Kryssa Daniels: The man in apartment 214


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19-year-old Kryssa Daniels couldn't believe what she was witnessing. Through the peephole of a spyglass strategically placed at her window, she could peer into what was happening in apartment 214 of the opposite building. Two figures were locked in intense, sweaty mixed submission wrestling.

Kryssa's hands instinctively ran down her throat, making their way down to her hard six-pack abs before disappearing between her thighs. In the apartment opposite to hers, the curvaceous blonde figure was like putty in the large, black bodybuilders hands. He effortlessly picked her up and draped her over his knee, bending her delicious body in a vile backbreaker.

As he poured on the pressure, Kryssa moaned and bit her lower lip. Her hands now working her crotch into a frenzy. Kryssa's lithe, mesomorph frame sat on the chair nude, her toned legs spread open and her muscular arms guided her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Through her looking glass, Kryssa saw the large man rip off the blonde woman's clothes and dump her facefirst on the ground. He then took off his small briefs, his large black member now free and hard. The sight of it made Kryssa's fingers go into overdrive. He straddled the exhausted woman from behind, positioning his knees so that his feet rested either side of her face. Pulling her by her blonde hair, he cranked her neck back to his chest and rested her elbow pits on his knees. He bought both his hands below her chin and poured on the pressure, leaving her grunting in pain in his camel clutch.

Her grunts soon turned into moans as the large man inserted his member in her and fucked her hard from behind while she was stuck in the camel clutch. Soon, both of them collapsed from exhaustion. He turned her around and kissed her passionately as their bodies grinded on each other.

Kryssa's own body was convulsing hard, the timing of her orgasm matched theirs as she threw her beautiful face back on the chair, her long black hair dangling from the edge as her green eyes rolled upwards while she came hard.

45-year old Bob Kenwick opened the doors to the gym looking like a million bucks. Last night had been wild, the blonde girl that had wrestled had rocked his world. Her name was Barbara Banks and he was staring at her right now. She stood at the reception in that little black dress looking hot as hell, she winked at him when he walked up to her to say hello and he tapped her beautiful round ass playfully.

They both kissed and he felt up every inch of her curvy, voluptuous body.

"So you free tonight?" asked Bob, his large muscular arms running up and down her body.

"No can do babe! I have other plans!," Barbara replied with a wink.

"Come on! I want you in that camel clutch again," Bob's hands now took control of her firm ass.

"Trust me, I want to be in it but I kinda promised someone else a match too" She replied rubbing his hard member.

It was 5 am and there was no one at the gym except the two of them.

"Damn! Already two timing me and I've known you for five minutes!" Both of them explored each others bodies again.

"You'll know me for a lot more than five minutes next week" She kissed him hard. "I promise!"

Just like that, his dream girl had been swept away from under his feet. Her fine ass to be ridden by someone else for a week.

"You are killing me, girl!" Barbara could feel his long, hard member from under his small black shorts. He rubbed against the front of her body causing her to moan in pleasure. Just then, people started walking into the gym and the two of them let go of each other.

She grabbed his hand and led him to the office and soon moans of pleasure echoed throughout the room as he took her hard from behind.

Unknown to them, Kryssa had tailed Bob into the gym and hid away behind a door, carefully peeking out to listen to their conversation. She rubbed herself to another orgasm as they made love in the office. Buttoning up her plain white shirt once she was done, she put her panties back on and slid into her plaid red and white skirt as she walked out of the gym smiling. "Tonight, he is mine!"

It was nine when Bob made his way back home. He opened the door to his studio apartment which sported every luxury you could ever dream of. He took off his clothes and stood nude in the bathroom, looking at his giant 7-inch body in the mirror.

In the reflection he saw a robed figure beside himself and turned around shocked to see someone walking towards him.

The figure pulled back the hood to reveal a beautiful face of a girl not older than 19 or 20.

"What the..." He said as he stood transfixed.

She walked to the center of the wrestling mats laid out in the living room and disrobed. Bob's jaw dropped as he saw the beautiful girl before him. She was completely nude save for the elbow and knee guards she wore. She had black shoes on her feet with white stripes.

Her muscular, lithe body drove him wild. Her black hair was tied back in a slick ponytail and her body oiled. Her rock hard six-pack abs glistened in the dull lights, her shapely ass taut and firm. Her modest breasts heaved with excitement as her nipples went hard. Bob could see goosebumps all over her body and a cocky little grin formed all over his face.

"Well...well! and here I was thinking I am going to alone for the night," Bob said as he walked towards the mats.

Kryssa stood with her feet slightly apart, her left leg slightly ahead of her right. She squatted down slightly and dropped her hands to the floor till the tip of her fingers hit. She bought her hands back up to her chest bent at the elbows, her palms open and facing her opponent, her back bent slightly at the hips.

"You gonna keep talking or are we gonna wrestle?" She said with a grin.

Bob didn't need a second invitation. He took a stance similar to hers and they both rushed each other. They locked up in a neutral position, with an arm behind each others necks and the other grasping at the elbow.

Kryssa moved first wrapping her arms around Bob's bald head and locking it to her shapely waist in a side headlock. She felt one of his hands feel up her six-pack abs but was taken by surprise when the other grabbed her feet at the back of her knee.

Bob lifted her clean off her feet and held her body 180 degrees in the air. Kryssa did not let go of the headlock though and poured on even more pressure until he dumped her ass first on the mat again. Bob's body was now facefirst on the floor while Kryssa sat next to him still holding on to the headlock.

She modified the hold, wrapping her thighs around his arms and moving her hands under his chin for a crippler cross face. She wrenched his neck backwards as Bob felt enormous pressure pour across his back. This girl was strong and he had underestimated her.

