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Scarlet blade NEW NEW Mod! Whipper!

Discussion in 'Game Mods (Archive)' started by SBModder, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. SBModder

    SBModder Content Creator

    Jun 11, 2013
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    I converted the Coupon helper clothes for the whippers!! It changes the lvl 25 armor for the whipper :) This changes the clothes the shoes and the gloves :) btw the problem that i had with modding finally got FIXED! What should I convert next? im in the process of converting nayan clothes for the whipper! :D What should convert? any class! any place tell me! Put this at C:\AeriaGames\ScarletBlade\Data\Objects\PC\tex 06_26_07_52_08.jpg 06_26_07_52_32.jpg 06_26_07_53_03.jpg 06_26_07_54_01.jpg 06_26_07_56_14.jpg DOWNLOAD AT :D http://www.mediafire.com/?qufw0c4q05wyk99
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