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"Taste The Dirt."

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Genmasolider, Jun 4, 2012.

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    An overdue half of the story trade between myself & Cloister. Due to college I ran late, but I hope this makes up for it. I tried to go all out although my knowledge of AVATAR: The Last Airbender is very limited, hence why I could not describe characters much.


    The drums continued to pound in the distance as an ever growing threat loomed closer to the Peninsula where the current Avatar, Kyoshi resided. What seemed like small soldier ants marching in the distance, shadowed by the large setting sun down past the flat horizon, had now came clear into view. Their steps synchronized to perfection. Their numbers near enough endless. So it had happened! Chin “The conqueror”, or “The Great Conqueror” as those who sided with him preferred to address him by; had finally dominated the continent and the warlord was now at the edge. More than ready to finally lay claim to the entire map.

    “HALT!” The decorated & small campaigner against the Earth King bellowed. Chin’s voice rumbled over the small hills & bramble bushes as the setting sun cast a large maniacal shadow of his army over the lone figure standing against the large tide.

    “A messenger on behalf of this…wasteland?” Tweaking his Dali-like moustache, the pocket sized warlord was bemused at the giant & also well decorated female in front of him. Clad in various colors such as gold, white, red, green & black, Chin twiddled one of the ends of his facial hair between his finger & thumb. She was like a statue, crouched on one knee with her two gold fans raised below & above her head. This didn’t really phase the conqueror at all.

    “Excuse me. Man…woman…thing?” A slight chuckle from his infinite army rippled over Chin’s shoulders as his small stature swaggered casually up towards the bowed head figure.

    “Fitting, word must spread fast. But why do you not speak? You have been misinformed if you think I’m a cruel tyrant! In fact I love hearing how I’ve influenced a new uprising. So rise, stranger and greet me! I’m sure your people combined with my army will bring a great era of…peace” Chin grinned, placing his leather gauntlet clad hand on the soft, velvet like fabric of the stranger’s shoulder. Almost instantly, like a solar eclipse the giant of a woman rose to her feet. Standing easily around an extra three foot above the rebellious warlord.

    “I am Avatar Kyoshi, and if you plan on stepping a foot past me to finish this…crusade. Then you have to bring that army with you. And I don’t intend to let you step a single foot past me. So, please. For the sake of those loyal. Turn back and celebrate elsewhere.” The Avatar spoke boldly, her arms laid relaxed by her sides. There a stunned silence, albeit a very large woman, but a single lone woman was defying an ever moving & growing revolution.

    “How dare you, bitch!” A few archers bellowed from around one hundred feet behind their proud leader. Their voices died away slightly whilst travelling through the small gaps of the symmetrical army to Kyoshi herself.

    “Please, my loyal soldiers. Show some respect. Who we have here is someone worthy of great respect. I’ll ignore that previous comment, shrug it off so to speak. This is the great Avatar Kyoshi. I heard of you previously whilst our crusade continued south to this point. I thought what they said was myth, a single person capable of such power. I however, have a group for people like yourself. You can be my “believer”, examples of those initially against my conquest but changed after coming face to face with myself. Surely you must have your breath taking away by such a crusade! To overthrow a tyrant. Avatar Kyoshi, if you don’t mind me addressing you in such a manner. I ask you let us into your land to convert it to part of the growing Chin empire. You are the last key needed for this final place on the map to be unlocked. With you by my side I can do no wrong. And I do believe you know this also. So I propose. Kneel before me and dawn the robes of a believer!” Chin’s speech nearly brought a tear to many of his troops, no wonder this endless supply of fodder were so loyal & easily moulded like wet clay. Kyoshi fell silent for a few moments as the troops’ jaws dropped. The most powerful being in the whole of the continent was…bowing?

    “Allow me…It’s only fitting someone of equal authority take away your head dress to replace it with something more fitting to your new role. I thank you from the bottom of my proud heart in complying, you will serve me greatly” Chin smirked proudly. His leather studded gauntlets preparing to lift the Kyoshi head dress from the Avatar’s crown.
    “Of equal authority? We will never be equal, Chin. Nor will I become a believer of your tyrannical campaign. I’ve heard from the north & every other place of your brutal conquest. It ends now!” Kyoshi hissed, her gold fans folding open with fierce intent as her hands waved furiously.

