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my OC: the watcher

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by unknownwatcher, May 30, 2014.

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    The Watcher

    Situations that are favorable for him in RP's:
    *One sided ryona fight(or a squash fight if you prefer)

    *a back and forth fight

    *a one sided gyaku RP

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 150lbs

    age: 27 pre-tournament


    The Watcher started out as a researcher for the Mishima Zaibatsu but defected from them for reasons unknown. The Watcher's goal was to bring down the Zaibatsu and to replace them with his own brand of terror. Shortly after, the watcher hacked the cyborg and android known respectively as jack 6 and Alisa to do his bidding. In a public display of brutality, the watcher lured Julia, Christie, Anna, and Nina Williams to a spot where all four were decimated and captured by the watcher and the android pair. Shortly after months of breaking them mentally, he used them to cause havoc in the King of Iron Fist tournament while he and the android duo attempted to steal plans for a device that can travel to different dimensions and it's prototype. Things went wrong however when a being known only as Unknown nearly killed the watcher when he first activated the device. After losing his left arm and sacrificing Jack, the watcher used the device to escape to another dimension. Unfortunately, the device stopped working after the escape thus leaving the pair cut off from their world. Alisa took care of the watcher, giving him a new arm, and helped him plan his revenge.
    Two years later, the watcher enacted his plan to lure over 40 powerful and skilled females to fight in a tournament which was a smoke screen for the watcher's true motivation, to absorb the powers of the contestants and to lure Unknown to the location. The plan worked but during the tournament, The Watcher started to feel regret as he saw a certain fighter die in a horrible way. After the tournament, The Watcher kept his promise and gave the winner a wish and revived all who had died in the tournament. Those who had died found out what the watcher was planning but before they could do anything, Unknown arrived. This was a turning point for the watcher as he saved the fighters and Alisa from dying at Unknown's hands. Using the powers he obtained, the watcher defeated unknown in a hard and lengthy fight. The Watcher had to rest up after the fight and one day when looking through the dimensions and spying on his own world he saw a startling site. The world that he knew was destroyed and on a building's rooftop he saw a skeleton with a cybernetic left arm that was similar to his. This startled the watcher for he realized that it was going to be that dimension, his home dimension, where he dies. The watcher declared he will never go back to that world but the image still haunted him. Because of this, the watcher started to rethink his priorities in life and decided to help others. Was it to make amends for his past deeds or to convince others to go with him to his home world and possibly die for him? Only time will tell. Sometime after, the watcher lost the powers he had obtained through the tournament leaving him with his own skills and the powers that were given to him by his cybernetic left arm. He is currently traveling through dimensions helping people anyway he can(even if it means fighting them to make them better heroines!)

    The watcher is unpredictable in his actions, mostly doing things because he wants to. Despite the watcher's ruthless persona, he does maintain a certain level in honor which was demonstrated when
    he kept his promise to the fighters at the tournament. Post tournament, the watcher decided to turn his life around but the watcher still maintains his ruthless demeanor and his unpredictable nature.
    The watcher also is known for his cockiness arrogance, and slight goofiness.

    Powers and skills:

    The Watcher has a high level intellect and is knowledgeable of AI's, cyber tech and is also trained in the art of kickboxing. Due to being outside of space and time most of the time, the watcher hardly ages but when he's in another dimension, he ages at the normal rate.

    Power arm:

    The Watcher lost his left arm in the fight with unknown and has replaced it with a cybernetic one. the arm can generate heats blasts(non lethal and lethal) and has the power to burn anything or anyone it touches. With this arm, the watcher created his trademark signature move, burning drill punch. The arm also contains a small shield generator that can block projectiles like arrows and bullets but melee weapons and magic attacks aren't affected by his shields. At one point, this arm would house the powers he gained at the tournament but eventually those powers would disappear and the watcher would be left by his default ones. Finally, the arm is connected to his dimensional teleporter giving him the ability to travel to another dimension on the spot. The arm is not water proof and thus the watcher can't go underwater.

    The watcher's suit:

    The watcher wears a suit that, while looking like a casual business suit, can soften blows from melee weapons like hammers and crowbars. The suit also tracks his vitals which are monitored from his base. The watcher's shoes have the ability to stick to most surfaces allowing him to walk on walls. they do not work on water or any liquid substance though and can interfere with the shoes traction.


    The watcher is prone to showing off and being cocky. This is very much true post tournament
    when he obtains the powers and almost got him and a ally killed when those powers gave out.
    If the watcher is fighting a female, he often offers her a chance to bearhug him. most don't take the offer though and just attack while they can. Being mortal, The Watcher can die if hit with a lethal attack if it manages to reach him.


    agility: 8

    strength: 9(7.5 without the cyber arm)

    intelligence: 9

    endurance: 8

    stamina: 7.5

    speed: 9

    fighting skills: 8
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