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Star Virgin Adventures: Total Humiliantion

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by princeofpain, May 11, 2014.

  1. princeofpain

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    Feb 4, 2012
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    I want to say thanks to my good friend Mah, for her ideas for this story. I hope everybody enjoy.
    SV.jpg SV3.jpg

    It´s a normal morning. Gizelle Willians is making her walk by the beach. After a good ride she returns to home, strips her fitness attire and go to take a shower. After finish, it´s time for the breakfast.
    - Gizelle Willians: Oh!!! It´s so good to have a calm morning, no news about crimes or any evil villain. I hope have a calm day.
    At the other side of the city, a mysterious woman is almost finishing a black magic ritual.
    - Queen of the Pain: By this ritual, I will have a demon as slave and it will help me with the major Star Virgin humiliation!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! Now, just the final part, my blood.
    The Queen´s blood falls on the star inside a circle, and that is near begins to rise in the air.
    The skull is shining in a purple light, so, the light turns even shinier, until a great explosion. The place is just ruins now; the woman protected herself and runs toward to the center of the explosion.
    - Queen of the Pain: Now, the results!!! Yes, yes, yeeeesss, it´s alive!!! Come to me my child; come to me, my powerful being. Come to me... Marba!!!
    Marba is a tall female demon, she has a muscular body, a black top, black pants, silver boots and black wristbands, her eyes are red, and she has a punk red hair and... 4 arms.
    - Marba: My master, my life is just to serve you.
    - Queen of the Pain: Excellent my dear. You will serve me helping me to destroy the superheroine Star Virgin, we will totally demolish her.
    - Marba: As you wish my master.
    - Queen of the Pain: That´s the way I like. HAAHAHAHAAAAAA
    Gizelle is having a relaxing afternoon at home watching TV, when... "And now breaking news. The police is having problems in dominate a mysterious being who is destroying the main street, many men are hurted, some cars and buildings are destroyed. The efforts to stop the beast are useless".
    - Gizelle: Well, I think is time for a dear friend comes to the action. POWER FROM THE STARS COME TO ME!!!
    Gizelle´s whole body is wrapped by a red light, for a short moment her body is naked and after the light goes and she is wearing her red bikini, this is her superheroine attire, now she is Star Virgin, the warrior from the stars.
    - Star Virgin: It´s time to put an end on that beast.
    Star Virgin flies towards to the local of the action.
    Marba is an unstoppable monster. No matter the gun that the police use, no matter, the explosive or fight technique, is all useless and the monster is untouched.
    Marba look around and see a civilian teen girl, she walks toward her prey, and anyone who tried to stop her is pulverized. Marba reach the grabs her by the face and lift in the air.
    - Marba: These pathetic beings, I don´t even make need to make any effort. I will crush this whole city. I WANT A REAL CHALLENGE.
    - Girl: You can bet. Star Virgin will be here in any moment and she will kick your ass.
    - Marba: I am counting with this.
    A voice is heard!!! "I am here. Leave the girl. I order you monster!!!"
    - Marba: What??? Who dares to talk with me like this???
    - Star Virgin: Me.
    She came as soon as possible, the might superheroine Star Virgin finally arrived. Is the day saved???
    - Star Virgin: Put the girl down. If you want a real fight, I will be your opponent.
    - Marba: Brave words for someone who don´t even imagine what is prepared. Well, if you want to save this worm, try to catch me first, right???
    Marba jumps. The force in her legs is incredible. She can jump from a building to other, sometimes she jumps over one or two buildings.
    - Star Virgin: Hey!!! Come back here???
    Star Virgin begins a pursuit for Marba flying as fast as she can.
    - Girl: Star Virgin. Heeeeeeeelp!!!
    - Star Virgin: I will save you.
    Star Virgin don´t waste time and tries to reach Marba, they are almost leaving the city, the heroine don´t miss the villain of the vision.
    - Star Virgin: I know that this is a trap, but, I don´t have choice, I can´t allow that monster hurt the poor girl.
    The pursuit ends at the ruins of the place where Marba was summoned. Marba open a trapdoor and hide herself with the girl.
    Seconds later, Star Virgin arrives.
    - Star Virgin: I saw them entering by that trapdoor. It´s better I take care of myself, I don´t know the kind of traps that have there.
