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Sakura vs Karin ( death match)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by galvatron88, Feb 27, 2014.

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    This is my second story featuring my two favorite fighting game characters. I hope you all like this one. If the ending is too weird just let me know I may edit. Enjoy :)

    " NO NO NO NOOOO! IM TIERD OF LOSING, IM GONNA GET THAT BITCH IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!!!" Karin has lost to Sakura for a fourth consecutive time. enraged at this fact, she throws random things at her butler. Just the thought of this common punk girl beating her made her sick. She can still see sakura standing over her victorious with that arrogant smirk across her face.

    Karin then stops dead in her tracks. She thought of the perfect plan to beat Sakura and beat her ass good.

    It's the last week of school, Karin finds one of her friends Takahoshi, a boy sakura secretly has a huge crush for. She tells Takahoshi to divert Sakura from training and get her fat and out of shape for the whole summer by showing her a good time. " Me! but I dont even like that girl. Shes ugly and all she talks about is fighting and some guy named ryu." Takahoshi replies. Karin then pulls out $2500 dollars. " You get half now and the other half after the summer. Thats $5000 dallars." Takahoshi took the money. " I will gladly do this."

    Later, Sakura is cleaning out her locker. She is real excited about this summer. " Im gonna find ryu and we're gonna train and fight." sakura was saying to herself when suddenly Takahoshi walks up to her. " Takahoshi!" Sakura says as she falls back on her locker. He asks her to spend the summer with him. Her panties became wet with excitement. " YES!! I mean o-o-o-ok." Sakura said as she giggles and snort like the school girl she is.

    So the whole summer Takakshi who is a little rich himself pampers Sakura like a big fat queen. She went to movies, parties, ate a lot of junk food and sat on her ever expanding ass playing video games. all the while Karin was training everyday and watching Sakura enjoying her summer. Takahoshi even went as far as having sex with her, which she enjoyed very much. Sakura had forgotten all about her training with ryu, She is too blissfully stupid to question anything. She hadn't even noticed shes gaining a little weight.

    Three months later, Takahoshi and sakura were walking in the park. Takahoshi is disgusted by sakura snort when she laughs. Then Karin shows up and challenges Sakura to a fight. " Oooh You wanna get beat again huh Karin? You must like getting you ass whooped." Sakura says with her hands on her hips leaning in Karin's face. " ah but I have a secret move sakura and you cant stop it." Karin replies. Excited by this, Sakura got in her stance with a big smile on her face eager and ready. " Lets go." Sakura shouts.

    The two girls went at it furiously, Karin came in with a driving extended palm to Sakuras chest but with perfection Sakura blocks the move. With a cocky smirk on her face, Sakura counters with a overhand right aimed at Karins jaw but Karin saw it and dashes back. Karin in rare form, you couldnt tell but she was very muscular. You could only see a glimpse of her musculature in her thighs which are very defined.

    Sakura then threw a high roundhouse kick to Karins head but Karin quickly blocks it with no trouble. Sakura was a little surprised at this for she thought it was going to connect. Sakuras thighs are lose and fat. Her thigh and ass meat jiggles the whole time. It is visible that her sailor fuku outfit appears smaller on her. You can see a little muffintop of flesh oozing over her skirt and her skirt is now too small to hide her apple bottom booty. After that little exchange of blows, Sakura is fatigued. Her large breasts heaves up and down and her mouth is gaped open and she cant understand why.

    Karin then moves in again, She fakes like shes going to hit Sakura with a left elbow to her belly. Sakura barely blocks it in time. " Ah, Not bad K- " (SMACK) " snort Ugh?" As sakura is about to say something, Karin palms Sakura in the nose in mid sentance. Sakura let out a little snort as she staggers back like she'd had a few. Her head wobbles back and fourth. Her eyes are rolling in a daze. Karin knew one of Sakuras weak spots is her head and face. She learned if you hit her just right, instant dizzy.

    Before she could recover,Karin rushes her with two hard elbows to Sakuras soft junk food belly. "GGAAAAAAAASSSSP!!!" All the air had been knocked out of Sakura's body. Then Karin palms Sakura in the face agian following up with a front kick to Sakura's pussy make her hop off the ground. As Sakura bends over moaning in pain. Karin shoots a knee into Sakura's chin popping her back up and then she dose a spinning heel kick to Sakura's jaw slapping her face first ass up on the ground.

