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What if Sonya Blade went up against Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat movie instead of Johnny Cage? Be sure to click on the spoiler tags if you want to see Sonya come to a bad end!


After Sonya had beaten Kano her first fight in the Mortal Kombat tournament, she was at a loss. Her whole reason she had ended up on this crazy island was to find Kano and kill him. Now that she had done so, she wasn't quite sure what to do. The thought of continuing on with the tournament was an interesting thought, but it was also quite a dangerous one. These were fights to the death. Sonya was confident in her abilities, but even she knew that her abilities only went so far. There were a lot of strange and powerful people here. One man had control of ice. Another had some strange weapon that came out of his hand. And then there was the creature with four arms! Could she really take down each and every one of them? Would it be worth it?

And of course, there was Raiden, who had explained the fate of the whole world was at stake. She didn't really care about any of that, though. That fool, Johnny Cage, probably wouldn't make it very far in the tournament, but that Liu Kang fellow, he would probably be Raiden's best bet. He seemed like a real warrior. Someone who lived to fight. Sonya was just a woman on a mission, and her mission was now complete.

Yes, her mission was complete. She decided to try and find a way off of Shang Tsung's Island.

Still wearing the same outfit from before, a black tank top, black denim shorts, and black combat boots, Sonya Blade wandered around for awhile until she found herself in a forest. The trees were all planted in rows, which gave the forest a eerie look. She shivered. She almost felt like one of the trees could come alive at any second and eat her...

Sonya Blade stopped. In front of her stood a man dressed in a yellow ninja outfit. She recognized this man from earlier. It was Scorpion. Well, it looked like getting off of the island would have to wait, she was now participating in another fight in the Mortal Kombat tournament.

"A warning would have been nice..."

The yellow ninja went into a fighter's stance, and so did Sonya. She noticed some sort of sharp weapon slowly pierce through her opponent's hand. What was with the people on this island? Was anybody just a normal human being?

Suddenly, Scorpion shouted, "Get over here!" and the weapon shot out at his hand directly at Sonya's face.

Sonya's reaction time wasn't quick enough. She wasn't expecting the thing to shoot out of his hand! The spear pierced Sonya in the center of her face, and exiting through the back of her head. Blood and brains splattered the trees and grass behind her. Scorpion yanked on the spear and it came back to him, along with Sonya. He grabbed Sonya's hair with his free hand and yanked the spear out of her head. It ripped out and more gore spilled out onto the grass. He continued holding Sonya in place for several seconds as he looked through the hole in her head. He could see clear through! Scorpion let go of Sonya and she crumpled to the ground. Blood pooled out of the giant hole in her head, and Scorpion just left her there to rot. Presumably Shang Tsung would eventually find her and absorb her soul, but he didn't really care. All he cared about was finding his next opponent. Maybe this one would put up more of a fight.


Sonya dodged right at the last second. She wasn't expecting the thing to shoot out of his hand! What else was this guy capable of?

Instead of wondering what else Scorpion was capable of, Sonya should have been more focused on what he was currently doing. The spear had a rope attached to it, and was making its way back to her. It flew past her head, just missing, which caused her to gasp. She tried moving away, but it was too late for her. The spear kept flying by her head, missing by just a few inches. She was wondering what was going on, when she finally noticed the rope. The spear was wrapping itself around her neck! The rope closed in tight, and she struggled to breathe. The spear darted away from her and wrapped itself several times around a tree branch. Sonya felt herself being yanked into the air by the rope around her neck. She tried as hard as she could to remove the rope, but it wouldn't budge.

Sonya was now several feet off the ground being held in the air by the rope around her neck. She scratched at the rope, kicked in the air, gasped, choked, gagged, spit, and even had tears running down her face, which was now covered in sweat. Scorpion stood still with his hand held out controlling the spear, simply watching his opponent expire. Her movements became more violent as she tried to get free, but eventually she slowed down. Her face was turning a reddish purplish color as her eyes rolled back into her head. Her arms fell limp and slapped against her bare thighs. Sonya hung limply in the air, twitching slightly. After several minutes, Scorpion decided Sonya was dead, and he called back his spear. She crashed to the ground in a heap. He walked over to her and rolled her body over on to her back, so that she was lying face up. He looked at her face, which was purple. Her eyes were completely rolled back and her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, and there was a deep red mark across her neck. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Scorpion stomped down on Sonya's neck, breaking it, and ensuring his victory over the Earthrealm female. Shang Tsung would be pleased.


She noticed the spear had turned around and was heading for her again. Sonya darted away from it. She ran through the trees, but the spear was fast. She could feel it getting closer to her. She backed herself into a tree and turned around to face the spear. It came right up to her face, but it was too short! It snapped at her and howled at her, like it was alive. She heard Scorpion shout, "Come here!" and the spear disappeared.

Her heart was racing! She almost lost the fight before it even began! She would need to be more careful if she was going to survive this fight. Sonya looked around, and realized she had lost her opponent. Where was he? Where could he have gone?

Just then, Scorpion cartwheeled into view, and she saw him just in time to see him throw his spear out again. This time she was able to anticipate her opponent's move, and she ducked out of the way. The spear slammed into the tree behind her, and it looked like it had really damaged itself. Scorpion called it back, but the head of the spear stayed stuck in the tree. This was her time to attack! She decided to use the same trick she did to Kano. She could grab this guy with her legs and snap his neck! Sonya ran at Scorpion and flipped herself over as she tried to perform her leg grab. But what happened instead is that she crashed into wooden flooring.

"What in the hell?!"

Sonya stood up and looked around. Hell was right! It seemed to her that she was actually in Hell!

Sonya sighed. "Shit. I didn't die, did I?"