    “MEN! GUARD!” Chin cried instantly jumping backwards as a powerful gale of wind swept through out the invincible army. As far as Chin was concerned, the war had just begun. On the single most powerful entity on this face of the map.

    Those left standing and not buried underneath their own shields or impaled with stray swords & arrows were presumably the worthiest of soldiers. Even then the number was still large. Easily over seventy thousand.

    “Sun Orbit formation, soldiers!” The conqueror barked, rubbing his Dali moustache anxiously.

    “I must admit, I am nervous to battle the most powerful opponent in the world, let alone the continent. You have mastered all the elements, so I know not to take you lightly. You leave me no choice, Avatar. I will crush you by sheer brute force!”

    Kyoshi’s eyes darted from side to side as the raised shields formed a one hundred foot wide circle around the parameter of the Avatar.

    “But I do not back down. I WILL CONQUER!” Chin’s defiance leaked out into physical power as his two fists slammed into the earth in front of him. The soil instantly shook and quaked as the large & mighty shockwave travelled at breakneck speed towards Kyoshi. Shards of buried rock & roots made make-shift weapons protruding with every travel of the shock wave.

    “And you will be stopped, you silly fool!” Gracefully, the Avatar leapt into the air as Chin’s elemental earth attack travelled through where Kyoshi stood before crashing straight through into his own troops. This, needless to say, chomped on the nerves of the warlord.

    “Oh, so funny! Chainsmen, make sure Kyoshi is snug when we march her through her own hometown!” From the air, Chin looked even more like an ant, but what was more concerning was the thick, rusty chains being swung by two men at a time. Easily around one hundred chains from fifteen rows back were let go. Like a weaved basket, the well-used chains zig-zagged in & out of each other as they swarmed all directions of the mid-air Avatar.

    “Caught up, are we Avatar?”

    For a moment, Kyoshi broke composure as one of the chains snagged her boot, pulling it off. A close shave, now if that had bound her leg then…

    And almost instantly she thought too soon. Another thick chain swamped her ankle. Dragging the defender of her homeland down to earth. Then another on her right leg, and another. And another, then another one.

    “Gahhhhhh!” Kyoshi howled as her legs & waist were ensnared in Chin’s warrior’s weaponry. With a bone-shattering crash the Avatar was brought down to earth, literally & metaphorically.

    “Don’t stop now! Pull! You there, don’t just stand so idle! Help those men chain her arms! Then Pull. We must ensure the Avatar Kyoshi has the comfiest confinement. A royal imprisonment, suitable for a loud mouth…brat!”

    Frantically, the clank of armour shuffled around Kyoshi, with all her might the Airbender writhed, kicked & Pulled to the full capture. It was no use. For the first time since the beginning of the battle, she was still. Enough time to inspect the supple body of a captured Avatar. Her sleeves ripped & stretched from proportion of their stitching as the chains pulled her arms out at both sides.
    “A silly fool, Chin. Mere chains cannot bind my elemental abilities…” Chin’s greatest foe smirked, her eyes closing briefly. Whatever she had planned as a counter-attack was definitely not wanted as the Conqueror withdrew a purple tipped dagger and pierced the shoulder of Kyoshi.

    “So you ARE human after all. I bet I am the first opponent to make you scream in pain. I also guarantee that I am the sole enemy to have ever left a scar on the great Avatar. I wonder what else I can be the first for, hmm? Children, Kyoshi? I jest. I don’t find you worthy of being a queen. Not yet anyway. You’re more of a spectacle the world needs to see. You are now going to be a living example of the precautions dealt if one does not heed to my orders!”

    The claret dripped from the three inch slice on the Avatar’s shoulder as Kyoshi bit her lip in a combination of shame & agony. The sun was setting quicker now, and within a matter of hours it would rise to bring a completely new dawn & era. The era of a true conqueror!

    A deafening silence fell over the whole army, Kyoshi included. All she could do was groan and sway back and forth within her restraints.

    “I see, my poison does work after all. Thank you for being the test subject! If you find it hard to focus to use your little…magic powers, then I am to blame. The knife I have stabbed you with will keep you nice and sedated, enough for more chains. Every lovely girl loves jewellery, right men?!” They all agreed, laughing hysterically with their ruler as Chin took great pleasure in slapping the infamous Avatar’s head dress. The pint-sized warlord then mused for a moment. She was indeed pretty with her slap, the honourable and respectable make-up that made Kyoshi almost recognizable. Chin could only wonder if she was twice as beautiful underneath, hmmmmm?

