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Rumble Roses: Reiko´s nightmare

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by princeofpain, Feb 5, 2012.

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    Feb 4, 2012
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    First of all let me say sorry for some english errors that I can commit during my story, I have passed many years without pratice my write skills (most of time just read).
    Our story begins when Reiko Hinomoto, is called to the office of the rumble roses tournament promoter.
    - Promoter: Well well well, Miss Hinomoto, it´s I pleasure receive you.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Why did you call me??? I have to prepare for the next fight.
    - Promoter: I know, you has been very impressive, you won all of your fights without much effort.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: So???
    - Promoter: I have a information for you, a information that you might be waiting for.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Did you found my mother???
    - Promoter: Let´s say that I can provide your meeting with her.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: What??? And… what I hav to do for you???
    - Promoter: Reiko, in your past 10 fights you won all, very well I must say, but, in our web site, I received many requests o fans who want to see you, let´s say… defeated, humiliated, destroyed, and what my clients wants, they have. So Reiko, my proposal is, you will loose your next fights, not just one, but your next 4 fights.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: What??? You must be joking!!! I never accept this kind of thing.
    - Promoter: So, think about it, if you accept, I give you, 100% of sure that you will find your mother, but if you don´t, who knows when… and if you will find her???
    - Reiko Hinomoto: (thinking for her self) She is right, if I don´t accept I can never find my mother again, but if I accept, I can be punished like never before, but, my main intention is find mom. Well, I agree with you, I will make what the public wants.
    - Promoter: Perfect!!! I will prepare everything. Listen, every night before your fights, wait for me in your dressing room, I will give your instructions about how you will act in the fight. Don´t talk about this with anybody, if you comment about our conversation, the tract is over.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: As you wish.

    Later at Reiko´s dressing room.
    Our heroine is preparing herself for the fight, when the sadistic promoter arrives with a bag.
    - Promoter: Good evening Miss Hinomoto, I brought a little present for you, here, take.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Woah!!! Is this??? I can´t belive it!!! You can´t do this to me!!! This is a sexy swimsuit (pink color), I will be almost naked in the ring.
    - Promoter: This is my intention your fool. Our polls shows that our fans want to see more of your body, I must admit, you have an amazing body.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: I can´t fight with this thing!!! Every movement will show me a lot.
    - Promoter: Who told you that you will fight??? Let me explain about to night´s fight. Today you will “fight” against Mistress, the dominatrix, and as a dominatrix, she needs a slave, and that one, will be you.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: But I can´t use this, I can be naked any moment of the fight.
    - Promoter: If this happen, will be great. You must use this; did you remember that you agreed with obey all my orders??? Or do you want to break our tract???
    - Reiko Hinomoto: No, no… of course not. I will do what you want.
    - Promoter: Great, this is my girl!!! So let me continue. For to night, you will be Mistress´s slave, you can react for some moments, but don´t a lot, I want see will fighting a little before your fall. She can use anything that she wants. You don´t have permition to loose by pin, only if you be very hurted, don´t submit. To be honest, I prefer that you loose by K.O, but what will happen to you in the ring is Mistress´s business.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: You crazy!!! I can die this night!!!
    - Promoter: Of course not, do you think that you will let my favorite toy be broken??? Just one more thing Reiko, this sexy swimsuit you be your clothes for your next fights. Good lucky, it´s a pleasure make business with you HAHAHAHAHAHA.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Oh my, what madness!!!

