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Susan test and gwen from tdi. (im new)

Discussion in 'Imports' started by sdt4571, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. sdt4571

    sdt4571 Guest

    hey peoples. im new and was looking for hairs for characters and i found a lot but some of the ones i was looking for were not on here so i looked up how to make hair and was able to make 2 so far. they may not be best quality but i did my best (for right now might keep working on them.)

    so like the title says i made susan test hair and gwens hair from total drama island since i could not find them myself. hope you like them.

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  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    FYI - the Resource system is a new addition; it includes only a tiny fraction of the extant SDT content. We'll work to gradually expand it, but users are encouraged to Search the forum (e.g. for files which have been posted within Artists' threads) and to check the Archive. There's at least one TDI Gwen hairstyle in the Archive. New content is always welcome - there's no restriction against creating a duplicate! I just wanted to let you know, in case you'd like to prioritize the "missing" characters from your favorite TV series.

    There are a few things to consider if you want to create custom SDT content:
    • vector graphics vs vector graphics
      • overview
      • raster drawing tools are more ubiquitous (everyone has used MSPaint at some point) but there are good-quality freeware tools for both options
      • raster drawing is associated with artistic skill and aesthetic detail. You can vary the thickness of outlines for emphasis, draw soft-edged brushstrokes, include subtle texture effects, and generally create things that are very pleasant to behold
      • vector drawing is associated with fidelity. Its lines are very precise, but its fills tend to be simply flat colors or gradients (which are more "mathematical" than "artistic"). It's useful for creating an exact replica, but it can be stifling if you intend to create original designs
      • either option will allow you to create hairstyle PNGs. If you want to get involved in clothing mods (or animation projects) then vectors are needed.
    • layers
      • understanding the layers of PNG hairstyles will help you to save time
      • for example: carefully tracing (or cropping) the outline of the ear is not necessary
    • customization
      • after you've published a PNG file, people may attempt to use it in complex and highly-customized gameplay scenarios. Their ability to do so may be limited by the decisions which you made while creating the PNG file
      • it's useful to think about your hairstyle anatomically
      • don't just aim to recreate the original character design in isolation. Try to figure out how the hair ought to behave with long pointy earrs. Or with a hat. Or with earrings. Would these features be hidden behind the hair, or would they poke out?
      • does the hairstyle include any obviously seperate strands which could/should be drawn on different layers?
    • animation
      • animation is mentioned in the "overview" page linked above
      • you'll need Flash software to actually create an animated hairstyle SWF, but Flash is used only for the final stages of assembly and configuration
      • if you want to get involved in animation then there are many ways to contribute: selection of characters, planning/layout of hairstyles, tracing reference images, segmentation, and testing
      • similar principles apply to the creation of animated clothing items (just in case you'd prefer to work on a slinky dress instead of a ponytail)