    " HA! I GOT YOU, NOW STAY DOWN." Karin says. Sakura is on her knees holding her belly. Splatters of blood on her face and shirt. Her belly and face is in such pain. She never felt this kind of pain. Her stomach would not stop hurting. " How can this be? Shes never been this good...I couldnt even see her coming... Is she faster? Dose she have lightening speed? Is that what she was talking about?." Sakura says to herself. "No thats not it Sakura." Karin says. "HUH!?!" you can read my mind???" Sakura asked shocked and dumfounded. "Yes because you are so predictable and stupid." Karin answered.

    She then slowly picks herself up, her thick legs shook as she tried to regain her balance. " Oh not done yet...Now Im gonna make you wish you shouldve stayed down." As Karin boasted, Sakura rushed karin as fast as she could with a her dragon punch. " SHO OOOU KEN!!" Sakura yelled as she came running in with her fist cocked back. But Karin saw the chunky warrior coming and simply rolled out of the way.

    While Sakura was still in the air, Karin recovered from the roll with lightening speed and did her rising air slap move slapping Sakura out of the air. Sakura falls to the ground spraining her arm. " AAH!" She screams. Karin stands over her victorious. " SO YOU HAD ENOUGH? NOW STAY DOWN BITCH!" As Sakura stands up holding her head. Karin stands behind the chunky school girl and grabs her butt. Sakura is stunned. "HUH!?!" Sakura says as she jumps. " Oooo looks like you gained some weight over the summer...ur ass is fat you fatass. Oh and by the way I payed Takahoshi to hang with you and pamper you so you can get fat while I trained regularly. That was my secret weapon... I can always count on your stupidity Sakura. So are you mad? If you are do something about it." Karin said this to her to be a bitch and to make her mad So she will do something stupid, She knows Sakura is full of pride.

    Sakura felt humiliated and was beyond furious. slow witted as she is, The feebleminded Sakura small brains fell to Karins grand intellect.

    Predictable,stupid and desperate, Sakura swings around clumsily to do a spinning backhand with her good arm but Karin catches it. Sakuras large breasts and fat butt jiggles from the impact of Karins hard vice like grip on her arm. Karin squeezes Sakuras arm causing pain. Sakuras grits her teeth as she tries to work through it. Karin then kicks Sakura in her face. Sakura wobbles and staggers in place. Sakura is dazed and confused as to where she is now. Her eyes are heavy and she begins to drool.

    Karin then knees her in her soft belly as hard as she could making the battered Sakura body convulse a little and pass gas. She doubles over on the ground thriving in pain crying her eyes out like a baby. " THIS CANT BE...I TRAINED WITH RYU!!!" Sakura cried out. Karin then hook kicks her in the face. Her cheeks and lips jiggle from the impact and a tooth flies out of Sakuras deformed mouth as she spins right on to her belly.

    Now sakura is out of it. she just laying on her stomach with her head up, her eyes rolling and her bleeding mouth wide open drooling with blood. She has no idea where she is. Karin then gets on top of her and pulls her hair.

    Sakura dosnt even know who it is She is just reacting. " Now who owns you?" Karin ask in Sakuras ear. " You do." Sakura whimpers. " WHO owns you?" " You do." Karin then gets up feeling really good about herself. " YOU AR NOTHING SAKURA...and you will always be nothing...Im the champion now." As Karin walks off Sakura comes to and crawls to her feet. Angry, Humiliated and now a bit crazy, Sakura picks up a big heavy rock. She hoists it up over her head to hit Karin with. karin knew she was behind her. Karin dose a back kick to sakuras exposed belly causeing sakura to drop the rock on her own head. It cracks her skull and pieces of it stabs her brain. This causes Sakura brain to seise. Sakura sat flat on her bubble butt convulsing. Her eyes are white, her mouth is crooked and her tongue protruded down her chin making a choking noise.

    Every fatty part of her body is jiggling and shaking. finally she relaxes and falls back dead. Karin just looks on and smiles.
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    Great story dude
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    Jan 7, 2013
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    Very nice! Good read! And I liked the end :)