    In the ring.
    The announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, for to night’s fight, a clash of titans!!! Of one side The Zero Fighter, 10 wins in the last 10 fights, for the other side, the Dominatrix, Mistress, also 10 wins in the last 10 fights.
    So now, let´s give their our welcome.
    The first wrestler to make the entry is Mistress, she brings a whip and a chain.
    And now from Japan, Zero Fighter, Reiko Hinomotoooooooooo!!! Reiko comes or the ring dressed with a robe, but when she removes, everybody at the stadium stay choked, the great Reiko Hinomoto is showing her exuberant body in a pink sexy swimsuit.
    - Mistress: Well well well little girl, it seems you forgot your clothes. Better!!! I love when my servants show their pretty bodies. You will be my toy this night!!!
    Roses on your mark!!! Fight!!!
    For the first movement, Reiko and Mistress face-if in a test of strength, as we know, Reiko can´t give her best.
    - Mistress: What´s wrong little girl, I thought you were much stronger than this, how did you won your fights??? Did you really won??? Or you are a farce???
    - Reiko Hinomoto: (thinking for herself) Oh my!!! She is too strong I could have difficult for win her even if I had fight with all my forces. This woman can really hurt me.
    - Mistress: Enugh!!! Let´s the pain begins.
    With a fast body movement Mistress put Reiko in a Full Nelson.
    - Mistress: Hahaha, you´re mine little girl, I will punish you like you never dreamed, and after this fight, you will call me: MASTER!!!
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAAAAAAHHH
    Mistress pulls Reikos tightly, as she enjoys herself with our almost naked beauty shouts.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAAAAAHHH, stop please.
    - Mistress: Hahaha, stop??? My dear your worse nightmare is just beginning, I have a lot of fun for our public, and I want hear you call me MASTER.
    Mistress turns Reiko, now she looks her prey in the eyes. With a fast movement, Mistress fires a tremendous belly punch to our heroine. Reiko falls to her knees.
    Mistress pulls Hinomoto by her hair and says: I don´t know how do you dares considerer yourself a fighter, until now I just see a ragdoll.
    - Mistress: Come!!! (while raising Reiko by the hair)
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Nooooooooo.
    - Mistress: You fool!!! (a belly punch)
    - Mistress: You farce!!! (a slap in her left face).
    With the force, Reiko turns, and from behind, Mistress cruelly kicks Reiko between her legs.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: OOOOOOAAAAH.
    And she falls one more time, crying in pain.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: oooohhh aaaaah uuuuuh;
    Without waste time, Mistress raises Reiko by her hair, and puts our dear Zero Fighter in a torture rack;
    - Mistress: Hahahaha!!! You are less than nothing to me. Too weak, very pathetic.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Haaaaaaaa, stop please, I beg you.
    At this time, Reiko remembered that she can´t give up.
    - Mistress: Do you submit???
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Nooo.
    - Mistress: As you wish my punching bag.
    Mistress throws Reiko. BAAAAAM her lovely body hits the mat hard and Reiko twists in pain.
    Mistress one more time raises Reiko, but this time, grabbing her by the breasts.
    With Mistress´s movent one of Reiko´s breasts is now exposed, but she is too weak to do anything.
    Mistress cover Reiko´s breast and take a long distance, when she comes she gives to Reiko a terrible punch at her pussy, our lady is now on her knees one more time.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: YAAAAAAAAAH
    Mistress kicks Reiko 2 times one in each face. Reiko now falls with her face hitting the mat.
    Mistress steps on Reiko´s head and says: It was fun play with you my bitch, but now I will make you call me as I ordered.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: N…ev…er.
    - Mistress: No problem, I know how to convince you.
    Mistress drag Reiko by her right arm to one of the corners, she puts Reiko opposite to the post, Reiko is too weak and tired and she falls, but she is now secured by the post.
    Mistress return, now with her whip and the chain that she brought.
    - Mistress: Now my dear I will make you know the true meaning of torture and humiliation, and finally, you call me master.
    Mistress holds Reiko´s hands to the top of the post using the chain and… unties Reiko´s top. Oh yeah, now Reiko´s back is perfect target to Mistress´s whip.
    - Mistress: Who am I???
    - Reiko Hinomoto: nobody.
    - Mistress: Wrong answer.
    VAAAAAP, the first lash.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAAAAAAAYYYYH
    - Mistress: One more time, who am I???
    - Reiko Hinomoto: I said NOBODY.
    - Mistress: As you wish.
    Mistress gives two more lashes. Reiko´s legs are weakening.
    Mistress pulls Reiko by the back of her head and ask for her: Are prepared to say what I mean to you???
    Reiko says: One more time, you are nothing to me, you don´t mean nothing to me.
    Mistress now attacks Reiko´s ass with 6 lashes 3 on each side.
    Reiko groans, and now she falls, she is now on her knees and with her hands chained to the post.
    Mistress see that her legs are open and kicks her sensitive area even more cruelly.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: (thinking for herself) I can´t take this anymore. They want to see me loosing, now they have what they want.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Mistress, I give, I am ready to submit to you.
    - Mistress: I knew it!!! You weak bitch.
    Mistress ties again Reiko´s top and release her hands of the post. Mistress pushes Reiko against the post each of her arms are now being hold by the ropes and her head are down.
    Mistress takes the announcer´s microphone and start to say: Good evening everyone, as you can see Reiko Hinomoto is nothing more that a pathetic weak bitch, I won her without problems and now she have will say something.
    Mistress go until Reiko´s beaten body and pulls her to the center of the ring.
    Mistress kicks Reiko´s legs, making her fall to her knees and puts the microphone near to her mouth.
    - Mistress: Now my dear, say who I am.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: My M…AST…, my MASTER
    YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH the public explodes with Reiko´s submition.
    Mistress: Wait, the fight is not over yet.
    Mistress grabs Reiko and apply a strong plidriver. Reiko falls and don´t even move, Mistress steps in Reiko´s breasts and raise her arms.
    1 2 3 bang bang bang pinfall
    Reiko looses her first fight in rumble roses tournament, she is totally beaten and humiliate on the mat.
    Reiko is in her dressing room when the promoter arrives.
    - Promoter: I love it, we billed millions this night. You are awesome, considerer one step to meet your mother hehehe.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: No matter how punished I will be, I just want my mother
    - Promoter: And you will have, if you cooperate. Rest, because what we have for you is even worse than you received now. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Well guys I hope you enjoyed my story and one more time, sorry for my English mistakes.

