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*Petal Contest* -As the petals fall-

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Baku|Haku, Aug 30, 2016.

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    Chapter 1
    -The bank alarm echoed trough the streets making it clear for everyone what was going on, however it mattered little as the criminals had the entire place under their control. A gang of bandits all of them heavily armed and with special anti bullet armors surrounded the building leaving not even a spot for the police to pass, not even for the casual civilians hungry for glimse of the event or the reporters always on the look out for a new storie. Lucky for them the mere aperance of the perpetrators was more than enough to make a great headline as all of them used lion masks complete with long manes to hide their identities.
    What few police cars managued to get trough the barricade placed by the lion men had been either destroyed by the mere barrague of buller or turned to the side to help aid the barricade of the lion men even further.
    The bank they took control over was no mere bank but the one that held most of the reserves of the Bai Bi corporation on it. It was in no book of course unless you count the shady accountants that knew how much was on the reserve of the bank so once it was lost and expeded that money was as good as gone.
    A small squad of Petals was send in to scout the situation before the more experienced fighters like Lang or Hui got to intervine, the squad of four petals looked from acroos the building rooftop the four of then barely knew what to do on the situation but they were only told to observe and report. The first one still looking out through the vinoculars was Petal Fen, she was flat on her belly to make sure she wasn't seen by the enemy's roof snipers. She whore her hair on the traditional bun single hair bun that the petal's used "Three...Five..At least ten other operatives on the roof, that along side the thirty seven on the floor it makes forty seven in total" Only another girl that was lying down next to her was Petal Nuan using the same qui pao uniform with black stockings along side the chinisse hair buns she looked a little different to the other having her eyebrows always arched looking as if she was mad all the time "So?" said the girl while crossing her arms "Silly men with animal costumes can't be much problem even for four of us" another girl stood up looking the same as her companions only having her long hair on a pony tail tied up by a chinesse bun "That's right! Even if they have weapons our Chi armor can stop them" before she could get cocky a taller girl with her hair on chinesse twin braids grabbed her companion and dragged her down "Petal Ya, we can't do that" she placed her down so near to her almost slamming her "Our orders are to observe and send info to HeadQuarters, that's it" her smaller friend sighted, she made a childish pout and looked at her superior "Shu you are not fun!" she sighted and crossed her arms, the one called Nuan grunted "Ugh, When are we going to see some action, I am bored" Ya raised her arms in frustation "Yeah! Let's have some--" Shu placed her hand on Ya's mouth.
    While this discussion was going on Fen reported her sighthings with a small radio, once she was done with it she placed it on a holdster on her tigh that was supposed to be used for her gun. She looked at the arguing Petal and with an almost monotone voice said "Reported, we need to go back to based" at this time the other two Petals were on top of each other trying to get up while their leader pulled them down. She nodded and the three of them slowly got up as to not allert the enemy.
    As the one named Ya reached the staichase down she turned around and said "Can't we just go for...Watch out!" her warning came in to late, as if the lion mask on it's head gave him the agylity of the beast, one of the guns jumped at the Petals . Shu wasn't quick enough and she got tackled down to the ground quickly, Ya gazed at her defeated leader in awe as her two comadres jumped back on the roof to gain some distance between them and the lion man "W-What?" said Ya still dumbstruck at the event walked backwards. Shu got up with a jump kicking the man on the head while he was gloating on his own glory, both Fen and Nuan did not missed a second and jumped at the man with a knee up hitting him square on the stomach. They turned around only to find more of the lion men surrounding them, however they left an opening with Petal Ya, Shu got up while holding her arm and screamed "Go get help!" Ya walked backwards feeling her lower lip shiver. Shu screamed loudly "Go!" triggering a pavlovian effect on the young Petal making her run. Shu sighed a bit and looked at her companios "You got your fight, happy Nuan?" the woman cracked her knuckles and adopted a traditional kung fu stance with her palms open "I am" Nuan and Fen did the same while glaring at the lion men.
