steven universe

  1. wolsik

    Spinel +Alts (Steven Universe) - Static Hair 1.0

    Your new BEST FRIEND Spinel. Base style, disheveled, future and future alt. Click download and pick! Enjoy.
  2. wolsik

    White Diamond (Steven Universe) - Static Hair 1.0

    Come live with us in the palace! Enjoy
  3. P

    Steven Universe - pink and blue Diamond 2019-09-20

    pink diamond code: Blue diamond code: hairs and yellow diamond code from here
  4. ds14048

    Opal Nude Dynamic Hair 1.0

    Opal Nude Dynamic Hair Opal Nude with Dynamic Hair
  5. ds14048

    Opal Dynamic Costume 1.0

    Opal Dynamic Costume Opal Costume with dynamic hair and lighter skin If you do not like the performance of the dynamic hair try this one. Opal costume static hair
  6. ds14048

    Opal costume static hair 1.0

    Opal costume static hair
  7. ds14048

    Lapis Lazuli Him Nude 1.0

    Lapis Lazuli Him Nude Lapis Lazuli Him Nude Male Replacer More pics can be found here, Loader Imports ds14048
  8. ds14048

    Lapis Lazuli static 1.0

    My static hair for Lapis Lazuli
  9. Myredhulk

    Steven Universe - Yellow Diamond (Static Hair)

    First hair mod where I tried to do shading, which took an extra 45 minutes to total 1hr 30min. God, I really hate having to make this stuff, It just takes so long.
  10. ds14048

    Peridot 1.0

    My first release of my newest mod. I may revise it some later. So here is our favorite Dorito shaped deepthroater. Peridot (specifically Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG) ModTypes.TOP; ModTypes.BOTTOMS; Boolean = false; And she is breast slider adjustable. The Peridot hair in the pictures are not mine...
  11. ds14048

    Lapis Lazuli 1.0

    This is my Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe. ModTypes.TOP; ModTypes.BOTTOMS; Boolean = false; And she is breast slider adjustable. The Lapis hair in the pictures are not mine . The Lapis hair in the pictures is not included in this mod. Here is the link to the hair. Hair by sonic. sonic hair...
  12. G

    Steven Universe Lapis Lazuli

    So I was browsing Rule34 and found this SDT still image: I have to know, is this an actual download or just a mock up or something? I can't find anything exactly like it here. If not can someone make it an available download? By the looks of it, it shouldn't be much work.
  13. S

    Rose Quartz from Steven Universe

    Yo, can someone make a Rose Quartz hair mod for SDT? here is a reference photo
  14. G

    SU OC: Pyrite

    So I have an SU OC named Pyrite and I have some good reference sheets of her below, which includes a profile headshot. It doesn't have a direct full side view of her dress though. Would it still be possible? As a follow up, there's a reference for the cube shaped jewel on her chest from the...
  15. metaleroda

    pearl static hair 2017-12-09

  16. metaleroda

    lapis lazuli static hair 2017-12-09

  17. metaleroda

    peridot static hair 2017-12-09

  18. metaleroda

    garnet static hair 2017-12-09

  19. K

    Steven Universe - Holly Blue Agate 2017-07-22

    Since there's very little Steven Universe content for sdt, I decided to contribute one of my favorite characters from the show
  20. ClubCheesy

    Steven Universe - Sapphire 2017-07-09

    Its not good...