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Ramaya Overboard (Arabian Fight)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Cloister, Jul 24, 2011.

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    Author's Note:
    Let it be said that Arabian Fight (an obscure Sega arcade beat em' up with a middle eastern theme) is not a great game by any stretch, but it does have a playable character by the name of Ramaya who is pretty easy on the eyes. I played though the entirely of this game awhile back. There's a few things you can put Ramaya though such as a body slamming Lizardman... but for this story I focused on the beginning. This is pretty much what happened to me on my first playthrough. It also has some spoilers for the game, if you're concerned about that sort of thing. Oh, and I'm also trying something new with a few pictures to try and add something to the story. Enjoy.


    Ramaya awoke with a start only to find it was still dark out. She had not expected to wake up until their ship reached port, but a loud crash had interrupted her sleep and the swaying of the boat nearly tossed her out of bed. At first she feared they had run aground or hit something at sea... but as she got to her feet she could hear the panicked voices in the hallway. The thump of footsteps sounded above and below her. It sounded like chaos outside her room. As she neared the door, she could make out voices.

    “Pirates! We’ve been boarded by pirates!”

    Pirates? Attacking in the dead of night? This is not good... She thought.

    It was worse than running aground, they were being attacked. As her heartbeat began to quicken, she immediately focused on her duty. She had to find and protect Princess Lurana. Even though she appeared as a beautiful dancer, she was actually part of a royal guard for the princess’ journey across the ocean. She did not waste any time and rushed out of her room into the mess of frantic sailors. Even though the princess’ room was up the hall, she had to push her way through just to get there. She found the door broken open and the room tossed. The princess was nowhere to be found.

    “Oh no...” She muttered.

    Damn! They’ve already been here... I hope she hasn't been hurt...

    There were three others tasked with guarding the princess but she decided there was no time to find them all. The pirates were not wasting time and they were surely taking Lurana to their ship. Ramaya ran to the upper deck. She could hear swords clashing and screaming as fighting broke out all over. The pirates were trying to cover their tracks. As she climbed higher, only a small cabin separated her from the ship’s deck. But as she entered, a mob of pirates were waiting. Ten or so men turned as she took a moment to take up a fighting stance and look over her enemies. It would not be easy. Especially in such a small area. But the princess was in danger.

    “What’s this? There’s a dancer on board?” A pirate cackled.

    “Where is the princess? Return her at once!” Ramaya declared.

    The pirate’s response did not surprise her as they readied their fists and rushed toward her. She launched herself into the crowd with a flip and flying kick. One pirate went down hard as she caught him in the face and did not get back up. It was a good start considering their numbers. As much as she didn’t want to fight them, they blocked the door to the main deck so she had little choice. The gang of pirates were momentarily caught off guard as a dancer in a pink dress lashed out with punches and kicks.

    But Ramaya’s luck did not last as numbers caught up with skill. A pirate slipped behind her as she tossed a man to the ground and grabbed both of her arms. She gasped in surprise as her arms were suddenly wrenched behind her back. It rendered her defenseless to oncoming attacks. And before she could struggle and break free, a barrage of punches landed on her stomach. Each blow made her grunt as she doubled over in pain.

    “Augh! Uagh! Argh! Aaah!”

    Then a right hook caught her in the face and the room flashed and swayed as dizziness set in.

    Enough of this! I have to break free!

    They had her right where they wanted her. Ramaya shook her head, desperate to have her senses back. She could hear the pirates cackling as they took turns punching and kicking her. The next man drew near and she jumped up to wrap her legs around his neck. The pirate holding her arms did not let go and she wrenched her body to the side to bring both men crashing to the ground. The mob of pirates stumbled backwards, and she had her opening to strike back. With a twirl she attacked in every direction with the hope of breaking through.

    I must reach the princess!

    To her relief, it was enough to get to the door and exit to the main deck. That feeling did not last as she found herself facing a larger crowd of pirates. Princess Laurana was in the midst of their mob along with a man wearing a blue turban and an eye patch. She knew it was the pirate leader, and he had the princess’ wrist firmly in his grip.

    “Unhand the princess! I will not ask you again,” Ramaya said, pointing.