    The first ones to jump were the lion men, with the confidence of overpowering the petals 10 to 3 five of them did not doubt to jump at the beautiful fighters. Shu managued to raise her arms and block some blows aimed to her abdomen but letting some aimed to her head come trough unable to stop them her chi armor absorbed most of the damague but it was still five men agaist a single girl. Nuam was more agressive she sended a low kick on to the knee of the lion man making him kneel down, other two jumped at her; using her downed oponent Nuan usead him as a platform to jump away from her attackers, when landing she rolled down to the ground to gain some distance between oponents, she raised her hand once again on her fighthing stance and moved her palm up as if she was saying "come on" to her attacks, luring them away from her sisters. Fen wasn't able to keep up with her sisters altouhg she had less oponents to deal they were gaining ground on her she pulled out her sword and managued to slash the neck of a single lion man, however taking advantage of her attack the other one managues to slam his fist on the girl's stomach making her cough loudly, relentless on his attack the lion man slammed his fist repeatadly on her victim's belly.
    The screams of Fen forced Petal Shu to look behind her distracting her, one of her oponents took this chance and karate shop the girl on the neck breaking her respiration and her chi armor along with it. Unfortunatly for her was not yet done as it grabbed the girl's neck and spun around gaining momentum while holding her to choke slam the girl agaist the floor, Nuan gasped before lying on the floor helpless before her foes who stomped on the weakened woman, having no chi armor she felt all the heavy feet of the lion men bruise the woman's soft sking. One particular nasty hit managued to hit the woman on the mouth making her lips bleed, once they sttopped the one who choked slam her raised his foot high to slam it hard on the woman's stomach forcing her to scream loudly and spit bloot. The hourglassed fighter shivered in defeat at the feet of her oponents trying to call out for her friends to go but she was unable to. Fen was not having much luck either drooling out spit from her previous abuse but unable to defend herself as more abused came to her belly. This time her oponent made sure that she would feel this last punch to her well tone belly "Aaaaaiee!!" screamed Fen, soon she dropped to the floor coughing trying to catch her breath, the lion man grabbed her hair and pulled her up. With tears on her eyes the defeated petal motioned a slow no with her head begging for her oponent to leave her alone but it was pointless, soon the head of the lion slammed agaist the girl's skull on a brutal headbutt sending her small frame back in recoil. The man did it again and again slamming it's hard skull agaist the defenceless girl, a wound on her forehead that opened like a river flowing into the girl's eyes and hung open mouth.
    Shu had lost conssiouness over the course of her sister's punishment, her nerves were still trying to defend themselves agaist pain so her eyes lied wide open rolled into the back of her head while her arms and legs shivered trying to fight back but it was no use, cut's and bruised ranned down the girl's batted body being showed off by her torn clothes and panty house. Her defeated sister Fen was dragged down the floor grabbed by her hair and thrown on top of her like a pile of dirty clothes. The body of Nuan bounced as her sister landed face up.
    The only one still up was Nuan fending off a lion man with a kick to his head and a spin kick to his belly forcing him to reel backwards, before she could end him the other to send punches her way one landing on her shoulder and one on her head, with her chi armor up the woman managued to reply to one of her attacks her an elbow to the nose breaking it even under the mask and a quick knee to the stomach.
    Once again the same lion men that attacked her along with her friend tried to gain revengue on her with a flurry of punches aimed at her head, with her skillful hands Petal Nuan was able to fend them all away no problem and even was able to send a punch of her own back at him, Nuan gasped as her counter attack was grabbed by the lion man who taking advantage of this pulled the girl closer to him and kneed her on the gut cutting her respiration forcing the chi armor to go down "Uuuhh!" with out skipping a beat the lion man punched the girl on the head once again making her dizzy, keeping the preasure on the girl the man abused her with punches to her head left and right like a boxer forcing the girl towards the egde of the roof, her high heel almost slipped down the building sending a rush of adrenaline down her spine making her step foward only to find herself at the mercy of the lion man who pulled her qui pao towards him punching her on the head once again bruising her eye, a pucnh to her cheeck one to her shoulder and a kick to her belly forcing nuan to bend down in pain while gasping, a back hand slam to the girl's cheeck forced a gust of blood from her lip that splayed over the floor. Raising his fist up the lion men slammed the Petal's belly hard making her scream with each punch. "Aah! Aaah! Uuuh!!" with a frontal kick the lion man send the petal back towards the rooftop. Moaning in pain the girl grunted while she tried to stay up her knees bending while tried to keep her stance up but her body could not give more as her arms soon falled dangling in front of her "Ghn..No...Not like...this..." soon the foot on a lion man slammed on her solar plexus sending her back towards the floor bouncing twice spraying more blood into the floor as she did.