As she said this, she turned around and was face to face with Scorpion. "Welcome!" he said, then he punched her hard in the face. She recovered quickly and the two exchanged blows. She took a few more punches and kicks, and managed to land a few hits on the yellow ninja. Sonya was then hit again in the face, but this time she lost her balance and fell face first into a pile of bones.

Scorpion brought his foot down on Sonya. She wasn't fast enough! Scorpion's foot slammed onto Sonya's neck. There was a loud popping sound, and her body went limp immediately. Scorpion was simply a better fighter than her. The Earthrealm female was in over her head, and now she was just a dead blond with a broken neck. This being the Netherrealm, Scorpion would be able to bring her back to life, in a manner of speaking, so he could kill her over and over again, for the rest of eternity.


The yellow ninja brought his foot down on her head, but she managed to get out of the way in time. The two exchanged more blows, though neither really hit each other for awhile. Sonya was being backed into a corner, but she saw a pole and had an idea. She grabbed on to it, swung around it, and used the momentum to kick Scorpion in the chest. This was the first really good hit she landed for the whole fight. The two continued to kick and punch at each other. The fight started to move in her favor, as she landed a few more good hits, and eventually hitting him hard in the face. Sonya's confidence caused her to get a little sloppy, and Scorpion managed to grab on to her arm. He twisted it, and brought his leg down on it. It popped, and Sonya knew her arm was now broken. Scorpion kicked her multiple times in the stomach as he held on to her arm. Between the broken bone and the stomach kicks, she was getting very sick to her stomach. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and smashed his fist into her face.

Sonya spun around and smacked her head on a pole, then landed on the floor. She couldn't stand the punishment anymore, and she threw up. While Sonya was vomiting, Scorpion let out his spear again. Although the head was gone, the rope was still there. He wrapped it several times around Sonya's neck and then kicked her off of the ledge they were on. She fell screaming for several feet before her scream was brutally ended with a loud crunchy popping sound. Scorpion held onto the rope as Sonya hung limply from it several feet below. He pulled her back up and saw that her neck had lengthened several inches and her head was cocked to the side. There was no doubt about it, her neck was broken and she was dead. He unwrapped the rope from her neck and kicked her off the ledge again. She fell and landed on a pile of bones below. Sonya Blade was just another corpse among many in Scorpion's Lair.


She spun around and almost hit her head on a pole, but she put a hand out in time. She pushed herself back just as Scorpion's foot crashed into the pole. She tried to hit Scorpion again, but it was more difficult now with a broken arm. Scorpion kicked her legs out from under her and she fell onto her back. Scorpion kicked Sonya over and over again, in the stomach, in the face, anywhere. He stopped for a second and she tried to stand back up, but he just kicked her in the face again and she banged her head onto the floor. Sonya was beyond dizzy at this point. Still, she kicked her legs out and somehow managed to trip her opponent. Her arm may have been broken, but her legs were still the strongest part of her body.

She tried to put some space between herself and this yellow ninja dressed guy. She managed to climb up this wooden structure. Scorpion merely watched her, amused. She looked down at him, not really sure what to do next. Scorpion yelled, "Get down here!" and kicked one of the structure's supports. The whole thing came down and Sonya fell.

She couldn't control where she landed, and she fell onto a pile of bones. Unfortunately, there were many sharp bones in this pile, and some were sticking straight up. Sonya landed on one of these bones and impaled herself. It went through her stomach and out her back. She screamed in terror and grabbed at the bone, but she lost consciousness soon after. Scorpion jumped down to look at his fallen opponent. He lifted up Sonya's head by her hair. Her eyes were going in two different directions, and her mouth hung slack as blood dribbled out of it. He let her head drop and he walked away satisfied at another victory. He was looking forward to taking down more Earthrealm fighters as soon as possible.


She twisted out of the way and just barely missed being impaled by a particularly sharp bone sticking up from the ground. She had fallen pretty hard and was dazed. She was surrounded by bones. Human bones! She gasped. "Ew, gross!"

Just then, she saw Scorpion jump down to her level. The man did several flips in the air before landing on his feet. "Show off," Sonya said. Instead of coming back with a rebuttal, Scorpion ripped his face off to reveal a flaming skull underneath.


Fearing the worst, Sonya looked around to see if she could find anything to help her out of this predicament.

Nothing. She found nothing. She knew she was toast.

Scorpion spat out fire from his mouth and engulfed Sonya Blade. She screamed a terrible scream as her body burned away. She ran around in circles for several seconds before falling to her knees, then falling face down. Her body continued to burn, and she continued to scream. Being in the Netherrealm, her body would continue to burn, and she would continue to suffer for the rest of eternity.

The fire surrounding Scorpion's skull went out, and he wrapped his face-mask back around his head.



She spotted a metal shield, presumably left behind by a long dead warrior. She grabbed it just in time for it to shield her from the flames that Scorpion spit out at her. While behind the shield, she spotted a spear. After the flames let up, she dropped the shield and quickly grabbed the spear and hurled it at Scorpion. It pierced his arm and his body caught fire. She picked up the shield again, ran up to him and sliced open his abdomen. More fire and blood poured out. She then cut his skull in half.

Sonya dropped the shield and walked right up next to Scorpion. "Engulfed by your own flames. Pathetic." She spat at Scorpion's flaming head. Then Scorpion exploded.

The top half of Sonya Blade was completely blown away. Her legs took a few steps back as a reflex, then fell to the ground. Blood squirted out of where her waist was supposed to be. Looks like this fight was a draw!


Sonya, sensing something was about to happen, ran away from the ninja. Scorpion exploded with a loud bang.

"Alright. Well, that was easy. Now how do I get the hell out of here?"



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Cool, love the concept as it even slips the Instant Defeat kink in as well.

Can't wait for Sonya VS SubZero and Goro fights! ;)

And its very comfortable to read now with spoilers!