    The pirate leader laughed and took a step forward. She could see his left hand was actually a hook. And it was covered in blood.

    “Ha! Is that a demand? We’re the ones who make the demands here!”

    Ramaya watched as the pirate leader made a quick gesture and set his crew on her. Her adrenaline was rushing, but there was far more room to maneuver on the main deck than the small cabin. Her dress might not have provided much protection, but it allowed her to be quick on her feet. She was much faster than the pirates, striking with snap kicks and darting away from danger. The once confident gang of pirates quickly became frustrated and rushed headlong into high kicks and punches to the face. Ramaya felt small relief as their numbers dwindled. She could not fail here, the princess’ safety was depending on her.

    “Useless dogs! Can’t handle the smallest task!” The pirate leader barked.

    “But Captain Shoulder...”

    Ramaya was too busy fending off pirates to notice the pirate leader Shoulder hand off the princess to his men and enter the fight. She was in the process of jumping into a flying kick when a chain wrapped around her neck. Her hands shot up as she was brought to the deck with a brutal yank. Shoulder’s hook hand had a long chain attached to it, and now he had it lassoed around Ramaya’s neck. She gasped for air as she tried to free her neck with no luck. Shoulder gave a hard pull and sent her sliding across the deck into the hands of his men. They wasted no time kicking the graceful dancer while she was down.


    I have to... get this off my neck!

    The pirates did not hold back. Ramaya curled up to defend herself and continued to wrestle with the chain around her neck. It was only a matter of time before she was dragged around the deck again. A foot landed squarely on her chest and sent her rolling over in agony. Her air was running out. Then, as the world began to fade, the chain slid loose and she gasped for sweet oxygen. Even though the pirates used her pony tail, they still got her back on her feet. She knew there was only one way to save the princess at this point. She had to rely on her magic. Hopefully her firestorm would lay waste to the pirates without burning the ship down. The only thing she needed was an opening.

    A punch to the face sent her spinning around, but away from the gang of pirates. She felt the railing of the ship as she caught herself. The fight was really starting to wear on her. Even though she was on her feet and out of the hands of the pirates, she had to take a small moment to center herself. When she turned around, the pirates were waiting for her with cruel smile. Even though she could not hide the pain on her face, she curled her hand into a fist. But she could not throw a punch before one of them wrapped his hands around and lifted her off the deck.

    No! He has me pinned! I can’t-

    Ramaya let out a strained yell as she was given a crushing bear hug. Her arms were pinned and her feet swung uselessly as she arched her back with her head turned toward the sky. Another squeeze made her grit her teeth until she gasped with pain. Another. Her body couldn’t take such punishment. She couldn’t take such punishment. Her breaking point was coming up fast.


    I can’t take much more of this!

    Her eyes began to tear up. Before the next squeeze came she slammed the pirate with a headbutt and felt relief as he let go of her. It was now or never. She had to use her magic. Within her mind she tried to escape the pain and concentrate... but was snapped out of it with a kick to her side.


    The pirates closed in. She tried to take her time, kicking and punching only at the right moments. Then one of them tried to get at her with a wide swing. She flipped backwards out of harms way only to land in the path of an uppercut. In the rush of the battle, she noticed only a second too late and watched helplessly.

    No! Not one more hit! For the princess’ sake!

    Against Ramaya’s prayers, the uppercut connected right in her face knocking her off her feet and flat on her back.

    “Nooooooooo!” Ramaya gasped.

    She hit the deck with a thud as the very last of her strength was knocked out. Captain Shoulder and his pirates surrounded her as she lay on the deck in pain, desperately trying to catch her breath. What followed was the longest twenty seconds her life. She did not know what she was waiting for. A second wind. A burst of strength. Something that would let her get back on her feet. But it didn’t come. All she could hear was the laughter of pirates and Princess Laurana screaming her name.

    “Ramaya! No!”

    Two pirates lifted her off the ground allowing everyone to admire her limp form and labored breathing. She was barely conscious.

    “What do we do with her, captain?” The pirate who administered the final blow, asked. “I could think of a few things.”