    reiko_hinomoto_in_pink_bikini_by_mrrumbleroses-d3ckkpf.png DrCutter_RRXX_portrait_01.jpg
    Our story continue from the day after Reiko suffered her Worst beaten.

    Reiko look to her cell phone and see a message.
    “It was very fun play with you last night my little dog, every time you want some more humiliation, please call me.
    Your Master”
    Reiko Hinomoto: Oh my, it was terrible, I never had been defeated so badly.
    Reiko goes to the shower and when starts her bath, she feels the pain of the attacks she suffered last night.
    Minutes after she finishes, her cell phone rings.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Hello.
    - Promoter: Hiii my little toy, it´s so good to know that you still alive. I have good news for you, we transformed your last fight in DVD and a download file, and imagine… we are selling like never before.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Are you insane???
    - Promoter: Nooooo, I am becoming rich, hahaha, thank you my little pet. Let´s talk about business, I want you in the ring this night too.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: This is not fair!!! I am still felling the last fight, I must recover before another fight.
    - Promoter: Who says you will fight??? My dear, for some more days the only thing you will do in the is to be totally defeated. Go to the stadium this night or forget about our tract.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Noooo, please, sorry, I will be there.
    - Promoter: This is my girl. See you latter.
    Reiko thinks to herself: What can I do??? I am too injured, I can´t fight today. That sexy swimsuit, expose me a lot, every attack becomes a direct attack..
    Latter at the stadium.
    Reiko is preparing herself for the fight, she can´t do right her warm-up because her body is suffering too much pain.
    Toc toc toc.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Come!!!
    - Promotor: My little sexy thing!!! Are you already dressed??? Did you like to loose???
    - Reiko Hinomoto: No, I just want to finish this once for all.
    - Promoter: You think well, but, today you will suffer a lot more, your last fight gave me billions, so I want a much better presentation to night and I know the perfect way.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Say once for all.
    - Promoter: Tonight you will be DOUBLE TEAMED!!!
    - Reiko Hinomoto: What??? Are you insane??? Who are my opponents???
    - Promoter: Evil Rose and Dr. Cutter.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: They are killers, they will make me in pieces.
    - Promoter: Don´t you understand that I don´t care about you??? As more you suffer in the ring, more money I have. The rules are simple, like yesterday, you can react, if you get, but, this isn´t a normal handicap match, you must fight against your opponents, AT SAME TME!!!
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Hey, It can´t be, no matter how good I am, I can´t fight against two high level pro wrestlres at same time.
    - Promoter: Enough, shut up!!! You talk a lot, just obey my orders, if you want to see your mother again.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Yes sir, I will never say anything anymore.
    - Promoter: Great!!! Now go to the ring, your torture is about to begin.
    At the ring.
    From Japan, Zero Fighter, Reiko Hinomotoooooooooo.
    Like last night Reiko surprise everybody by her sexy swimsuit, she makes her regular entrance in the ring and wait for her opponents.
    And her opponents, Evil Rooooose And Dr. Cutteeeer, for the first time as a tag team and in a new way of handicap match, according to the rules, Reiko must fight them at the same time, and for wim, she just have to eliminate one, is this the end of Zero Fighter??? Or she will make history by beat two of the most dangerous pro wrestlres in the world???
    Roses on your mark, FIGHT!!!
    The fight begins, Reiko is careful, she knows that she can´t let none of them stay behind her, or the fight will over soon.
    For the first move, Dr. Cutter gives a kick. Reiko defend without problems, after this Evil Rose jumps trying to scratch Reiko with her claws, but Reiko escapes one more time, but she was careless, she didn´t know she was being conducted to a trap, and now, Reiko is too near of the corner and her opponents even more near.
    Haaaaaaaa, Dr. Cutter goes with a powerfull kick, Reiko Defend, but by the force, she is lanched to the post, her back hits hard the post.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAHHHH
    Without let her recover, Evil Rose and Dr. Cutter grabs each, one of the Reiko´s arms, and now, they twist her arms with the ropes of the ring.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: YEAAAAAAAOOOHHH!!!
    - Dr. Cutter: Now that we captured you, you will be our punch bag.
