1. R

    Ballerina Tutu/Skirt/Dress Request

    Well, since my first request got ditched, i am back, but this time with pure gold. I just really want a ballerina, that's all. Just, keep in mind that the skirt/dress is sheer/translucent, and short. Now comes the gold- reference for dress reference for tutu 1 reference for tutu 2 reference for...
  2. R

    Chiffon Ballet Skirt Request

    Honestly, any ballet skirt will do as long as it's short and translucent. Here are a bunch of them -
  3. Perdition

    Ms. Wasp Wings 2019-04-06

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Ms. Wasp' mod, this mod isolates the wings and makes them RGB adjustable. Uses the bra slot and secondary RGB slider.
  4. K

    Faora Broken Helmet w/ Shield 1.0

  5. K

    Faora Helmet w/ Shield 1.0

  6. M

    Nymph Wings 2.0

  7. timmyc

    [DOA5LR] [Kokoro] See-through police uniform

    This time it's an outfit for Kokoro to test the waters. She appears to be one of the least modded characters (actually it seems to me that only Kasumi and Marie are popular, lol) A while ago, transparency effect on clothing was the next big thing, and I made this outfit as part of an...
  8. timmyc

    [DOA5LR] [Leifang] COS 009 2016-01-25

    skin tight see-thru with bra Silhouette and mini skirt - minor clipping issues can be observed, but I think it's not noticeable in action. Use Ink Reshuffle to replace the existing COS_009