    Ramaya felt someone grasp her breast. Within her mind, she recoiled in fear. The grasp turned into a squeeze and soon she was being felt up. She knew pirates had no sense of honor, but she did not expect to be at their mercy. She was helpless to stop them as they fondled her until her breasts turned hard.

    "Uunh." She found herself moaning against her will.

    "Ha ha. I think she likes it!"

    "We have the princess," Captain Shoulder said. "What about the others?"

    Her spirits rose. The others. It would be up to them. They could still save the princess and come to her rescue.

    “We took care of them. Locked them in the hold.”

    Despair set back in. Ramaya had been the last hope and failed. No one could help her now.

    "Good. You can do with her as you want. Just make it quick."


    Ramaya wanted to struggle with all of her might... but she had no strength left to give. One of the pirates drove his knee into her stomach. She folded over forward and landed face first, with her butt hanging in the air. The pirates did not hold back and she felt the full force. They picked her up off the ground and held her so one of them could kick her in the face. Her head snapped backwards from the blow as she screamed in pain. Worst of all, the princess watched from nearby unable to look away.

    "That's for kicking me in the face!"

    "Easy!" One of the pirates growled. "I want to have my way with her!"

    "You don't want that. Who knows where she's been?"

    The pirates decided on a beating as Ramaya endured more punches and kicks. Her bare midriff became a popular target that took the most punishment. It was not long until she felt sick. She was beyond her limit.

    "...please... enough..." Ramaya moaned.

    "Looks like she's had enough." A pirate laughed.

    "She should have thought of that before putting up a fight!"

    A hard punch landed in her gut making her wretch hard. The pirates did not stop until her graceful body was numb with pain and her dress was nearly ruined. She felt like she was slipping away.

    This must be the end... for me...

    But before Ramaya could hold on no longer, the pirates finished taking out their frustration on her. Captain Shoulder was ready to move on.

    “Throw her overboard!”

    One pirate grabbed her legs while the other grabbed her arms. And with a quick toss Ramaya went overboard into the restless seas. Princess Laurana watched helplessly as she was dragged away to the pirate ship.

    Unknowingly, the pirates threw the real Princess Laurana, disguised as a dancer named Ramaya, into the sea and made off with her decoy. The cold ocean hit Laurana as hard as any punch as she entered the water. It restored her senses as she regained consciousness and realized she was now face down in the ocean. Her body erupted with pain as she tried to swim to the surface for a breath of air. Every movement was a losing battle, but somehow she broke the waves and found a piece of driftwood to hold onto. Her body was choked with pain and her mind was wracked with despair.

    Princess Laurana was stubborn and would not abandon any of her people to pirates or thieves. She wanted to save Ramaya, the loyal servant who acted as her decoy. Instead things had gone badly, the pirate ship and her chance at redemption was slowly disappearing over the horizon. She did not have the strength to climb back on her boat and the ocean was carrying her away.

    Everyone... forgive me... I’ll find someway to make this right...

    Laurana shivered. Her revealing dancer’s outfit was no comfort in the cold ocean.
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  2. mm_mml

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    Nov 30, 2010
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    Nice story and pictures, a bit disappointed that they threw her overboard so fast though.
  3. Cloister

    Cloister Guest

    Thanks for the comment. Although, nothing is set in stone and I'm open to suggestions. What did you have in mind? I'm always looking to improve things.
  4. mm_mml

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    Nov 30, 2010
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    I would've liked the story to have been longer. Maybe more beatings/torture or rape. But its good even without it.
  5. dyne9

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    Aug 8, 2010
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    I respectfully disagree. It was decent in length to me, and served it's purpose. Regardless, I think we can agree that this was damn good.

