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Short description
You need to make mods that replace sounds in the game, add new sounds and add new conditions for playing sounds. I'll provide the sound files.

Boring introduction
I release new voices in my Remastered Super Deepthroat. My abilities are limited, I'm not a code modder, so I won't be able to release versions 2.0, 3.0 etc. The ideas shown below appeared in my mind for a long time, they were discussed with other forum participants. Not everyone agreed with the implementation, but I think it will be easier for modders and users this way. I do not know how to debug ActionScript code, build .swf mods, work with an Adobe Flash project, but I figured out a little about the existing scripts. Therefore, I can give some advice on which part of the code I would like to make changes. I arrange requests in order from simple to complex, from most important to secondary. If someone takes at least one mod, it will already be a good contribution.

Requested mods
1) Replacer
I'm replacing the whole vanilla game SDT.swf now, which is unnecessary. We need to make a mod that contains only new sounds, not the whole game, and replaces these sounds.
See the vanilla script obj/, line 1253, arrays initialized in function initSoundEffects_l(). No need to replace arrays cumInside, cum, grab, rub, intro, splat, lick, touch.
You can replace audio files with the same ones. In my future work, I will replace sounds not in the SDT.swf, but in your replacer.swf. Based on your replacer, I release many replacers with different voices.
Users put them in different folders in Mods folder and add lines to CharacterFolders.txt. Also for each voice I will make a cover thumb.png. So users can turn on the desired voice in the game menu. They will also be able to add different voices to folders of different characters. A replaсer with their favorite voice can be placed in the $INIT$.

2) Extended replacer
The same as in the first paragraph, but with a doubled number of sound files of each type. This does not obviate the need to make the first replacer.
You don't need to change anything else. Functions that select a random sound from an array each time determine the size of this array.

3) Antirepeater
Now in the game, a new sound is selected randomly, but not equal to the previous sound. This is not enough. It is noticeable when the sounds are repeated after one. It is necessary to increase the buffer of past sounds to at least two.
See the vanilla script obj/, lines 603-607:
_loc4_ = Math.floor(Math.random() * this.down.length);
while(_loc4_ == this.lastRandomDown);

It is necessary to add the variable this.last2RandomDown and add the second condition to the while loop. This operation must also be done for other play functions.

4) DisableOpenCough
It is very difficult to find suitable sounds of an open cough. I try to insert other sounds in there, but it turns out badly, it ruins the game. We need a mod that disables open coughing (but leaving full-mouth cough!) .
I didn't understand well how it works, but look at the vanilla script obj/, lines 2361-2377, function openCough_l(). Perhaps you just need to bypass this function, leaving only
public function openCough_l() : void
var _loc1_:Boolean = false;
this.justCoughed = true;

But this function only contains movement, not sound. We must also turn off the sound. See lines 2785-2793, function tickCoughBuild_l() and obj/

5) MoreFrequentCough
I would like to make the full-mouth cough more frequent. It would be nice to make a settings file for this mod so that you can change the time until the next cough.
See the vanilla script obj/, line 2347 in function cough_l():
this.nextCoughTime = Math.floor(Math.random() * 210) + 30;
Constant value 210 must be tunable.

6) HisCumSoundReplacer
The same thing as a extended replacer (with more sounds than the original), but for his sounds.
See the vanilla script obj/, line 1253, arrays initialized in function initSoundEffects_l(). Now we need to replace arrays cumInside and cum only.

7) SexSounds
Add her screams and moans for non-oral sex. This is the most difficult mod, but if done, it will be a bomb. I have great sounds ready for a long time.

Now the sby sby 's animtools has the sounds of several voices for this (aiko, audrey, beli etc.). But the number of these sounds is very small and they are played too rarely and at the wrong time. Moans should be played in sync with his movements, each time he enters. In addition, the sounds should depend on her pleasure and the roughness (speed) of entry.
This should be a mod not for a vanilla game or loader, but for the animtools mod. This can be done by a person who is familiar with sby's script, perhaps sby himself. It is important that after the release of a new version of the animtools, this SexSounds mod does not break.

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