    - Evil Rose: Let me hea you scream my doll.
    They release Reiko´s arms, she falls but her body still sustained by the ropes.
    Dr. Cutter, up on the post, she grabs Reiko´s both hands and hold behind her head.
    - Dr. Cutter: Enjoy yourself Evil Rose.
    - Evil Rose: This will be a pleasure.
    Evil Rose approaches, she prepares her claw and… pinchs Reiko´s belly.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AIIIIAAAHHH
    - Evil Rose: Relax my dear, I just started.
    Now, Evil punches her belly.
    Baaaaaah (Reiko: OOOOOFFF), Baaaah (GUAAAAH), POW (UUUUOOOH) POF (EEEHHH). Reiko is now in serious problems again.
    Evil Rose ties Reiko´s legs leaving well open, now, Reiko´s pussy is unprotected.
    NHHHHAAAAAAAAAH, Evil Roses attacks Reiko´s pussy using her claws, the sexy panties doesn´t protect, and Reiko suffer a lot (Reiko: YEAAAAAAAAUUUH), Evil Rose tightens even more and more (Reiko: AAAAAAAAAAH, stop please, I beg you, stop)
    - Evil Rose: Don´t dare to say what I must to do (putin more force against Reiko´s pussy)
    Evil Rose takes distance, runs, and hits Reiko´s pussy with a violent kick.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: OOOOOHHH
    Reiko can´t support and falls to mat.
    Dr. Cutter jumps over Reiko, she takes a little defibrillator.
    - Dr. Cutter: Turn the bitch, I don´t want she sleeping yet.
    Dr. Cutter positions her equipment on Reiko´s breasts and pussy, ant gives her a great shok.
    Suffering so much pain, Reiko rolls and falls out of the ring.
    Evil Rose jumps for the outside, she lift Reiko like a ragdoll and throws her to a chair at the audience, Reiko is now seated and defenseless, Evil Rose approaches and attacks with her claws Reiko´s belly and breasts.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAH (her voice is getting even weaker).
    - Evil Rose: Hey Doc, I have an idea.
    Evil Rose takes Reiko in her arms and throws her back to the ring, now at outside, Evil Rose and Dr. Cutter take each one of Reiko´s legs, they push Reiko´s body.
    - Dr. Cutter: At 3, 1, 2 … 3.
    They pulls Reiko with a great force, making her pussy hit hard the post, now they push even more harder, torturing our dear heroine:
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAAAAAAAH, mercy!!! Stop please, I do anything you want, please, just stop, I can´t take this anymore!!!
    So then release Reiko´s legs and back to the ring.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Thank you very much.
    - Dr. Cutter: Thank you??? Why??? (lifting Reiko by her hair)
    Evil Rose grabs Reiko´s arms and hold then.
    Dr. Cutter gives 4 kicks in Reiko, 1 on her pretty face, 1 on her breasts, 1 on her belly and 1 on her pussy, Reiko gives two steps forward and Dr. Cutter punchs her on the face, with the force, Reiko turns and gos in the direction of Evil Rose, on the other hand, Evil Rose gives a kick, the same thing, Reiko´s receives another punch from Dr. Cutter, and this insane ping pong continues until Reiko´s breasts be grabs. Dr. Cutter, pressing Reiko´s breasts says: Let´s go back to the corner.
    She conduct Reiko by her breasts to the corner, Reiko is one more time trapped.
    - Dr. Cutter: Evil Rose let´s play with our punch bag.
    - Evil Rose: Sure!!!
    First Evil Rose punchs Reiko´s left breast.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: UOOOOHHH
    After Dr. Cutter gives another on the right one.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAAaaaaa (she moans so sexy, like an orgasm).
    So they take turns, until Reiko faint with so much pain.
    Dr. Cutter gives her one more shock on her favorite targets (pussy and breasts).
    However, even getting this terrible shock, Reiko is just half conscious.
    So, Evil Rose and Dr. Cutter steps each on one of Reiko´s Breasts.
    1, 2 … - Dr. Cutter quickly lifts Reiko´s shoulder stopping the count.
    - Dr. Cutter: Evil Rose, why finish her with a pin??? Let´s present to the great Zero Fighter, not so great now, our finish move???
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Whaaa…aat, a…r…e you t…t…t…alking about???
    - Evil Rose: You will see my bitch.
    Evil Rose and Dr. Cutter lif carry Reiko by her arms and position her on the center of the ring, Reiko almost can´t stay standing, and she is totally dazed.
    Evil Rose and Dr. Cutter take distance an runs!!! They capture Reiko at same time in 2 different bearhug kind, Evil Rose takes her by behind and Dr. Cutter ahead.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAAaaaaah (one more time she groans like a orgarsm).
    They make the pressure even more strong, and more, and more… until Reiko faint.
    Her head falls, and stay down, Reiko is now unconscious.
    - Evil Rose and Dr. Cutter: HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! We won.