    BTW, dude, it says she was knocked on to her back with an uppercut, but the pic has her belly down. Pardon my nipticking, I really did love this. No unnecessary explicit rape, a determined heroine, quality writing and a satisfying end that could pull a sequel. Possible with some chicks (Just sayin...^_^) getting it in with our heroine. Great job, Cloister.
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  6. mm_mml

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    Definitely, agree with that. :meaw:
  7. Cloister

    Cloister Guest

    Yeah, I even wrote this after I took the screenshots. When you get a game over with Ramaya, she does a spin move as she falls toward the camera. But I prefer face up rather than face down so I decided to stick with the story than the picture. You get the idea anyway. Thanks for the review.
  8. dyne9

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    Aug 8, 2010
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    You asked if there was anything in particular that you could try for the next chapter. My vote goes to Princess Laurana washing up on a shore close to a town somewhere, and running into a group of violent sadistic females for her next challenge. And that they're incredibly flexible, graceful, etc. I guess you fill in the blanks, but I find the gist of that idea hot. Maybe make them barefoot too, but at this point, I might as well be making a commission. ^_^
  9. Cloister

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    Heh, sounds like a great idea. I'll see what I can come up with.
  10. Cloister

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    Author's Note:
    I don't know how I feel about this one. I tried a little bit of everything from reader suggestions to working in some pictures I found on the internet. It could be a little rough. The pictures aren't mine, so I linked the source for them if you're interested or want to go searching for things. Also, just so you know, there is no group in Arabian Fight called "Sisters of the Black Sand." I just made them up to torture Ramaya (Laurana) for awhile.

    But the snake woman is actually in the game. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any constriction attacks that take advantage of her half-woman, half-snake design. At least none I've seen. She just tries to shoot you with a bow and arrow. Enjoy, hopefully.

    Princess Laurana slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a tiny shack. She was laying down with a blanket covering her body. It was a huge improvement from the freezing ocean waves. She sat up to find her body was stiff, but doing much better since the pirate attack. The only problem was her right side under her arm, it was still very sore and hurt to the touch.

    I’m alive... I wonder how I ended up here?

    She was about to try and stand up when the door to the shack opened up. Immediately she readied herself for a fight only to find an old fisherman in a turban enter. He smiled and sat down across from her.

    “I’m glad you’re awake. It’s not everyday people wash up on shore still breathing.”

    “Yes...” Laurana decided to keep her disguise as a dancer. “My name is Ramaya. Did you bring me here?”

    The fisherman nodded.

    “Thank you. My ship was attacked by pirates and I was tossed overboard.”

    “Pirates eh? You’re lucky then. They’ve been raiding ships left and right around these parts. Looking for someone, I believe.”

    Looking for me, of course.

    Laurana stood up and was relieved to find it was not a complete struggle. It was not easy. She was a far cry from perfect health and a further from fighting fit. The fisherman was quick to offer her a shoulder to lean on.

    “Excuse me. Where am I? Is there a town nearby?” She asked.

    The fisherman helped her outside where his one room shack was on the shoreline. A few steps away was the beach and the ocean. Everything sparkled under the bright sun.

    “There’s a town just up the beach. You can’t miss it... but...” The old man hesitated.


    “It’s not a safe place. They have a port... but there’s a gang too. If you don’t have money to spare, they’re going to give you trouble.”

    Great. More thugs. But I can’t lose any more time than I already have.

    Laurana had decided awhile ago to pursue the pirates. If they discovered the servant they kidnapped was not actually the princess, they would certainly kill her and come back. She moved away from the fisherman to see if she could walk on her own power. It proved to be easier than she feared. Hopefully by the time she reached the town she would be in better shape.

    “Thank you for your kindness. But I must be going.”

    She moved in the direction of the town. The fisherman shook his head.

    “I really wouldn’t go that way...”

    “Don’t worry. I can take care of myself.”

    “Be careful then. I wish I had money to give you.”

    What a kind old man. A princess thanks you.

    The walk up the shoreline was as refreshing as Laurana hoped. In no time at all she felt like she could move again. She eased herself into front flips and high kicks until she was comfortable with her movements. If the old man was right, she would need all her skills in case there was trouble. She still didn’t know where she was exactly, but the port town would be a good place to find out.

    I hope the others are okay. At least they still have a ship.

    After her long walk she came across the town the old man spoke of. It was a moderately sized port with ships in dock and a cluster of stone buildings hugging the coast. It didn’t look like a place overrun with gangs, however. There was no turning back now. She took a deep breath and headed into town. Unsurprisingly her revealing dancer’s outfit attracted plenty of glances from the locals. Men hanging out along the sides of the street watched as she went past. Luckily none of them approached her. Glances she could deal with, but she wasn’t in a hurry to get in a fight.