    “W…What is the mea…ning of this…” Kyoshi blubbered as the conqueror of Avatar’s ripped a piece of her smooth fabric from her sleeve. Spitting on it, the now complete conqueror of the continent rubbed purposefully hard as the thick geisha-like make-up gave way. A gentle and warm peach color lay underneath much to his delight.

    “Stop this!…Sto…” A weak & bound Avatar mumbled. Within a matter of minutes, beside her thick red lips & eyeliner, Kyoshi was essentially an ordinary female now. There was no royal or heroic appearance about her now. Or if there was it was now simply a shell of what was.

    “Men, another day of marching and we shall reach the homeland of this…disgrace! Keep her chained but upfront beside myself. I wish for her people to see this mammoth disappointment!”

    Once again, the beat of the drums began, this time they crashed, ringing through Kyoshi’s ear. This wasn’t a far away threat like last time, this was a finished conquest she had witnessed first hand, and was now a trophy of…


    The small, silent village were quick to stop their daily routine as around a hundred troops marched. Their leather & metallic armours clattering off one another. A pint-sized man with a comical moustache with a more interesting “catch” to his left. Clad in a lemon yellow nobles robe with mint green trimmings & sash, Kyoshi tried to bow her head. Her infamous head dress was now replaced with a flat-top forest green cardinal form of headwear. The new collar around her neck however was yanked as Kyoshi was faced to look at the men & women she once swore to protect. Some screamed traitor as their children ran indoors, others broke down in tears.

    “My dear villagers! I was thankfully able to talk your mighty leader, the all great Avatar to my side. She is worthy of the believer robes she has dawned. It is only right that you also bow! As a signal of respect to not only me, but your dedicated Kyoshi. She has came to preach a small message!” Chin sneered, yanking tight on the chain connected to the enslaved puppet of Chin.
    “My friends and villagers, please lay down your hostilities. My powers are now used to benefit the Conqueror of all, Chin. I have agreed to allow him entry to assimilate his last point of conqueror. We shall all obey our powerful leader! Please, I have seen his strength & the power of his army. This will surely be…a…a…time of peace!” Kyoshi fought back the tears as the small flood of troops rounded up the villagers and rammed them out through the gates. Leaving a blank canvas of huts, homes & markets.

    “Do it. Like we agreed! We destroy this village & my conquest is over Kyoshi. My loyal believer hm! Men! Left, right.”

    Almost like clockwork, Chin’s soldiers hoisted loosened the chains. Kyoshi stood still for a moment as a stale breeze swept over her face. Her home was now about to crumble at her own demise. And not even through her own choice of element. As Chin was an earth element user, Kyoshi was ordered to obey & only use her earth powers this day forth.

    “Do it! You’re my pawn now, Kyoshi. You’re not even fit of the Avatar title anymore. In fact you’re even lucky I granted you a rank as one of my believers. You do believe in my strength, don’t you?” Chin questioned, gently patting his prey’s cheek.

    “Yes, emperor…” Kyoshi bowed, her knees sinking into the soft soil as she slammed an open palm into her home soil. Almost instantly a green energy gathered from the air around her fingers as the earth shook lightly, gathering momentum with every rubbing of the fallen Avatar’s hand in the soil. Within seconds the foundations of homes were coming undone as the debris crashed and collapsed all around them. What was once hers was now going to be the base of the Chin dynasty. With Kyoshi as a witness, no an example that being the most powerful can’t help you win against an army full of self-belief. The prisoner Avatar even doubted herself for a moment, actually believing in Chin’s great power.

    “Our conquest is over men. Not even an Avatar, let alone several nations could stop us. A new era has arrived & will exist for centuries to come!”

    His soldiers roared like lions, from the tip of the north to the south. Victory at last…
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    Thank you for the story. I appreciate the effort. Chin came off rather well. Kyoshi is a little out of character, but Avatar isn't exactly your wheelhouse. Not to mention Avatar Kyoshi and Chin are obscure characters in the grand scheme of the show. There are a few other issues, but for the most part I enjoyed it.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention. That image was a nice touch and the title of the story is great.
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    I loved it! Love the bit with him rubbing the make up off her face, talking about how pretty she is underneath, offering to remove her headdress was a hawt touch... Keep writing, I want more! :p