    Nuan gasped for air her chest infalted slowly up an down while her head looked up unable to move "Uuh..." she managued to weakly turn to her sisters bodies piled up "S-Shu...Fen...No..." a single tear came out of her untouched eye then the foot of the lion man that defeated her slammed agaist her head knocking her out cold. The girl was dragged by her feet and thrown like a ragdoll near on top of her sisters.

    Chapter 2
    Nuan struggled to open her eyes, her headache was the only pain she could bear, she was unable to open her left eye witch was closed shut and swollen her stomach was bruised as well, she felt cold on her cheecks as the blood she was forced to spill had dried out on her clothes and sking making the chill of the empty room even more present on those areas. Her hands were hold together by a rope behind the metal pole she moved her hands around to feel someone near her, the surprise of it was enough adrenaline the woman needed to turn her head around and see who was with her, behind her Petal Ya was tied up as well with a bandague over her eyes and her long hair undone and her clothes had been changed into a while hospital robe. Worried Nuan looked at her own clothes, her qui pao was ripped appart revealing her bra and her abdonmen. Her stocking were ripped as well but her high heels were still of use however Ya wasn't as lucky as she was barefooted and the white hospital robe was the only thing covering her body. The struggle of Nuan woke up Ya, she gasped and scream "Shu! Shu! Where are you!" Nuan struggled as her wrist were pulled by the frenettic girl making her gasps "Hgn..Ya! Ya! Shu isn't here" Ya stopped and with her voice cracing she awnsered her friend and tears came out of her eyes giving Nuan a bit of relief as she realised that her friend was only blindfolder "N-Nuan..Nuan! Where are you?" whimpered the girl "Behind you we are tied up to a pole" replied Nuan once again the wrist of Nuan were pulled by Ya "Are you hurt? Can you move" Nuan gasped and pulled Ya hard agaist the pole "I'm fine! I only got my eye bruised. What happened to you?" the question seemed to hold a great weight on the room as Ya was quiet for a minute.
    She sniffed loudly and after a minute she replied "I was captured when I ranned down for help, there were to of them waiting on the stair chase and they knocked me down" Nuan grunted "Dammit! And the others?" Ya shaked her head "I don't know! They tied me up to a hospital bed and now I am here...I heard they were done with Shu and Fen..."Nuan gasped and pulled hard "Goddamit!!" frustated she raised her foot and slammed it down to the floor, a loud thud was heard and a wall was slided opening up the room, A man with a lion mask came in and screamed "Quiet you two!" inmediatly Ya screamed "Where are my sisters you furry bastard! Where are they?" the man with the lion mask walked toward Ya and kicked her on the stomach making her cough up violently. Nuan screamed at the man "Why don't you untie us and try that again!!" the man hands closed and her walked towards her "Quiet or i'll even out your eyes!!" lucky for Nuan, Ya managued to untie the rope without the Lion Man noticing it she gave a cocky smile and yelled "I want to see you try!" the man walked towards her and send his heavy foot towards the woman, Nuan managued to move her head to the side and pull her ropes to surprise the man by punching him on the face. The man reeled in pain backwards, the Petal stood up tough weakened she tackled the man down and mounted him to punch him several times on the head. Nuan crouched near her sister and undid her ropes soon after she took away her blindfold to look at her and she gasped. Ya nervously asked "W-What's the matter?" Nuan lips trembled as she tried to reply "Your eyes...They are red...."