    Reiko is defeated one more time, they take her cape and cover her fainted body.

    Please, leave your comment.
    Part 3 coming soon.
    Thank you very much for your time and attention.

    3RD PART

    After recover her conscious, Reiko leave the ring sad and very humiliated.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: I can´t take this anymore, every night a take a serious beat, but why??? She just want to make money with my agony???
    - Promoter: My dear!!!
    - Reiko Hinomoto: How long you been there???
    - Promoter: Since the final of the fight, I was waiting you wake up.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: You crazy bitch, are you trying to kill me???
    - Promoter: No, you are useful alive. Just two more fights my dear and you will see you beloved mother again, but I must to say, you will be beaten as never before hehehe.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: I hope so.
    - Promotor, Now, just rest, I want you in a good shape for tomorrow, you will fight against a terrible enemy, like you never see before. HAHAHAAAAAAA
    Next morning Reiko wake up and see a message in her cell phone: “From Dixie: Reiko what´s wrong with you??? You are so weak, you are loosing like a poor jobber, please call me back”.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: (thinking) Sorry Dixie, I can´t talk.
    At Promoter´s lab.
    How are our children Dr.???
    - Dr.: The woman is an awesome fight machine, she can handle with any opponent, she more fast, strong, resistant than any human alive.
    - Promoter: And my pet???
    - Dr.: He is a powerful machine of destructions, his force is great he is very resistant, but has a problem.
    - Promoter: What´s the problem Dr.??? I pay you very well to any problem exists.
    - Dr.: He is too violent.
    - Promoter: HAHAHAAA, this is not a problem Dr. this is an advantage, the next fight will be much more fun than the others!!!
    At the stadium.
    - Promoter: Carefull, bring carefull, I don´t want this box opened before the time.
    - Man: Where we can put???
    - Promoter: Put in the ring.
    At Reiko´s dressing room.
    Reiko is looking herself in the mirror, her hot and sexy body is too injured.
    - Promoter: Hello my dear punch bag!!!
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Don´t call me this, you know that I am just loosing because I am being blackmailed.
    - Promoter: Maybe, but, the next two fights, I´m sure you can´t win, you can fight if you want, but I sure you will be punished one more time.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Let´s see, so I can fight???
    - Promoter: Stay at will my dear, but I sure will be useless.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: And the rules???
    - Promoter: Tonight we will don´t have rules, you will just fight as you ever done. This will be a “fair” fight. HAHAHAAAAAAAAA
    At the ring.
    - Announcer: From Japan, Zero Fighter, Reiko Hinomotooooooooo!!!
    The audience explodes when Reiko appears with her sexy swimsuit, even more that she likes confident., she is smiling and greeting the audience.
    When she enteres in the ring, she see a strange great box.
    - Promoter: Release the lock.
    The box begins to shake, even more and more, and… the box is totally broken!!!
    - Reiko Hinomoto: OH MY it´s a bear!!!
    A great bear appears in front of her and look for her as she as if she were a prey, and she is!!!
    - Promoter: Ladys and gentlemen, let me have the pleasure to introduce to you, NON NON,!!!

