Revealing Ahon Kirus Armor


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so i've been experimenting with black desert.
i've found that you can remove part of armor by just deleting some of the part in texture file (image).
so here's, my first experiment, since no one making lewd version of this armor. (i dont know if theres one :O)
What i do just deleting some part and editing the edge of cutted part.
dont expect too much, just some newbie experimenting :O


The texture file is in attached file.
just paste the fle in Pearlabyss\BlackDesert\Paz\files_to_patch\character\texture then install using meta injector.

you need meta injector from resorepless :
Black Desert Online - Resorepless Nude Mod

and also this body from suzu :3
Black Desert Nude Skins & 3D body, Sometimes Nier by Suzu


Another version of this :



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