    Chapter 3
    Fen had lost track of time, on her head she tried to keep up with how many hours had passed even if she was out cold for a good portion of them, however the drugs that were injected into her sistem made the Petal's calculative mind drowsy and un easy, adding that to the fact that the slim girl was tied up to a hospital bed and stripped away from all her gear and clothing. Her stomach inflated up and down as she took slow deep breaths to calm herself down and save the energy for the upcomming torture. Her knees however seemed to not be listening to the rest of her body as they trembled. A woman with a lioness mask entered the frame, how long was she there? Fen could not tell since the only light on the room was the one on top of her.
    The lioness girl looked at Fen and smiled she walked around her a few times with her robotic voice Fen asked "Why are you keeping us alive?" this seemed to interess the woman "Let me ask you, Why do you care?" Fen moved up a bit on her restrains "We are all outside operatives we hold no important information for the Bai Bi, Your little operation was to flashy just to steal money and you don't want to make an enemy of us" the lioness stopped, Fen could tell her breathing was being more heavy as a result of her acussations "Further more, It was too extrangue you captured us and kept us alive dispite being only soilders of the Bai Bi. You had no reason to go for us so you were waiting for us...Why?" the lioness stopped dead on her track and placed her hand on the table. She shook her head angryly "Unbelivable" Fen tilted her head to the acusation, without a warning the fist of the lioness slammed hard on the girl's bare stomach forcing her to scream. The hand of the woman stayed on the Petal's stomach grabbing tighly as if the woman was trying to rip the flesh from it. Fen gasped in and out trying to regulate the pain in her to no avail "Might as well tell you..." said the woman as her shap nailed grip tightened on the girl's belly.
    "We need strong girls for the experiments, The stronger the better but you and your so called sisters were the best option" Fen gasped and coughed while her legs kicked around usselesly, tears were forming on her eyes "We figured you could be useful but we ran into a personality problem...One was to fierce the other was to delicate and you seem to be to smart..." the grip got even tighter forcing the monotoned Petal to yell out loudly Fen's tears and drool made a pool around the girl's face "You'll probably be teared out by the operation my darling! And it's such a shame" Fen gasped trying to regain her breath but she was unable to due to her restrains, the Petal sobbed quietly as she was unable to move.
    Fen's eyes widened as she saw her captor walk towards her while gently rubbing her hips "Mmh...Such a shame to lose this lovely specimen...." she grabbed the woman's left breast and fondle it carefully making Fen moan in distress her monotone voice finally cracking up "P-please...Stop..." begged the girl to deaf ears as the woman placed a strange device on the girl's head and injected her with a seringe filled with a purple liquid.
    It all went dark, Fen couldn't even try to use her chi armor she was inmediatly knocked down and went into darkness. She opened her eyes to find herself in the middle of a forest, the clearing of a forest to be exact, the water on the clearing was crystal clear but the trees were strangue to look with white leaves and red wood. Fen looked once again into the water to see a girl that looked a lot like her but with red eyes and white hair. Fen's reflection smiled and grabbed her by her shoulders dragging her down to the water. Fen struggled to keep herself above the water but each time she managued to get even a gust of air she was dragged down by her other self. Her struggles became weaker as time went by, soon she was about to be drowned she gave a last shreiking scream before all went white.
    Nuan and Ya were near Fen, on Ya's hands were the divice the lioness conected on to the poor girl's head. Nuan desperatly called for Fen over and over but no sound came to Fen's ears for a while until she opened her eyes completly "...please Fen, you cannot do this to me! Please! please!" Fen blinked and tilted her head "It's imppssible for me to do something on this--" before Fen could finish her explanation both of her sister held her tigh on a hug. Theye were so happy that they failed to notice that a single line of white hair had appeared on Fen's head.

    Final Chapter
    Trying to not gain much attention the girls ranned quickly trough the place where they were trapped trying to figure out a way to scape, it was as if the needle tried to scape it's proberbian hay stack. And if each of the hays was a heavily armored and gunned man with a lion mask on it's head trying to kill the needle, no matter where they moved the corridors became tighter and tigher, with the three girls wounder and barely able to fight it seemed like an impossible task to scape. Further more the three of them had been knocked out when they arrived so they didn't even knew were they were. Fen kept having to stop to catch her breath and Ya shook her head as well unable to tell reality from strangue visions she had, Nuan was despetare and torn between scaping or looking for the last one of the squadron Shu, if she was still alive.