    Roses on your marks FIGHT!!!
    Reiko is scared for see her opponent, but she don´t let intimidate, and goes for offensive, she launches a right punch and… nothing happens. The bear doesn´t feel anything.
    Non Non attacks Reiko with a brutal right punch to her pretty face.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAAAAHHH
    With the force of the impact, Reiko goes to the ropes, the ropes drive Reiko back to the center of the ring, and Non Non, give one more shot, this time on Reiko´s belly.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: UUUU...FFF
    Reiko curves in front of her fierce enemy.
    Non Non, lift Reiko by her top and panties (this act show some of private parts).
    Non Non lifts Reiko above his head, Reiko is now a little stunned.
    Non Non releases Reiko. BAAAAAAAAA, she hits hard the mat. She twists her body with such pain.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: OOOOOHHHH
    Non Non lift Reiko one more time, this time by her hair, after, he takes her by her arms and throws her for the corner, he takes distance, runs, and crush Reiko using his great body.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAAEEEEHHHH!!!
    Reiko Falls and stay sitting, Non Non lifts her by her left arm, he turns her, grabs the back of her head, and hits in the post. Now Reiko´s pretty face is being achieved on the ring post.
    1 hit: Reiko Hinomoto: OOOOOHHH.
    2 hit: Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAHHH.
    3 hit: Reiko Hinomoto: OOOAAHHH.
    4 hit: Reiko Hinomoto: UUUUUHHH.
    At the fifth hit Reiko falls and stay supported on her knees by the post.
    Non Non pulls Reiko by the back of her head, positions her on his knees and… submits Reiko to a painful and humiliating backbreacker.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: GUAAAAAHHH
    CRACK (Reiko: AAAHHH). He puts his feet on Reiko´s breasts and pussy and pushes more and more strong, CRAAACK (Reiko: UOOOHH). He pushes so hard that like Reiko will be broken in two.
    He stops the torture on Reiko´s back (Reiko: AAAAHHH weaking).
    With Reiko still on his knee, Non Non gives her an attack using his elbow Reiko spits when she receives the attack.
    She rolls of Non Non´s knee, Zero Fighter is again on the mat.
    Non Non takes Reiko by behind and applies her a full nelson.
    - Promoter: Well Well Well, he is a monster, he can kill her anytime, he is too powerful or her, let me enjoy a little more before a ask him to finisher HAHAHAAAAA.
    Non Non turns and she is submitted to a bearhug. (Reiko: HUUUUU, AAAHHHH, HAAAA, UOOOAAAH, OOOOH), Non Non makes Reiko groans in many ways.
    - Promoter: Enough, she must be fine for her next punishment. Non Non my dear, finisher!!!
    As a little dog Non Non obey.
    He puts Reiko Stand in front of him, gives a slap on her right face, a slap on her left face, knee on her belly and knee on her pussy, so, he takes her by her neck and crashes her on the mat, Non Non sits on her.
    1 2 3 Pinfall.
    It´s all over Reiko was destroyed one more time.

    End of the 3RD PART


    e4680df4dfdf3b4293058831fa220736.jpg 334eb828a136ebb284ff330ddf44c423.jpg fdgdsrerere.jpg

