedly. Shot ID: Int-10

    CUT TO

    Titan going to work on NITIKA's breasts as she moans in delight at the chops rakes and punches delivered to her tits. Shot ID: Int-11

    CUT TO

    NITIKA's curvy belly jiggles as it is punched repeatedly before she passes out after having an intense orgasm. Her opponent carries her nude body out of the ring over his shoulders, playfully slapping her ass, as the camera slowly goes out of focus. Shot ID: Int-12

    CUT TO

    NITIKA PTC: "well that was fun. But we have much more lined up on this episode, see you on the other side after this small BREAK."


    Jason stretched his arms and yawned. He had his fill for the day. The first segment of the show was done.

    Nitika wore her lucky dress, a racy single piece blue number that was a conversation starter. More importantly, it is what won her hundreds of clients, her latest a shy Texan girl from Austin. Lorelei Becket was 25, shy, an introvert. She had stayed alone at the family ranch for close to 10 years. Nitika looked at her picture. The beautiful blonde posed on top of a horse. Her blue eyes and perfect nose highlighted her perfect 10 smile. The small dimples on her cheeks completed her allure. Nitika turned the file over to the next photo, a nude she was required to send in. Lorelei's body was to die for. Her firm 34C breasts were the first thing that jumped out at her, Nitika imagined an opponent raking those babies and was instantly turned on. Her nipples erect, Nitika started to play with them, gently stroking them between her thumb and first finger, lorelei's tight six pack abs turned her on even more, her hands slowly gliding downward into her skirt. She was wet at the sight of lorelei's toned body, muscular yet curvaceous. Her tight ass bearing the hallmark of thousands of hours of yard work at the ranch. Lorelei's body was perfect, something Nitika felt embarrassed about when compared to her own. She wasn't looking at the girl next door for her Ryona segment, she was looking at a centrefold, angelic and mesmerising.

    For all her beauty, lorelei was unusually shy, long periods of awkward silence were common in conversations with her. The result of years of living alone at the ranch had resulted in a strong, independent, powerful woman, she looked like she could tear apart the toughest biker gang in town, she probably did too, but years of loneliness had also resulted in absence of almost all human contact. She sat clumsily on the chair, clearly nervous, fidgeting with her feet as Nitika tried to coax answers out of her.

    Nitika put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a warm hug. "Relax! I am just going to turn on this camera. I am going to make this as painless as possible. We will be done in no time." Lorelei beamed her 1000 watt smile and drew a deep breath.

    "So, lorelei. How did it start?"
    "Ummmm....you are probably going to laugh at this but my first was a bear."
    "A what?" Nitika retorted surprised.
    Lorelei let out a nervous laugh, drawing breaths as she continued to string sentences together.
    "Bears are common in this part of town. We are quite far from the main city." Nitika noticed a strong Texan accent.
    "They like to wander in to the ranch and eat livestock." Lorelei continued.
    "I chase them away the best I can, once I was shooing one away when he slashed at me, his nails buried deep within my stomach, I looked down instantly thinkin, ya know, blood, bruise, cut, anything, thoughts of death raced through my mind. I punched the poor animal out of desperation and he ran off."
    Nitika jotted down some notes, as lorelei continued her monologue.
    "That's when it hit me. No Bruisin, no cuts, no blood, a blow like that should ave put me down. Instead I felt a strange tingling..in my...uhhhh..ya know...lady parts." She let out a nervous smile, her eyes wandered all over the place.
    "And that's when it started, I tried fighting both men and women, men always turned me on more, I have fond memories of getting off on a holy beatin in my ranch by many a strong man. I realised I liked being dominated, I always knew in the back of mind that I was way stronger than them..." She motioned her hands upwards and made a fist, playfully jabbing the camera. "I could probably knock out twenty of the suckers, but you know there is just something about being dominated that gets me in a....uhhhhh..." She crossed both her legs and uncomfortably shifted her position on the chair. "Ya know..." A nervous laugh echoed in the closed room "kinky!!" She twitched her nose and squinted her eyes as she said the word, her dimples accentuated her nervous laugh, her head bowed downward and back up again, as she gazed up momentarily and looked back at the camera. The cuteness of the moment burned itself into NItika's brain.
    Nitika fought the urge to fondle her "lady parts" and continued on.
    "That's a fascinating story. So how did you come to know about Sloan inc.?"
    Lorelei adjusted her position yet again, nervously beaming a smile as she answered
    "Ya know..there is only so much ya can do in a small town, I started with normal men, then Moved up ta ya know...muscle freaks, bouncers, gym heads, ya name em. Eventually I got bored." She gazed at the ceiling "I was a frequent visitor on a lot of Ryona forums, one thing led to another, and I got a url for Ryona fantasies, a big fan of your videos by the way." Nitika cracked a huge smile. "Then one day ya guys were looking for women like me. I applied and six months later here we are" she said with a laugh.
    Nitika adjusted the camera to form a close up of lorelei's beautiful face. "So, lorelei you have read the documents, you have signed them. Now it's our turn to make your fantasy come true."
    Lorelei let out another nervous laugh, while nodding her head and feeling her teeth with her tongue.
    "Ya know.."she paused for second before blurting out "damn..I just realised I have probably said ya know a million times." She said as she cupped her mouth with her hands. She composed herself and continued "ya know..I kinda.." Lorelei giggled nervously "maybe I am fucked in the head but I am kinda tall ya know..so I want a...uhhh..a...smallish..about 3 feet tall...to beat the...shit out of me." Nitika couldn't help herself now, she gave in to the moment, her hands fondling her panties, her legs parted. Lorelei bit her lip seeing the scene in front of her slowly undid her clothes, her red top, bra, daisy dukes, panties in that order until she wore only her hat. She giggled uncontrollably "ooooh..kinky...!! Ya know..like that movie..ace..sumthin..ace ventura..that big African guy has that small guy with him who spears Jim Carey. Cept.." Lorelei moved closer to Nitika and gave her a passionate kiss, she undid her clothes and threw her on the motel bed. "Cept..while the small guy beats the shit outta me.." Lorelei was all over Nitika's nude body, making passionate love "when the small guy beats the shit outta me, I want the big black guy to facefuck me hard." Nitika was swimming in waves of ecstasy now, both women scissored climaxing in a huge simultaneous orgasm, exhausted they collapsed on each other, locking in a warm embrace. Lorelei moved closer to NItika's ear and nibbled "can you do that for me?" Nitika took lorelei by the hair and bought her face closer to hers as they embraced in a long passionate kiss.

