Rose Quartz from Steven Universe


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Apr 16, 2012
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I strongly suggest you look at the linked threads. They give guidance on the type of images modders need to make SDT mods.
Tips for requesting clothing or outfit
Reference Shot Guide
Please understand that I'm not saying all of this to be mean. Providing useful reference images will greatly increase chances of the request being filled.
Also, please SPECIFY whether you want static or dynamic hair. A modder is more likely to take up the request if you specify which one you want. If you say "I don't care" a modder will more than likely ignore your request..

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Jun 5, 2012
The photos should be better than the one I posted in my last request
They're better, but I would encourage you to continue searching. Both of these images are drawn or cropped in a way that excludes part of the hair (beyond the top of the frame, behind the girl's body, etc). The images also show heavy shadowing effects with an inappropriate light source -- SDT uses a light source which is directly above the girl's head, so it's best to find reference images which employ similar geometry. The highlights shown in your first image are good; if you can find a similar image (but using a side-view perspective) then it would probably serve as a good reference for a SDT mod.

Don't limit yourself to fansites or Google searches, though. Try re-watching relevant episodes of the show; if the character is shown in profile then you can pause at the appropriate moment and take a screenshot.

This character's hair is very "fluffy" and her body proportions are different from those of the SDT girl. Therefore it would be a good idea to copy-paste one of your reference images onto a SDT screenshot and then resize it to fit. You can do this in MSPaint, but you'll probably be more successful if you use a more powerful tool (such as Paint.NET). Try to give us a rough visual sketch of how big the hair ought to be. Does it extend halfway down the girl's back, or does it reach below her knees? is it twice as thick as her head, or three times as thick? should the hair be narrowed to match the thinner body of the SDT girl, or should it retain its original proportions? Don't worry about precise cropping; it doesn't matter if some parts of the girl's face (and/or background) from the reference image are shown in your sketch so long as the basic dimensions are comprehensible.

Also: when you find reference images, please remember to host them offsite. If the file is already hosted an a suitable website (such as imgur) then you can simply embed it in your post (using IMG tags). If you've found the file on an imageboard or artist's website (such as DeviantArt) then feel free to provide a hyperlink to the page or item in question. If the image doesn't fit these categories (e.g. because it's a screencap that you've taken from a TV episode, or it's an image downloaded from a blog or wiki page) then you can reupload the file to a suitable imagehost (such as imgur) and embed or link it. Attaching a reference image is discouraged because it wastes space on the Undertow fileserver. We're happy to hold onto original content (such as erotic fiction, videogame mods, fanart, etc) but there's no need to duplicate stuff which already exists elsewhere on the internet.


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Jan 2, 2017
ok so im working on this too, because i really want hair of rose, but i dont know big the SDT hair is supposed to be. This is all i got


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