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*Petal Contest* Tales of Petal: Side J

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Akumart, Aug 31, 2016.

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    Side J: Crocus

    A lone Petal sat upon the stairwell of an emergency fire exit of Bai Bi’s main building. Her eyes were closed as she pressed her ear gently against her smartphone, listening in to the words of her father over the phone.

    “I’ve heard you’ve won the first prize in your school’s Taekwondo competition, beating even your school’s number one ace! She’s that Remilia kid, right? Tokimiya’s daughter?” She could hear her father’s amused laughter then. “You don’t know how proud your mother and I am of you, Joyeuse.” She could recall how she didn’t like how her father always fancied using her full name, but it didn’t matter at this point. “Well, maybe just me. Your mother wasn’t really too much happy when she learned you’re fighting against people there in school—even if it’s for sport. Nah, what am I saying… I’m sure deep down she’s so happy for your victory, Joyuse. Especially since you’ve walked out of it with your face still looking pretty!” She gave a slight sigh as her father began laughing once more. “But I won’t get tired of saying this again and again, Joy… You’ve made me and your mother so proud of you… striking with your own dreams and pursuing what you really want in life. I’m sure if your grandfather is still here, he’d treat you to another gigantic feast like he did back then. Your actions truly make all of us Joestars proud!” A tear fell upon the smartphone’s screen as the Petal’s father spoke on. “Heh, maybe I should also start calling you by our family nickname as well… I’m sure you’ve all too well deserved your nickname. Just remember that your mom and I will always love and support you, Jojo.”

    The Petal turned off the voice playback on her smartphone before it looped again, feeling that she wouldn’t be able to take hearing that once more, not because she found it annoying… but she had to stop herself from crying. She took a deep breath and wiped her reddened eyes, standing up from the steps and hid her smartphone inside her satchel. She dusted her delicate training qipao, finding the clothes as annoying as they could be as it hindered her movements considerably and its skirt is short enough to give everyone a clear peek at her underwear whenever she threw a kick. A light groan escaped her lips as she recalled the words of her mentor with regards to the skirt issue.

    “Petals are trained to perfection in the arts of combat, espionage, seduction and deception… all facets of that training should be honed without fail. That is what separates us Petals from the common rabble who swarms this city…” The Petal combat instructor Fei Feng Wei told her one time during their training sessions with the other Petals, when Jojo voiced her concern about the ridiculously short skirt that they were made to wear.

    “Guh, she says that but she’s wearing pants.” She gave a light groan, walking up the stairs, letting her hand trace against the railing of the emergency stairwell. Something that always impressed her with this place was that no matter how rarely people use the stairwell… it’s always kept pristine and spotless. Her train of thought was stopped outright as she heard a door open up in the lower floor of the stairwell, pretty much saying that someone made their way in. The fire alarm wasn’t ringing, so there’s no other reason for people to be in there unless they were either going to hang out like what Jojo was doing, or they were up to no good.

    She glanced down the stairs, the space within the stairwell considerably large and surprisingly well made. The owner of this building made no short notice on minor details when this large building was made. Her eyes came upon three Petal trainees entering the stairwell from a lower floor, and by the looks of it—they seemed to be out looking for someone, one that Jojo knew all too well. If Jojo remembered correctly, she beat up one of their friends back then in a sparring match due to the said friend bragging about being the next Petal Lang or Hui in the ranks. For her, isn’t anything better than shoving an overconfident idiot’s face against the hard, cold mat.

    “There she is!” One of the Petal trainees glanced upwards, meeting Jojo’s gaze—the latter giving a slight wave to the crimson clad Petal trainee. Petal trainees, in contrast to fully fledged Petals that donned elegant and silken qipaos, wore more rigorous and more training appropriate clothes that were far more comfortable to wear—but nonetheless seductively short. Jojo gave a slight smirk at the sight of the three, confident enough that she could take these three idiots clean off the mat…even in a stairwell. “So here I am~ What business do you have with me?” She said confidently, slowly descending the steps to meet the other Petal trainees midway. She loosened the strap of her satchel, undoing it from the main bag… then hooked one end of it against the railings of the staircase… doing so in a subtle manner. The three Petal trainees walked upwards as well, not intending to back out and intended meet the roguish trainee. “Do you think this is a good idea, Lenka?” One of the trainees asked the girl that was leading them. “Of course it is.” The lead trainee replied with a haughty tone, brushing up her hair. “I’m a lot stronger than that freak of nature, you know. I already mastered my use of Chi-Shield.” The Petal Trainee named Lenka said with a confident smile upon her face, giving a firm nod as if to confirm her firm belief and self confidence. Lenka brushed up her golden blonde hair, making it flow against the limited wind within the staircase… as her group met up with the lone trainee.