    Ya stopped dead on her tracks and falled down on her knees "Ghn...No...Go away..." she grabbed her head as if a whistle was boing blown on her ear torturing her endlessly "Get away! Shu! Please! Stop" Nuan stopped and grabbed her sister by her shoulder helping her stay up "Shu? What do you mean Shu where is she?" Ya with sour tears on her cheecks pointed at a door with no guards or any staff, Nuan gritted her teeth in angish "It's not a good choise but we do not have any other" looking back at Fen she nodded at her and grabbed Ya helping her walk while Ya's tears flowed like a waterfall "You are the only one fitted to fight Nuan, please be careful" looking at her wounds Nuan nodded and pressed on fowwards while her sisters slowly and carefully followed her.
    Nuan kicked the door open to find a garage with a single four seated car o it. It was not very big but enough for Nuan to drive and for both if her sisters to rest while they arrived at the Bai Bi building. However it was not the car that surprised Nuan but what was standing in between her and the car. A tall girl with chinesse twin braids, a white qui pao, white silk stockings, black shoes and glaring red eyes.
    "S-Shu..." asked the Petal surprised, both Ya and Fen arrived at the door gasping loudly their leader's name "Shu!" exclaimed the three girls happily, being the only one who could still run Nuan jumped at her sister hugging her. With a warm smile the girl petted the smaller Petal who had breaken into desperate tears "I-I tough you were dead, Shu! I'm sorry!" the taller girl smiled and looked at her sister while her smile was interrupted by her attempt to hide her chuckles Nuan looked up at her sister while her eyes glowed red and her long hair turned while like a cute little white rabbid, her chuckled turned into a fit of fiendish laughter and her embrace turned into a trap to knee Nuan on the gut and kick her away from her.
    Nuan gasped for air while both Fen and Ya gasped in horror "W-What happened to you?" asked Ya while Fen could only stare in disbelief, their only awnser was another track of laughing by Shu who grabbed a lead pipe from the floor and rushed towards the wounder girls, Fen placed herself in fron of Ya to protect her and closed her eyes.
    Fen opened her eyes to see Nuan grabbing Shu's arm trying to pull the pipe away from her with her free hand, "You know, I always did wanted a reason to beat you up leader" with that said Nuan kicked the girl on the stomach forcing her to double over followed after by Nuan jumping just a bit to have enought weight put behind her to slam her elbow on the woman back dropping her to the floor. Nuan raised her leg up to slam it down on her friend's head to knok her out with an axe kick but she very quickly rolled out of the way and stood up taking the same fighting stance Nuan used, both girls circled around each other while looking for an opening before Nuan's insntic kicked in and she rushed with a flurry of punches to Shu's face, the white petal deflected the blows as quickly as they came with a wide grin she said "Slow" making Nuan eyes widen for a second before she was hit by Shu's upper palm trust into her nose forcing Nuan to take a step back, Shu hitted with her closed fist Nuan's chest making her gasp losing her breathing and her chi armor then Shu flinged her elbow like a baton smashing it into Nuan's nose breaking it.
    Nuan's fear got in the way of her training as she covered her nose with both hand leaving her self open for attack witch Shu took gleefully taking a spin and using the momentum to kick the girl on the stomach, Nuan doubled over in pain due to her previous injuried trying to keep it together but once she looked at her hand that touched her belly in an insntinve effor to protect it she noticed that her belly was bleeding due to heavy injuries. A low kick came into the Petal's unrpotected knee forcing it to bend over , with this the white Petal grabbed Nuan's head and slammed it into her jaw breaking it. Nuan's jaw could not close and only a soft moaning of pain came from it. She felt down on her knees barely able to stay awake gasping and moaning pathetically for air, Ya cried in dispair while Fen stared dead eyed into the scene unable to procress it.