    When the heroine opens the trapdoor, she sees a stair. Star Virgin decide to get down the stair is long she thinks that the monster is hidden waiting for the right moment to attack her, but, she has no problem until arrive at the final of the stair.
    Star Virgin sees the monster waiting for her.
    - Star Virgin: Where is the girl monster???
    - Marba: Monster??? Hum, I liked this name, but, my name is Marba and soon you will be moaning, screaming and crying.
    - Star Virgin: I don´t think so. Now, where is the girl???
    - Marba: I tell you, if you defeat me.
    Both fighters assume their fight stance and walk slowly, circulating each other.
    "HA". The first move comes from Star Virgin she sends a flying kick to Marba.
    "HU". Marba blocks the attack using her lower right hand fist.
    The Monster tries to hit Star Virgin on her face, but, the heroine avoid the attack launching her body backwards, Star Virgin come closer to Marba and attacks with two punches, one hits Marba on her belly and other is blocked.
    The villain is angry, how such weak being dares to attack her??? Marba uses her lower arms, the right one tries to catch Star Virgin and the left one tries to punch her on her belly. The heroine avoids the punch, but, she is captured by the right arm. Marba slaps Star Virgin on her face, the girl in red spin, but, recover from the pain and kicks Marba on her belly.
    BAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! The impact is so strong that pushes both backwards and them fall sited. Star Virgin and Marba stand and run towards each one with a punch prepared, when... "STOP".
    - Queen of the Pain: I already see enough of this.
    Queen of the Pain appears from the shadows with the girl tied.
    - Star Virgin: Leave the girl, is me who you want.
    - Queen of the Pain: You are not the part that makes requirements here Star Virgin. Shut up and listen or this girl you have a terrible death.
    - Star Virgin: Who are you???
    - Queen of the Pain: I am the Queen of the Pain. My powers come from the suffering, more my victims suffer, stronger I will be. Do exactly everything I say Star Virgin.
    Star Virgin low her fist as she had given up the fighting.
    - Star Virgin: Fine. Just don´t hurt the girl, right???
    - Queen of the Pain: If you do the things that I say, the girl will be fine.
    - Star Virgin: All right.
    - Girl: Noooo. Star Virgin don´t what they say.
    - Star Virgin: Sorry, right??? I can´t put your life in danger.
    - Queen of the Pain: Enough. Come with me and don´t try anything stupid or the girl will die.
    - Marba: I will be right behind you Star Virgin, I will make sure that you will not try anything.
    Queen of the Pain conducts the group through a tunnel. When they finally arrive to their destiny, the place is like a torture chamber.
    The place has a kind of cage in the center. On the walls Star Virgin handcuffs, chains and whips, a wooden horse, a big wooden "X" and many other things.
    - Queen of the pain: Welcome to your worst nightmare Star Virgin.
    - Star Virgin: What kind of insane mind do you have this place is a hell.
    - Queen of the Pain: I try my best to create a hell. I am hungry for power, and as I make someone suffer, I will be stronger even more.
    Queen of the pain sits the girl on a chair and unwrap the chains on her and finally place the girl´s laptop on her legs.
    - Queen of the Pain: Pay attention girl. You will be responsible for transmit everything that happens her. I want a live show of the destruction of Star Virgin.
    - Girl: Yes, as you wish.
    - Queen of the Pain: And you bitch (she says grabbing Star Virgin by her chin), the only thing that I want you do is suffer, just suffer. You can´t react or make anything to defend yourself. Today you will be my toy. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!
    Moments later, the Queen comes to the girl and asks for her turn on the webcam.
    - Queen of the Pain: People of the world. Listen to me. Today, you will see the fall of your champion, for the next hours, Star Virgin will suffer as she never imagined, I defeated her and now I can do anything I want for her.
    With a fast movement, Queen of the Pain strips the cape that she was wearing, and shows her attire. A black bikini, black wristbands and fingerless gloves, black boots that cover until the middle of the thigh.
    - Queen of the Pain: And now, let´s give welcome for our prey!!! Come Star Virgin???
    Star Virgin comes on 4, crawling like a dog. Marba is pulling her by a collar with a chain. The heroines head is down; she is in a lot of shame.
    - Queen of the Pain: Let´s the fun begins???
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  2. Mah

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    May 10, 2013
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    Waiting for the next parts.
    Good start prince and thanks for remember of me.