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Resident Evil 5 Chris lmt Melee new!

Discussion in 'Adult Mods (Archive)' started by xellos49698, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Apr 26, 2012
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    Resident Evil 5 Chris lmt Melee new!

    Chris lmt Melee new.png

    Updated: All thanks to wilsonso Resident Evil 5 LMT Tool. (And many other modders)

    You can find the tool here
    Resident Evil 4 & 5 PC -> Lmt Tool V2.0


    Now, with the tool, this mod is rather moot, but I was surprised by how many people download my Sheva lmt mod, so I thought there might be some players who would prefer a Chris Version with no glitches so....
    Chris's new melee moves are

    Hammer Blow (head melee) Josh
    One Arm Backhand (arm melee) Josh
    Elbow Thrust (leg melee) Wesker
    Heel stomp (Melee on ground) Excella
    Ghost Butterfly (leg melee back) Wesker
    Mustang Kick (arm melee back) Wesker
    Back Hand

    Go to CAPCOM -> RESIDENT EVIL 5 -> NATIVEPC -> IMAGE -> ARCHIVE -> And Copy the files from the Chris mod of your choice.

    Download Links:

    Chris lmt Melee new! BSAA: View attachment Chris lmt Melee new! BSAA.7z

    Chris lmt Melee new! Safari: View attachment Chris lmt Melee new! Safari.7z

    Chris lmt Melee new! Stars: View attachment Chris lmt Melee new! Stars.7z

    Chris lmt Melee new! Road Warrior: View attachment Chris lmt Melee new! Road Warrior.7z

    Side Note: Now I am not a modder, but if you prefer to use a different version of Chris costume it is very easy to update any Chris costume to this melee skill set.

    All you need to do is download ARC TOOL Here

    LINK: http://gamevixenzone.ryonani.com/tools-utilities-19/resident-evil-5-arc-tool-29/

    Now open up ARC tool and extract the model folder to your desktop. For Example: uPl00ChrisCos1

    Go to pawn -> pl -> pl00 -> motion and replace the pl00action.lmt file with the one I included.

    Then use Arc Tool to Repack uPl00ChrisCos1 and when prompted rename it uPl00ChrisCos1
    It is that simple.)

    Please do not upload this to other site besides GVZ.

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