Changing her hold again, Kryssa maneuvered her body locking her knees around his head and grabbing both his legs around the ankles. She bent his lower body back towards her and sat on the back of Bob's head for a brutal boston crab.

Showing supreme athleticism, Bob planted both his palms on the floor and wiggled his head free from under her ass. He locked on a head scissor with his back to the floor and Kryssa in a seated position. He used his free arms to split her legs as far as they would go, pouring enormous pressure on her cunt.

Kryssa grunted in pain as she felt her legs being torn apart and the sides of her head being squeezed by his thick thighs. Bob yanked her to the floor, with her body now slumped to one side and his head scissor now locked on with full force. With one of his hands, he dug his fingers in and twisted the skin on her abs applying a stomach claw and with the other, grabbed a handful of her pussy and squeezed.

"Unhhh..." Kryssa grimaced gritting her teeth as pain flowed through her body from Bob's three pronged attack. Changing tactics, Bob grabbed Kryssa's feet and bent her lower body backwards till her knees touched the ground on either side of her head. He sat on the back of her knees, rolling her body into a pretzel till the time Kryssa could see her own ass in front of her face.

He inserted his large member in her mouth and spanked her ass red.

Bob face fucked her hard and without mercy while squeezing her crotch and spanking her ass some more. When she was on the verge of an orgasm he stopped and let her go. Kryssa lay spread eagle on the floor, exhausted and in pain from the brutal hold but Bob was just getting started.

He picked her up by her black hair and got Kryssa to her knees. He wrapped his large arms around her waist, lifting her up upside down, her ass staring him in the face. Bob grabbed both of her feet and bent them inward till her soles grinded against her vagina. Next, he locked his thighs around her head and shoved his cock deep into her mouth.

Bob laughed menacingly as Kryssa teared up from the cock buried deep within her throat. She felt pain coarse across her body as her own feet grinded her vagina mixed with the intense pressure on the side of her head. Without warning he dropped her to the ground, letting her slump face first on the mat.

Grabbing her left arm and leg, he pivoted her body to one side and buried a knee into the side of her stomach keeping it there. He then bent Kryssa's body around his knee by yanking her arm and leg towards his hips. After a while, he released her arm and placed his hand under her chin, getting more leverage and bending her back even more till her body wrapped around his knee in a "U" shape.

When he let her go, she slumped to the floor face first, exhausted and in pain. Grabbing her, Bob bought her up to seated position and in one swift move bent her arms behind her and locked his shins around them, the soles of his feet pouring pressure on her back. Mere minutes felt like hours for Kryssa as pain exploded through her toned back, her muscles flexing against the pressure. Beads of sweat ran across her hot body as she threw her head back and groaned in pain. With his free hands, he concentrated on her breasts, running his fingers deep and through them leaving finger marks all over her globes. He pinched her nipples as Kryssa let her discomfort be known through screams of pain.

Bob unlocked his feet but grabbed her arms with his hands still keeping them pointing straight behind her back. Using his strength, he jerked her back and while she was in the air he locked the soles of his feet behind her knees. Soon, Bob was on his back while Kryssa's body floated in the air, her arms and feet being pulled downward in a brutal ceiling hold.

Smirking he dropped her on him, her back colliding with his hard chest and quickly bought his feet around, locking his ankles between her thighs. With his hands, he grabbed her in a full nelson, his wrists locking behind the back of her neck, while the soles of his feet pried her legs open slowly spreading them as far as they would go pouring intense pressure on her cunt.

Kryssa couldn't get a break. Bob had smoothly transitioned from one hold to another with no respite and her body was feeling the pain. She could feel something else too, his rock hard cock now entered her deep while he held her in the hold and fucked her hard.

"Fuck yeah...oh...oh yeah...oh...oh...oh...oh" Then he stopped. Kryssa had been denied an orgasm a second time at the precipice. The constant denial of release did her no favors as her body experienced quivers and shakes. She lay there on her back convulsing in the agony of denial wanting a release.

"You want it don't you?" Bob teased her as he slapped her across the face hard. It only turned her on even more.

Bringing her too her knees again, he bent Kryssa's upper body forward till the side of her face touched the mat. He planted one of his feet on her cheek pinning her head down and took her firm ass from behind while pulling her arms back towards his chest.

He fucked her hard. "Oh yes...please...oh...fuck...yeah!" and then he stopped again letting her go and laughing as she convulsed in agony. This guy was a literal tease and she loved it. He grabbed Kryssa by the hair and pinned her to a nearby wall back first and an unleashed an attack on her stomach. Bob attacked her with slow, measured punches that lingered just a second longer, his fists digging in deep.

Suddenly he jumped up, wrapping his thighs around her waist. One of his arms took hold of her neck, choking her while the other continued the calculated, slow attack on her abs. Kryssa felt his large black cock rub against the opening of her pussy as pain and pleasure shot through her body at the same time.

Once again he let her go just at the tip of an orgasm and laughed as he ran towards him swinging wide punches. "Whoa!...easy there little girl!," he said as Bob grabbed Kryssa's arms and flipped her around, locking her in a standing full nelson. She felt his large cock penetrate her from behind and moaned. It only took four deep thrusts of his member as she orgasmed hard, smiling and moaning as her body convulsed and juices flowed from her pussy.

Without letting her enjoy it too much, he bought her down to her knees and entered Kryssa's mouth again slowly picking up speed till he used it like her pussy, fucking it hard and without mercy. After twenty minutes of intense face fucking, he finally came hard and deep into her mouth.

They made intense love through the night as a pair of eyes stared at them through the spyglass in Kryssa's apartment.

In the morning, Kryssa found Barbara making coffee in the kitchen and smiled. Both of them embraced and kissed passionately.

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