Lollipop Chainsaw


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Dec 15, 2009
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Lollipop Chainsaw (Grasshopper Manufacture/Warner)

Published: 2012
Genre: Action, hack and slash
Platforms: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3
Ryona rating: 3/5

- There is not very many different types of enemies, just zombies and boss enemies.

- There are few different zombie grabs in the game:
1) One zombie: Drags/pushes Juliet to the ground, gets on her, and bites on the neck.
2) Group of zombies: Pulls Juliet down, then they set on top of her so that she is stuck there under the pile and cannot get away while the zombie on top her is biting her.
3) Group of zombies: bites her while standing and surrounding her, each zombie takes a quick bite of her from.
4) One zombie: Bites her foot like in RE series. Player needs to press B to shake off the zombie

- However the zombie bites in LC don't look as good as in Resident Evil series and the style of the game is much more cartoonish. Camera angles during zombie attacks are static. They vary a bit depending on situation, but not much.

- All grabs have QTE button smashing, so you can let the zombies bite Juliet to her death if you want.

- Some zombies can knock down Juliet, where she will stay there for quite some time unless player presses the B button to make her get up. However enemies wont attack Juliet while she is down.

- There's some electrocution ryona included, which shows her skeleton when she's shocked (boss enemy Vikke's stage).

- Most bosses don't have any interesting grabs.

- Mariska can summon big bubbles though, that will suffocate/drown Juliest slowly if she gets trapped inside of one.

- Last boss is a giant zombie that has QTE whe he devours Juliet as whole if player fails to press B.

- Game Over screen is quite disappointing. Juliet falls to her knees when killed, and then sideways on the ground. Then it just cuts to the "game over" gravestone screen. No unique death animations.

- Outfit selection is mighty deep including bikinis, Japanise anime costumes, skirts, tight pink jumpsuit and others.

- Tara Strong (voice for Juliet) does pretty good job in pain moaning and stuff.

- Reason why this game gets 3/5 ryona rating is because of disappointing game over screen, not having unique boss grabs, not having any gore/blood effects, and not having as big variety of different enemies as Resident Evil series.

Ryona example:


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Jan 18, 2010
I just finished playing it, and I'd put it down for a 2/5 for the reasons detailed in the article's last phrase. Thoughts / votes?
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