    Several audible footsteps were heard from the staircase… one side ascending while the other descended to meet each other halfway. Jojo traced her finger against the stairs’ railing, her eyes never leaving the three, knowing all too well that they were not above using trickery and reckless attacks against her--- nor was she to them. For a Petal… anything goes, may it be honourable or underhanded—as long as it gets the job done…. Good luck with monthly assessment though.

    “So… where does this leave us?” Jojo spoke first, coming in face to face with Lenka and her group between the stairs going up and down… a considerable space between the two stairs that lead towards the building’s 13th floor—or specifically… the second parking space available only for the brass of Bai Bi… a exclusive parking space of the sorts. Lenka brushed her hair upwards and shook her head. “There would only be one ending for this, you know. Jojo.” She said with a haughty and confident tone, a small and elegant smile upon her face as she crossed her arms around her chest—her sky blue eyes looking upon Jojo’s crimson hues. She then pointed epicly towards Jojo, declaring her intentions in an over the top manner. “I shall see you in a hospital bed due to your transgressions against our friend! You will share her humiliation a thousand fold, Jojo!” She exclaimed loudly then cleared her throat, as if regaining her composure. “Hmm, be honoured that you heard me exclaim in such an unladylike manner.” She said, with a firm nod… both of her friends getting infront of Lenka, both seemingly prepared to fight for her without question or hesitation.

    Jojo looked at the three, the smile from her face fading already—not because she was afraid of them… but she knew all too well that the time for playing around is done and she had to focus to win. She sighed lowly then shook her head, looking at the three then placed her hands upon her hips. “Three against one seems hardly fair—for you guys, ya should have brought more~” She remarked, hoping it would rally up the three to charge at her haphazardly, playing around with their less than fortified tempers. Lenka did not appreciate that remark then pointed forwards to Jojo. “Go brutalize her and make her cry like a baby~” She ordered her two ‘friends’ and with that, they charged in ahead of Lenka.

    Sidekicks they may seem, they were no simple pushovers as the two were also trained extensively in martial arts by the Petals themselves, as their actions would prove. Jojo moved back towards the stairs, trying to make distance and space between the three of them, not intending to be swarmed by the two. Lenka’s eyes sparkled for a moment, seeing an opening in Jojo’s actions. “Marie, to her right. Kousaka, straight forward!” Lenka said in a commandeering tone, pointing forwards and coordinating her ‘friends’. Marie, the smaller yet quicker of the three smiled a bit as the command was given, a bit happy herself that Lenka would actually lead them—rather than just walking off and letting them handle everything themselves. She shrugged off the thought for now and moved to Jojo’s right side, jumping up towards the wall and running across it with relative ease. She took a deep breath, taking in air within her system and activated her chi abilities, allowing for some traction against the wall as she ran through it in full speed. Kousaka narrowed her eyes, silently looking upon Jojo and knew that this one was a formidable foe—having watched carefully all of her current opponent’s battles and training closely. She believed that her skills in the assassination arts would be too much if she used it against her, especially since what they were doing was merely to satisfy Lenka’s whims.

