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Discussion in 'Loader Requests' started by aztlan, May 5, 2016.

  1. aztlan

    aztlan Swell Supporter

    Sep 14, 2013
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    Is there a mod that has HER retching?

    An idea might be to make it dependent on how much cum she has swallowed (or is in here mouth). Just a little and she gags or starts to retch. If it's a lot she pukes up cum...
  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    sby's breastExpPlus mod can do puking. IIRC it is related to the amount of cum ingested. Cum ingestion isn't actually tracked by the core game (it just ceases to exist when swallowed), so the ingestion/capacity variables were all added by sby's mod. As such, it would be somewhat tricky for a new mod (or advanced dialog) to interact with the cum ingestion features. Not impossible, just a bit more difficult than usual (and requiring more careful testing).

    Anyways... download the mod and poke around with the settings file. There are a LOT of options. You should be able to deactivate the body inflation/expansion stuff if you aren't into it, while still retaining the swallow/puke features.


    There are retching SFX included in the game, but a quick inspection suggests that they aren't actually used (ie. there's no core game mechanic which would ever trigger the sound file to be played). I don't see any animation details (e.g. sharp abdominal contraction) which would normally be associated with vomiting, so I'll tentatively conclude that retching is a feature left unfinished by @Konashion. Since SDT doesn't focus heavily on internal anatomy, I would guess that the retching SFX would have been associated with deep peneration and gag reflex (rather than actual vomiting).

    I think that @sby created the visuals for his vomiting stuff by taking the "penis in throat" bulge effect and then playing it backwards. The actual fluid-generation is just a reuse of the "cum dripping out of mouth" core feature (if you're hoping for a custom "bile" texture then you'll probably need to draw it yourself).

    I think that I've seen retching in one of the advanced dialogues -- as a triggered event within a narrative. But the memory is very vague. Poke around with a few of them and you might find something that fits your requirements.


    Once you've looked through all of that stuff, could you update this thread with a description of any features that are still unfulfilled (and/or "missing links" between existing elements which would need to be implemented by a new Loader mod)? Or - if you're satisfied with what you've found - just let me know and we'll consider this request complete.

    If you want to be really helpful, then you could also include a few hyperlinks, for the benefit of any future retching-enthusiasts who discover this thread.
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