    Laurana found the main street leading from the docks to the road out of town. A few merchants were set up along the way and she figured it was a good place to start asking around. The friendlier people mentioned pirates that had recently passed through with a woman in tow. Anyone who remembered faces described Captain Shoulder and the disguised servant perfectly. She was on the right track. Even better still, the other members of the royal guard had passed through in pursuit. With any luck she could catch up with them.

    “Which way did they go?” She asked a rounded merchant.

    “Toward the desert. Who knows where?”

    Before she could ask another question, the street was swept up in motion. People made themselves scarce as they darted out of view. The merchant Laurana was talking to abruptly left without another word. It did not take her long to see why. A trio of barefoot women in black robes walked up to her. Their faces were hidden, only their eyes could be made out.

    They do not look friendly... is this the gang the old man was talking about? A gang of women?

    Laurana prepared herself for anything.

    “Look, sisters. A new face.”

    “A dancer from the looks of it.” One of the women crossed her arms. “You must be lost.”

    “Please,” Laurana said. “I am just passing through.”

    “Those who pass through our territory must pay for the privilege.”

    “I do not have any money.”

    The women in the black robes laughed.

    “No one does. At first. I’m sure if we punished you enough you will remember very quickly.”

    “And if not, your cries of agony will be good enough.”

    Laurana went into a fighting stance. It made the three women pause.

    “Ha! She wants to challenge the Sisters of the Black Sand!”

    The three barefoot women advanced and attacked in unison. Laurana was only able to block a high kick before the other two rolled forward and kicked her midsection. They way they flexed their bodies for their attacks almost didn’t seem natural.

    “Urngh!” She gasped.

    The combined strike sent her flying backwards into the merchant’s stand where she brought the wooden display crashing down on top of her. The three women let out a cruel laugh. Despite the blow, Laurana had the strength to stand. It would have been a different story if one of them hit her side. She had to be careful. These Sisters of the Black Sand might have been toying with her, but they were strong. She went on the offensive with a twirling motion and lashed out with a straight punch. She knocked one of the Sisters back and took on the other two with a snap kick. In no time at all they were right back on her. Their speed was blinding, and their graceful movements did not give her a lot of room to intercept them. The three all lay into Laurana with a carefully timed kick.

    “No!” She screamed.

    The end result sent her spinning through the air until hitting the ground face first. She hardly understood what happened.

    They’re so fast... and their kicks are brutal...

    She pushed herself off the ground just in time to receive a drop kick to the chest that knocked her across the street. At that distance she had enough time to get up and decided on defense. The Sisters tried to surround her. They closed in for another coordinated attack. This time Laurana ducked low with a sweep attack and knocked them all to the ground. She broke out of the circle and readied herself in a fighting stance.

    If I can catch them, I can bring them down.

    The three Sisters angrily got back on their feet.

    “So, this one has some fight in her.”

    “Then let us not deprive the others of this opportunity.”

    One of the women removed her mask just long enough to make a shrill whistle. Laurana felt her morale drop as more barefoot women in black robes emerged from alleyways and jumped down from rooftops. There were far more Sisters of the Black Sand than she was prepared to deal with. Retreat began to sound in her mind. She could not take them all on all by herself.

    I have to find make an opening... and get out of here!

    To her dismay, the Sisters rushed her at once. One came in with a slide kick that almost knocked Laurana off her balance. While she stumbled, another one came in to slam her in the back. Another caught her in the stomach. It was a parade of quick, painful strikes one after another.

    “Aaaah! Haaaah!” Laurana cried.

    Her pain was met with sadistic laughter as the Sisters took turns kicking her into submission. Finally Laurana broke out of the chain and blocked an attack just in time to roll out of the way. She struck back with a clean punch to the face and flipped over one of the women in black into a throw. Her attackers had a rhythm and she was finally picking up on it. Slowly, she made her way toward the road out of town. Surely the Sisters of the Black Sand wouldn’t pursue her out into the desert.