    Jason stopped the video and cut out bytes for a intro package for Lorelei Becket. He was turned on, he got up off the edit table and made his way home. Reaching home, he looked at himself in the mirror, his huge 6 foot black frame stared back at him. He was overly muscled, a bonafide steroid junkie, editing was a way to pay the bills, his real passion was body building. His phone buzzed with a message, Nitika had sent him a text.

    Nitika chaudhry


    Jason cracked a small smile, he opened his dialer and called a number from his favourites list. "Yo shorty! Get your shit together. We are up."

    Lorelei stood in her open yard wearing blue daisy duke shorts, the jeans cut off right below her shapely ass, her legs dominated the rest of her attire, all the way to her feet, she wore brown khaki rough terrain shoes paired with white socks. She wore a red plaid shirt that she had tied up enough to cover her breasts, there was still a bit of "underboob" showing through, her toned, sexy six pack mid-riff in full view. She wore her favourite cowboy hat, her blond hair draped down her shoulders, her blue eyes gazing off in the distance, she played with a toothpick in her mouth, as her dimples formed on her cheeks. She had one leg up on a rock enjoying the sunset, while her arms clasped her shapely waist. She cut a figure of a tough mid western woman looking over her lands. Suddenly, her head snapped back at the sound of a car engine, a pickup truck had found itself into the open field. The car stopped some feet away from her. The huge black man got down from the drivers seat, he opened the rear door, took out a big backpack, put it over his shoulders and walked towards her.

    "You Lorelei Becket?!" His voice boomed across the field. "Who wants to know?" Lorelei retorted. "That depends" Lorelei studied the black man closely. He was about a foot taller than her. He wore jeans and a thick leather belt. He didn't wear a shirt, his black skin glistening in the harsh sunshine, he was muscular and cut like steel. "You the one chasin off bears round this part of town?" He bellowed again, his bass laden voice booming. "Yeah, so" Lorelei's expression changed, she wore a serious face.

    The black man laughed. "That supposed to scare me?" He undid his backpack and placed it on the ground. Lorelei said nothing.

    "Look here miss, those bears ya were chasin off keep comin to our part of the land." He clenched his hands and made a fist. Lorelei repeated the same motion. "And you're pissin my brother off."

    Lorelei looked confused. "Who?"

    The black man opened the backpack zip and out popped a small man. For his height he was strong, his arms made of muscle, his chest puffed and structured like steel. "Me!" He shouted. "Ya are pissin me off."

    Lorelei laughed, she laughed loud and uncontrollably "listen here...pip..squeak!. You best be on your way, or I am going to eat you for dinner."

    The small man did not budge. He wore short purple wrestling trunks. His gaze upward to Lorelei's face.