    Our story continues moments after Reiko get terrible beaten, destroyed and humiliated by Non Non in frount of thousand persons.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Ooooooow, what pain, that bear really destroyed mee.
    Arriving in her dressing room she finds a coer with a letter inside.
    “My dear slave, one more time you were awesome, you are really hot loosing a fight, tomorrow will be your last step to meet your mother, meanwhile, just rest and try to recover of this night beat, because next time you will be make in pieces,”
    - Reiko Hinomoto: I don´t need a letter to remember me this, at least , tomorrow this madness will be finished, oh mother, I miss you so much.
    Next morning at Promoter´s lab.
    - Promoter: Are we ready for the test Dr.???
    - Dr.: Yes sir.
    - Promoter: START
    In a room we can see Non Non and a mysterious woman facing each other, Non Non attacks first but the woman´s speed is incredible and she easily is right in back of the bear, she hits his head and submit him to a sleeper hold, few seconds later the bear is fainted.
    - Dr.: Impressive!!! She didn´t have any problems to defeat the bear.
    - Promoter: Of course not, she is my master piece.
    - Dr.: Do you think prudent put this kind of fighter against ms Hinomoto??? I saw the fight last night and I thought Non Non would kill her.
    - Promoter: It´s funny to see Reiko loosing, she is a incredible jobber, and I want make a lot of money with her;
    Bing Bing Bing, Promoter´s cell phon is calling.
    - Promoter´s secretary: She is here and want to talk with you.
    - Promoter: Ok, just say to her wait for me.
    Minutes later.
    - Promoter: My dear pet!!! What can I do for you???
    - Reiko Hinomoto: It´s better you fulfill what you said.
    - Promoter: What I said???
    - Reiko Hinomoto: What??? How do you dare???
    - Promoter: Relax, I just joking with you. My dear, of course I will fulfill what I said.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Where is my mother??? How I will meet her???
    - Promoter: All in the right time my little pet, just wait.
    Later at Reiko´s dressing room.
    She is waiting for Promoter, and thinking for herself, about the great moment to see her mother.
    - Promoter: My dear slaaaave!!! You are already dressed, you are a very good girl.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Don´t wast my time, tell me what I have to do this night.
    - Promoter: Well I must say that you must let your opponent defeat you and bla blab bla, but, I sure you will not have any chance against my ultimate creation. So I just say for you that you are free to fight at will, and you can´t submit or loose by pin, you always must avoid get pinned… but if you are injured, you can loose as you wish.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Ok.
    At the ring.
    From Japan, Zero Fighter, Reiko Hinomotooooooo!!! Reiko for the last time is using that sexy swin suit, that will be the trade mark of her defeats.
    From Japan, The Mechanic Mother, Lady X!!! Everybody is surprised no one has heard about that woman and she is covered by a huge cape. When she enteres in the ring and throw Reiko look really surprised.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Mother!!!
    Roses, on your marks, FIGHT!!!
    The last part of Reiko´s punishment is about to begin.
    Reiko aprouches her opponent.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Mom, is you???
    - Lady X: I don´t have a doughter.
    After say this, Lady X aggressively attacks Reiko with a vicious punch right on her face.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: What´s wrong mom??? It´s me, don´t you remember me???
    - Lady X: I am a machine, I can´t be a mother.
    Lady X now attacks Reiko with tremendous kick in her breasts.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: So, I don´t have choice.
    Reiko go to the offensive with a punch, but is useless. Lady X grabs Reiko´s hand, she counter attacks with 3 punches, 1 in Reiko´s face, 1 in Reiko´s breasts and the las on Reiko´s belly.
    So, she twists Reiko´s arm and kicks Reiko´s back.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: UUUUGH
    Lady X hits Reiko´s legs with a vicious kick, this make she falls, and quickly, she submits Reiko to a camel clutch (I don´t know if is correct write) (Reiko: AAAAAAAAAAH), she releases Reiko, just to start a surfboard.
    She lift Reiko by her ears, so she takes her by the neck.
    - Lady X: You know you fool??? I think the other doesn´t humiliated you a lot, I will show how a true dominator really do.
    Lady X grabs the top of the sexy swimsuit striping from Reiko and exposing her breasts.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Noooooooooo!!!
    - Lady X: Hahahahaaaaaa
    Lady X uses Reiko own top to choke her, so she apply a body slam, Reiko´s body hits the mat very hard, Lady X so, approaches of our fallen heroine, she steps on her exposed breasts, this makes Reiko rolls feeling a great pain, she grabs Reiko by her head and put her stand, so she does one thing even more cruel , SHE STRIPS REIKO´S PANTIES.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Nooooooo!!! Please give me back.
    - Lady X: Hahahaaaa, that´s much better, I want you totally exposed while I beat you.
    Lady X gives Reiko a hard punch to her belly, Reiko curves herself, Lady X rises Reiko´s top and panties as a trophy, so she out of the ring, throws Reiko´s panties e top to the audience, so she back to the ring.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Mom, why???
    - Lady X: I am not your mother and be prepare to be destroyed.
    Lady X with a fast movement grabs Reiko´s breasts and lift her.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
    - Lady X: HAAAAHAAAHAAA, this is funny.
    She takes Reiko to the corner, so she holds Reiko´s legs well open, but first, she gives Reiko some punches to her face PAAA (Reiko: OOOH), POW (AIIII), POF (UUUGH), after she lowers and shot a rain of punches on Reiko´s well exposed pussy, BAAA (Reiko: AAAAH) (OOHH) (UUUH) (AAAYYYEEEH) (OOOFFF) (OOOOH) ( AHAAA).
    Reiko falls just to be lifted one more time by her breast, Lady X so prepare Reiko to another hard attack, she carries Reiko, and drops her to her knees, and begins a cruel back breaker, she forces Reiko head and pussy down with a great strength, (Reiko: AAAh AAAH AAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAIIIIHHHH).
    - Lady X: Heheheeee, I can break you in 2 if I want, you are so pathetic, so weak.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: Mom, why are you doing this to me???
    - Lady X: Again you call me mother, so if you want, let me do something that I would do if I were your mother.
    Lady X turns Reiko, now she is with her ass up, and Lady X starts to spanking Reiko
    Pa (Reiko: AH), PA PA (AIII), PAAAA (OOOOUUUH), o she drops Reiko on the mat, she open Reiko´s legs and gives a strong to her exposed pussy (Reiko: OOOOOUUUH), after she steps on that pretty pussy and press really strong (Reiko: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH), so she kicks Reiko´s pussy, after she lifts Reiko by her hair, what comes next is a cruel sequence of blows, first Lady X gives Reiko a pile driver, second she makes Reiko cry with a figure leg lock, she gives a argentine backbreaker, throws Reiko one more time to the corner runs and hit her with a body splash, Reiko gives 2 steps forward, only to be captured by a reversed bearhug (Reiko: AAAAaaaah (her voice weakling)) when she is release she is submitted to another bearhug, this time a normal one, (Reiko: AAAAAAHHH), she is dropped to the mat so Lady X kicks her on her face and belly.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: (thinking to herself) This must to be a nightmare, my own mother is trying to kill me.
    Lady X without mercy lifts Reiko by her hair, so, she makes Reiko suffer with a full nelson, she shakes Reiko and Reiko shakes like a ragdoll.
    Reiko is positioned in front of her nemesis that start to punch and kicks her, face, breast, pussy and belly are the favorite targets.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH
    Lady X leaves Reiko on her knees, so she kicks her, what makes her face hits the mat, so she steps on Reiko´s head.
    - Lady X: You know my dear, it´s fun to destroy you, but I am bored, so let´s finish this.
    - Reiko Hinomoto: M…om, n...ot, p pple…ase.
    Lady X apply a brutal sleeper hold, not only hold Reiko´s neck, but pressing with her legs all Reiko´s body, few seconds later, she checks Reiko´s reaction, and… NOTHING, Reiko is totally out, so she raises Reiko beaten body as a trophy, after, she throwa Reiko to the out side of the ring.
    - Promoter: Well my little pet, I told you that I could provide your meeting witk you mother and I fulfill my word HAHAHAHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA.
    Reiko is totally, defeated, destroyed humiliated, and the best part, naked.