    Almost there...

    Then one of the Sisters’ attacks found its way to her vulnerable side. The failed battle with the pirates came back to haunt her. In an instant, her body sized up with pain as she came to a dead stop in the road. She could not hide the excruciating expression on her face as she clutched her sore spot and bent over. The Sisters picked up on it in an instant and struck again in the same spot.

    “AAAAAH!” Laurana screamed at the top of her lungs.

    Another attack landed. She struggled against the overwhelming urge to collapse. Her legs felt like rubber. Then she was victim to a double attack as the Sisters hit her on both sides at once. It was too much. She fell to her knees and let out a long groan of pain.

    “Ah... ha... ahh....” Laurana panted.

    A Sister caught hold of her arm. She watched helplessly as the woman flipped around and threw her straight into the ground. They were not above grappling as she painfully discovered. The impact with the dirt street was hard enough to muffle her scream.


    She managed to roll onto her back. But it proved to be too much as she lay helplessly on the ground. The only thing she could do was try to catch her breath.

    Damn! They hit me right in my sore spot... Damn!

    “How should we finish this coward?”


    “We should break her. Slowly.”

    Laurana was too exhausted to act as the Sisters closed in on her. Suddenly she felt legs wrap around her neck and squeeze. Her own legs were next as they became locked in an agonizing position and crushed for all their worth. She was trapped between two of the Sisters’ suffocating attacks. They would not stop until something in her snapped.

    “Aaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!” Laurana choked out.

    No... I won’t let them.

    “Just a little longer and she’ll be finished...”

    I have come too far... I will not lose...

    Laurana did not let them get any further as she somehow broke free and forced herself off the ground. The second wind caught even the Sisters of the Black Sand off guard. She used the opportunity to focus her thoughts and let loose with fire magic. The street lit up with sweeping wall of flame. The Sisters scattered... but many of their robes were set on fire as they ran. The way out of town was clear and Laurana did not waste any time. She stumbled as fast as she could until a stinging sensation erupted in her right leg. An arrow had made its mark. She looked to the rooftops to find one of the Sisters with a bow and arrow. Her body became a lead weight.

    No! Is this poison?

    No matter how she pushed, she eventually collapsed a short distance from freedom.

    “The dancer knows magic?” A voice sounded in the distance. “What now?”

    “We take her to the leader.”

    The arrow’s poison made it hard to stay conscious as she drifted back and forth. The Sisters of the Black Sand dragged her to a run down building on the edge of town. Inside she found a woman in a red robe in a well decorated meeting room. The others bowed down in respect to their leader.

    “This woman knows magic. She used it on us when we tried to collect.”

    “You have done well, Sisters,” the woman in red said. “Leave her here. I will take care of the magic user.”

    Laurana could not overcome the poison. Even as she was left sprawled out on the floor, she could not move an inch. The leader of the Sisters approached with a deep laugh.

    “A mere dancer who knows magic? I think not.”

    Shadows covered the room as the woman in red disappeared into a silhouette. Laurana watched in horror as the leader of the Sisters transformed into a monster. Her upper body was a woman with a sadistic smile, while her lower body was a snake’s tail. The green skin made her terrible red eyes impossible to look away from.

    She’s... she’s not human! Are they all monsters?

    “No... You are no peasant. You smell of royalty...”

    The snake woman coiled around Laurana’s body starting at her torso and ending around her neck.

    “Aaaa.... aaah...” She whimpered helplessly.

    “Could you be the princess those pirates were so keen on kidnapping? They will be so disappointed to realize they have the wrong girl. Heh.”

    The monster grabbed her hair and licked her lips.

    “You will be a tasty treat. I will be much stronger after consuming your power... princess...”

    Laurana felt the snake woman constrict her tightly. She was weaker than ever and pinned in the grips of a monster. It was hard to breathe. For once, she had no idea how she was going to escape. As futile as it was, she kept struggling. The snake woman seemed to enjoy her resistance.

    “Cry for help, princess. I do enjoy those final words.”

    If this is the end... I will not give in... I wish everyone good luck...
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    Beautiful. Grand. I. F***ING OWE YA ONE.