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    Marvelous - Mia Malkova

    Trailer thv1.uloz.to/4/4/3/4430b2f55242b70a4f791f83c8b1a525.720.mp4 The mighty defender of justice can talk, but she does not have the willpower to fight the compelling depravation that completely subdues her and strips her of all virtue. Disillusioned, another bogus icon of freedom finally...
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    The Protectors: Double Trouble 4 - Samantha Bogach, Tiffany Chase

    Superego Girl is little more than Libido Man's mindless puppet. Now, he's re-programming her to perform the very immoral tasks she had been trying to prevent. For Libido man's plan to work, however, his new lapdog must learn to torture and kill of her own volition. Mp4 (720p, 4 Mbps) 26:08...
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    Bulge's Battle - Tiffany Chase

    "Every time it gets out that my body absorbs punishment, little scanks like you come crawling through the woodwork. You want a piece of the big dog? Ruff! You think you can hurt me?" Her larger, stronger adversary seems completely immune to physical abuse, butt Alexa isn't. And, the Bulge is...
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    Agony - Amber McAlester, Belle Fatale

    Trailer thv1.uloz.to/1/7/1/1715f29435986a48cc244578138e0a2e.720.mp4 Sunder is normally impervious to pain, but this time the champion of justice is in for quite a shock. Her arch enemy, Agony, is armed with kryptonite charged weapons. And, knowing where Sunder is most vulnerable, the evil...
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    Chained - New upcoming series from Kristina Hess

    “Chained” – Upcoming Series from Kristina Hess – Heroine Movies From the creators that made A Live-Action Comic Book Site Based on Sexy Superheroines! comes a new series. Some clarification on what content to expect from Kristina in the comments section at heroinemovies, 'Our series is...
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