    Lorelei bought her fists up and motioned the dwarf to "bring it!"

    Without warning the little guy ran, when he got closer to Lorelei, he unleashed a kick on the back of her knee, Lorelei grimaced and fell to one knee, now within striking range, he unleashed a uppercut, that snapped her head back, her cowboy hat flying off and her hair flying freely. He followed up with a punch to her mid section that landed with a sickening thud, she clenched her stomach and went down. The short man jumped up high in the air but before he could connect with the elbow, Lorelei unleashed a punch of her own, sending him flying, he landed a few feet away, giving her time to recover.

    She got to her feet but the short man recovered faster than she expected. In an instant, he covered the distance between them, stopping below her crotch, she looked down to see a punch connect with her soft vagina, instinctively she grabbed her crotch and went down to her knees cutting a sorry figure as she felt her eyes water. The short man unleashed a barrage of punches, snapping her head back, left, right, up, each blow sending a spurt of saliva from her mouth. He grabbed her hair, jumped up and connected with a knee to her nose bringing her down like a house of cards.

    He tore open her shorts enjoying her vagina in full view, he punched it again and again, as Lorelei let out moan after moan, he parted her legs, jumped up and landed knee first into her exposed crotch, staying there for that extra while, grinding it by rotating his knee. He moved back and enjoyed the view of her sprawled on the ground clutching her pussy.

    He allowed her to get back up. Lorelei was a clumsy mess, now stripped of her pants, with her hands covering her modesty. Lorelei was getting turned on by the beating, she was starting to get that tingling sensation again. She barely got up to her feet before the short man was on her again, using one of her knees as a springboard, he connected with a wild flying uppercut just under her chin, sending her beautiful blonde hair in a frenzy as her head sprang back, this time it was her turn to fly back a few feet. She landed back first into a large tree trunk and slowly slided down in a final sitting position at the tree base.

    The short man undid her top exposing her firm breasts and bit down on of her nipples hard, sending her in ecstasy. He punched her tits mercilessly until they were red and gave her nipples a twist for good measure.

    He stepped back to enjoy his destruction. He looked back at the large black man and smile "looks like she is enjoying this bro, you want some of this." Lorelei saw the large man approach her, he unzipped his pants and threw them to one side, he whipped out his large member and shoved it down her throat. Lorelei felt the large thick trunk fill her throat, he started slowly at first, making sure to push it all the way down. The short man went to work on her pussy again, punching and kicking with gleeful abandoned as the large man face fucked her by the tree trunk.

    Soon enough, the big guy came in her throat, she spit out semen, it mixed with her spit and made its way through her body, the large man threw her to the ground, the short man straddled her back, he sent stinging elbows to the small of her back before placing his foot on her back and arching her body back by her blonde locks. The big man shoved his dick down her throat again getting to work with an in and out motion of a fast piston, cum and spit sprayed from her mouth as she orgasmed furiously.

    The brothers let her go as she slumped on the ground face first. The short man grabbed her hair and dragged her body towards the old pickup, she first met the bumper head first, then the headlights and the large man finished the job smashing her head against the bonnet. The short man kneed her in the crotch again, before climbing up her back till his leg was next to her face, with one swift motion, she felt the contact of his knee to her nose sending her on the ground backfirst.

    The short one quickly straddled her putting her in a headscissor, he grabbed both her arms and yanked them back. The large man mounted her in a reverse 69 position till his dick dangled above her face. He shoved it down with intense force as he face fucked her furiously, the short man getting the best seat in the house. He came profusely all over her face and tits, she had a mini orgasm of her own, the pressure of the headscissor and the face fucking sending her into a frenzy of ecstasy.

    Both of them lifted her up and made her crawl on all fours like a dog, before the short man straddled her back again, this time positioning his legs either side of her waist and squeezing with all his might. Unsurprisingly, the big guy took the liberty to facefuck her again while his shorter companion slapped her ass and poured on the pressure of his bodyscissior, she was on all fours cumming again and again. Soon enough, the big guy came deep in her throat as she ejected the extra semen on the ground, her beautiful face now a shower of bukkake. They let her fall to the ground face first. The big guy turned her around and straddled her waist, this time he slipped his thick dick between her tits, and tit fucked her till he came all over her face. Both brothers got up, got in the pickup and left.

    Her convulsing body rippled with orgasms again and again, as she lay there nude in the middle of the field.

    Nitika paused the video as she orgasmed from another bout of intense finger fucking, she had a smile on her face. Elsewhere, Jason cut the segment together while Lorelei sat at home thinking of her next kinky adventure.
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