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Mar 13, 2020
in the mod moreclothing why no reason some of my footwear mod that i put thename on the settings and during the loadis all correct but when the girl wear it itonli show thw foot wear to the knee and the footwear in a overknee
Adobe Flash Player 32 7_27_2020 1_24_13 PM (2).png

With the loader
Adobe Flash Player 32 7_27_2020 1_24_40 PM (2).png

when i load it my self and in the setting i put the mod
ThighHighBoots.swf=ThighHighBoot in thes ettings foot wear is correct or i need to change it of position ?
srry for the bad english


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Sep 11, 2012
the mod is probably made with multiple modtypes, try
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