    Jojo immediately moved to avoid getting ganged up by the two, jumping upwards to the higher steps of the stairs behind her, creating distance between her and Kousaka, focusing on the faster and, to her opinion, the deadlier of the two. She immediately assumed her stance, one that resembled the basic stances of Muay Thai, raising one knee upwards while standing on one foot… both arms close to her body and face for quick guarding and jabs to the enemy. Kousaka followed suit, rushing up the stairs and keeping close attention to Jojo’s legs… knowing that the girl favoured devastating kicks rather than quick punching. The Petal trainee attempted to lash out her hands towards Jojo’s supporting leg, intent to trip her forward. She expected that her opponent would come in and attempt to kick her or jump away… but to Kousaka’s surprise, Jojo used their close distance together and merely stepped on Kousaka’s shoulder, using her as a platform of the sorts and leapt up towards Marie who was in mid-charge. “Hehe, gotcha!” She exclaimed loudly, leaping up towards Marie and intended to intercept her approach with a flying knee to the stomach. Kousaka’s eyes glinted for a moment and she quickly grabbed on unto Jojo’s heel as she turned around sharply, pulling down the other Petal Trainee to the ground and attempted to smack Jojo’s face hard upon the stairwell concrete. “Shit!” Jojo prevented her own face from kissing the concrete by blocking her arms infront of her head, but then a sudden twist of her ankle forced Jojo on her back, just enough time for her to see Marie’s feet, thighs and of course… underwear as the girl intended to stomp on her face using both of her feet. Jojo quickly moved her head to the side, narrowly dodging the deadly feet of head crushing from Marie. “Ah, missed!” Marie exclaimed, trying to raise her foot upwards and stomp on Jojo again, but a quick and strong push from her opponent saw Marie stumbling backwards, only to be caught by Lenka. “Get off me!” Jojo exclaimed, snapping her free leg upwards, hitting Kousaka straight in the chin with a kick and stunned her momentarily. “Okay, don’t underestimate these two.” She remarked, pushing off the ground and getting back on her feet with a kip-up. She took a deep breath then quickly ducked down upon the ground, dodging another of Marie’s high head shattering kicks. Despite being smaller and weaker… her high aptitude for using her Chi abilities makes her a formidable threat nonetheless. Jojo quickly turned around then swept Marie off her feet, literally, forcing her to drop on the ground on her back. “Awawa!” Marie cried out, flailing her arms around as she dropped on the ground. Kousaka rushed towards Jojo in full speed, intent to cover for her friend and prevent their opponent from hurting her any further. “I see.” Jojo’s eyes sparkled at the revelation of Kousaka’s movements, remembering how protective the Petal trainee was to her companion, especially back then during when they were training—now is a good time to exploit it.

    Jojo leapt back and stepped on the side railing of the stairs using both feet, crouching expertly to balance herself upon it. She intentionally looked down to Marie, her eyes and expression taunting Kousaka that she’ll attack Marie. Kousaka took the bait then rushed towards Jojo and attempted to kick her off the Petal trainee off the railings that she stood upon, taking the initiative rather than letting her attack Marie. “Don’t you dare--!” Kousaka flared out, her leg whipping off towards Jojo at full speed. Lenka’s eyes widened as she saw their opponent holding the satchel strap that she attached on the railing earlier. “Kousaka, don’t!” She exclaimed loudly, knowing all too well that Jojo had something up her sleeve—but it was all too late. Jojo grinned widely, leaning backwards and grabbing upon Kousaka’s arching leg, the impact almost breaking her fingers but just tried to ignore the pain. “Gotcha~” Jojo pulled down Kousaka’s leg against the railing, forcing the Petal trainee towards her and even ‘accidentally’ smacking her crotch against the railing, making Kousaka’s head feel faint and her entire lower torso quiver in pain. Jojo took that opportunity and tied the sturdy satchel strap on Kousaka’s leg and secured it fast… right before pushing Kousaka over the edge, making her fall past the railing and would plummet to her death… had the strap not kept her dangling from the hard, cold ground. Lenka pouted in frustration that one of her strongest ‘friends’ was taken down so easily… but her pout turned into a smile as relief flushed over her, knowing that Marie was still up and active. She watched the two fight it out for a moment, seeing that Marie was indeed faster and more adept in using her Chi abilities than Jojo, one solid hit from Marie would ensure that the idiot would be down for the count. Marie narrowed her eyes in anger, wanting to get to Kousaka to help her up but Jojo was in the way. “Muuuuh, get away from there, Jojo, you bully!” She exclaimed, shooting her hands forward, her fingers extended and wanted to knock Jojo out with her quick and deadly finger strikes. Jojo dodged two and moved away from another two, taking advantage of Marie’s small stature. “You know, if you don’t get to her in time… she’ll pretty much fall off~” Jojo taunted Marie back, striking one of the railings hard with her foot, causing it to bend a bit. “Shit!” Kousaka exclaimed, struggling to get back up but saw that the strap was nearly at breaking point, it’d completely tear off had she moved about more. After blocking back another attack from Marie, the sheer impact of it similar to a bat swung at a quick speed, Jojo glanced backwards, hearing the strap breaking off. “Ah, that’s too much!” She exclaimed, rushing towards Kousaka and caught the strap right before it broke off and allowed the Petal Trainee to fall to her death, they are, after all, still allies in this game. “Marie, help me!” Jojo exclaimed loudly, her expression panicking as she glanced towards Marie, prompting the other Petal trainee to rush to her friend’s aid. Lenka pursed her lips and would have rushed towards the three to help them up… she may be angry and jealous about Jojo—but this was getting too serious.

