Prime Directive - Melody Sky


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Dec 27, 2017

By now its clear what the name of game is. You have to guess what cards your opponents are holding, and at the same time prevent them from figuring out what you've got. Now, it seems to me that people with x-ray vision and super hearing would make much better spies than ordinary humans. Not only can Novans eavesdrop on our private conversations with complete impunity, but they can even see our passwords whenever we type them into our devices. And, it would be real easy to follow suspects without them knowing it, if you could fly out of sight a mile or so over their heads.

Given that the Novans have been watching us for years, it doesn't follow logically that Supernova Prime (the one in charge of the planet) should be acting like she's totally clueless. I might add that since the Novans are technically more advanced than humans (they have the power to travel light years across the galaxy, and we can't even leave our own solar system) its obvious that they know more than we do. So, whoever wrote this story didn't give it enough thought. Butt, on the plus side, Melody Sky is definitely my type. Now there's a girl whose done her work in the gym!

This is the so-called Girl Power version, where the superheroine wins.

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Jul 1, 2018
The actress also appears for a few minutes in this vid:

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