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    Don't worry about your English, it's quite readable. And quite an awesome story!
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    Thank you very much, I working on the second part, if the other members enjoy the first of course.
    To be honest, I would like that this stories could become photostories, I like to reade, but in my opinion is even beter when I read and see the actions.
    One more time, thank you very much.
    And about your stories, until now I saw Taki´s trashing and Hell for Helena.
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    I gotta say I love the way Reiko's fans are thinking :D
    I remember when I used to play Reiko in RRXX I always imagined that she would be famous for losing every match and that the audience would have gone to the match only to see her lose.
  5. princeofpain

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    I agree with you.
    I my opinion, Reiko is the perfect jobber, everybody loves to see her loosing.
    I working on the second part, I would like to finish the whole story until wednesday.

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    Hey guys I have a question, can I write the second part in a new posto or I must use this one???
    Dplease comment the first part.
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    I'm no mod or admin, but from my past experiences, I would say if it is a continuation of this story, to just use this thread.
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    You, dear sir, are correct.
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    Second part

    Hey guys
    second part of Reiko´s nightmare is ready, please, enjoy yourself and don´t forget to leave your opinion.
    Part 3 coming soon
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    Double bearhug! Oh yeah, I love that for sure :D
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    Hey guys
    Please tell me what do you think about the first 2 parts of Reiko´s nightmare.
    This is my first story, and if you have some sugestion, I will try to put on the next texts.
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    If you don't get any feedback, don't worry. I didn't get any on my first one for quite a while. I had to write a couple and get a little more well known before people stood up and took notice of me. Now I almost kind of dominate this section at this point in time lol...
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    I liked both parts. Don't know about the comic though. Maybe you could just take screenshots of RRXX?
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    Thank you Raden.

    Thank you for your sugestion, Onlinehero, but I don´t have the game.
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    Ouch! She didn't seem to stand much of a chance there.
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    No she didn´t have chance hehehe!!!
    I will write the last part tonight

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    Hi guys.
    Thank you for your visit here in my story, please, leave your comment
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    I sort of thought that was coming. Still, it was pretty awesome to read about it. Four beatings in four nights... Ouch. Her road to recovery's got a few potholes in it, for sure!
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    Didn't notice you had wrote more... I have to read them later, but I'm sure they're good :)

    EDIT: Yeah, they're all very nice :) I like more when heroine has clothes on, but stripping her clothes surely does fit well into this story since it's ultimate humiliation for Reiko. Anyway, you write very well, hope to see more of your stories (maybe on other characters too)
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    Well guys, this is my first story, I hope you enjoy, please leave your comment
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    Hey guys.
    I'm happy, it seens my story was good.
    Please, leave your comments and sugestions.
    I remember, I want to transform this story in a photostory, anyone who can help me, please, tell me
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    I answered your pm.
    Anyone more could help me in transform this story in a photostory???