    “Whoops, I guess my hand slipped~” Jojo said, abandoning Marie with trying to hold Kousaka up then walked towards Lenka, turning her attention away from the Petal trainee in plight. “A-are you serious?!?” Marie said, flaring up but held unto the strap and prevented Kousaka from falling. Jojo wagged her finger at Marie. “You are miss number one Chi user, right? She said casually as she looked down upon the stairs and glanced at Lenka… but spoke to Marie. “Take Laoshi’s lessons and put them to use, channel your Chi to the strap and make it more durable, remember to breathe and concentrate though.” She said with a slight laugh, shaking her head a bit. Marie took deep breaths and forced to channel her Chi against the leather strap, making it several times more durable—but had a hard time doing so due to panicking.

    “My, my… seems like your lackeys couldn’t beat me in a fair fight~” Jojo shrugged, looking down upon Lenka with a condescending smirk upon her face, the boot in the other foot as of the moment. “Ha! I’d hardly call that fair, you cheating idiot!” The blonde haired Petal trainee protested, crossing her arms around her sizable chest defensively, looking up to Jojo. “Besides, my abilities far surpass the two.” She said, taking her opponent more seriously this time, taking a firm and deep breath, channelling her chi within her entire body rather than a focused point… doing so more effectively than Marie could ever muster. Jojo pursed her lips, a quick thought running through her mind at the moment—despite Lenka’s boastful and spoiled as fuck attitude most of the time…. She actually has some bite to back up her incessant barking—her ability to use her Chi abilities already on par with standard Petals. Unlike the other trainees that Jojo beats up every other day—this one is actually a threat… not that it’d deter her anyways.

    “Well, time to get serious then.” Jojo declared, cracking her knuckles she took a deep breath of her own, channelling her chi around her body… making it glow in a faint yellow light as compared to Lenka’s mostly invisible chi flow. “I shall wipe the floor with your face, Joyeuse.” Lenka smiled as she spoke in her usual regal tone…. then wasted no more time speaking and leapt upwards, propelling herself forward with a considerable speed, closing in the distance to Jojo. The other Petal trainee leapt upwards, knowing that her fighting style is quite disadvantageous when she herself has the higher ground. Lenka leaned forward, narrowly avoiding Jojo’s attempt to step on her back to propel herself further forward—as well as staining her pristine qipao. “Tch.” Jojo narrowed her eyes at that, but took note of Lenka’s heightened ability to perceive her enemy’s movements...admittingly, a skill that Jojo envied. She landed upon the stairs then quickly, leapt off once more—narrowly avoiding a follow up kick from Lenka, the Petal trainee’s leg going wide as Jojo rushed towards the door that headed towards the VIP parking lot. “Seeking for more space, Jojo?” Lenka’s eyes narrowed, trying to outwit and outthink her opponent, knowing that this one always had something underneath her sleeve. Nevertheless, she would never allow Jojo to escape her wrath… and thus rushed out to follow her to the VIP parking lot. “Ummm…. Errr… nevermind.” Marie sighed lowly as she tried to keep Kousaka from falling, she intended to ask help from Lenka… but her friend seemed all too fired up for her battle. “Leave her be, Marie.” Kousaka said with a serious tone… even if she was about to plummet to her death. Marie looked down to her with a confused look upon her face. Kousaka glanced to the exit where Jojo and Lenka rushed outwards. “Jojo’s the only one that can match up to Lenka’s ability—and even though she doesn’t mean doing so… Lenka’s always looking for people that can match her aptitude, not because she’s boastful—but she wants to find someone who can understand what having the responsibility of power is like… what it feels like for someone to expect so much of you…” Kousaka said, laughing a bit. “And please don’t drop me…”

    Marie took another deep breath… trying to concentrate as hard as she could and channel her chi through her body and through the strap, making sure it doesn’t break.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -Joyeuse 'Jojo' Joestar

    -All images belong to Akumart/Pucchito, ze.
    -Jojo's Bizzare Adventures' references are intentional, ze.
    -Pics for the other concerned peeps and Jojo's Petal trainee costume will follow, ze.
    -Enjoy the fic, ze~
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