    Shu's foot raised up in a perfect vertical line and decended down like a guillotine into the back of the woman's head knocking her down to the ground slamming her delicate features down to the paviment with a big crunch sound and a splatter of blood around the poor victim's head. Her arms and legs twitched as she lied face first into the ground. The white petal laughed as her high heel stepped into the girl's head with a loud laughter "Jajaja! Yes! Bleed! Bleed! Bleed and die!! This is so fun" screamed the derrangued Petal as her Nuan lied on the ground. Ya jumped at the girl with a punch witch was easily dodge by the White Petal, she turned back and smiled at Ya pulling her arm and trusting her palm into it breaking her arm. Ya let out a a blood curling scream but it was cut short by the White Petal elboe digging into the girls rib making her cough loudly, not done with this Shu pulled Ya's wounded arm while she sended a kick to her knees forcing the already weakened Petal down. She pulled her arm up and with a powerful kick she broke with making the youngest Petal to kneel down in pain while grabbing her arm. Fen grabbed the lead pipe Shu was trying to smash her with and tried to hit Shu with it but the White Petal amangued to track the movements of the younget one eyes to preedict someone was creeping behind her , Like a snake she moved out of the way, Fen stopped a few inches from Ya's face. Shu jumped at Fen tackling her down and grabbing the slender woman by her troat while using her weight to pin her down. Fen gasped and kicked for air as her face turned red and her eyes gave in into crying with what little air she had left she whimpered "Miss...Boss...s-stop!" the lack of the monotone voice made the White Petal stop and look at her victim, she stopped choking Fen as her left eye turned back into it's usual brown and a single tear came out from it "F-Fen...?" Fen looked into the normal eye of the girl trying to understand what happened but she was unable to as a lead pipe grabbed by Ya decended down into Shu knocking her out. Fen gasped trying to recover her breath and slided away from her sister's knocked down body.
    Both girls slowly walked towards Nuan, Fen checked her pulse and looked at Ya "She is alive" Ya sighted with relief, draggin their friend down to the car both placed the unconssious girl into the back seat. Tired Ya looked at the corridor with some Lion Men gathering up both girls looked at Shu knocked down on the floor "Q-Quick!" said Ya "We need to get her" Fen's eyes narrowed and she pushed Petal Ya into the car and quickly took the wheel of it breaking the garage door as she crashed the car into it to scape quickly, the lion men shoot at the girls but were barely able to hit them. However they all stopped when the words "Hold it!" came out from the woman using the lioness mask. She kneeled down to Petal Shu's body and gently petted the girl's head "Get White Rabbit to the lab she's been badly injured" one of the lion men aproached their leader "But Ma'am what about the others" the woman took off her mask revealing a young woman looking a little androginous with pale skin almost hitting purple "What about them? That's a whole other circus for another time" she walked back into the building while one of her lion men grabbed the girl and carried her on his arms.

    The lioness threw her mask into a warbdrobe and grabbed a cane and a purple coat. She looked at them for a moment and glared at a top hat that was gatheting dust on the corner. She smiled and sighted "Someday..." a woman with a completly white face, black eye linner and a red and black dress entered the woman's bedroom "Mistress the investors are here" she gasped in delight and gently carresed the woman's cheeck "Wonderful~ Tell them to wait up" the woman nodded and went out. The woman soon came out and the white petal was waitng for her, she gently caressed her bare shoulders "Are you ready dear?" the White Petal smiled and said "It's show time".

    The three girls were on the hospital bed looking at each other, in silence. The silence was broken by Nuan slamming her fist on to the wall "Hggn!! We failed! We coudln't even save Shu!" Fen stood up and grabbed her sister's first and placed it on her chest "We did...It's my fault" Ya shook her head "We don't even known what happened to her...Or if we have it on us" Ya hugged herself "What is going to happen to us?" Fen stood up and shook her head "No...It can't happen to us, that woman said she couldn't convert us into that, And even Shu managued to fight it for a bit" Nuan and Ya got a sparkle on their eyes "You mean..." Fen grabbed the girls hands and nodded "We can still save her...We can and we will"