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Keri's Brutal Beatdown

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Chainsaw, Jun 16, 2016.

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    "Well, you look smokin!" Nicole looked at the picture Keri had given her, she studied it intently before retorting with a half-compliment, half -sarcastic tone trash..or at least that's what Keri felt it sounded like. The faint moonlight glow from the large penthouse window bathed their barely covered bodies in a bluish hue. "So, you made up your mind yet?" Nicole asked as she stretched her arms back on the top of her lovely blonde hair, her barely there top yanked upwards to reveal half of her gorgeous, rounded breasts. Her toned six pack abs hardened as she stretched, her shoulders giving off a definition of every muscle line. Her legs, now outstretched on the table formed a contour of lines and pure muscle definition. she threw her head back off the side of the couch as she yawned.

    Keri stood there in front of her, wearing her minuscule lemon tube tank top that wrapped around her firm, round breasts. Her muscle definition was more or less similar to Nicole's, her six pack abs just as hard. Her shapely butt was accentuated by her skimpy black exercise shorts. Both of their bodies looked heavenly as they bathed in the bluish hue of the moonlight.

    "I Don't know! i mean..i will not lie to you.." Keri's face contorted with a worry line on her forehead. "I mean..it does sound really hot..but i haven't taken on two guys at the same time before, what if i get my ass handed to me." Keri's left hand was on her hips, while her right played with her long, brilliant blonde hair. She bit her seductively. "Come on! Don't tell me the Puma hasn't ridden that body before!" Nicole's body sprang up from the couch as she spoke those lines. "C'mon Keri, it will be fun! Tell you what, i will even tell them to do you Puma style! you know, with surprise and shit!" Keri was still busy playing with her hair. "I don't know! i mean yes Puma has gotten a few licks in..but i have won all those fights.." Keri said still biting down on the side of her lip. "Woah! Woah! Woah!..back up..your'e telling me Puma hasn't beaten you once?!" Nicole's question seemed genuinely surprising "Yeah..5 out of 5 to the Kermeister..!" Keri tried to pull of the cutest duck face she could muster while flexing her biceps, her wink at the end only seemed to infuriate Nicole more. "Stop that shit! you know that's lame!" Nicole retorted with a "Oh Snap" finger flick of her own. Both of them laughed at how lame it came out.

    "Seriously though! You are one mean bitch, woman!" Nicole said between her laugh spurts. "You still haven't put out yet? you not into him or what?" Nicole asked quizzically. "No..God no..it's not that..i just want him to win fair..that's all! he can do whatever he wants to me, but he needs to beat me first!" Keri pointed at her body with a lame wink again. "That's why you need to do this! get all of that retaliation crap beaten out of you, let your hair down enjoy! You know Men can't hurt us since the incident! we are walking gods!" Nicole quipped. Keri smiled a little, imagining the fight against two men "All Right! I will do IT!!"
    "CUT!!" Alfred screamed as he realised the girl was out cold, Bruno's huge 7 feet body built in muscle had just plonked her hard on the mat, the first real power-slam he tried on her and she was out cold. "Jesus Boss! She lasted all of five seconds!" Bruno said disappointingly. "Not to mention, i didn't even get a hit in!" Max was an equally tall 7 foot mountain of muscle. Alfred heard the chime on his cellphone, it was Nicole's message..a picture:


    "Well boys! Brace yourselves! Nicole found you someone new to play with." Max and Bruno looked at the picture. "How soon is she getting here?" Max sounded excited. "Soon enough! Now get the ring ready!" Alfred, Max and Bruno scrambled to make arrangements.

    Some Time Later..
    The ring was ready, Alfred set up the camera's in place and called the combatants to the center, Max and Bruno bought their heavy 7 foot frames to the center first, They both wore matching purple wrestling shorts, with matching boots and elbow and knee pads. Keri wore the same outfit from the picture Nicole had sent across, Alfred called her to the center, she looked even more beautiful in person as Max and Bruno clumsily fought among themselves for the pleasure of her handshake, Keri let out a small laugh. "Pleasure to meet you Miss Daniels! Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Max." He took her hand gently and planted a small kiss on it. Bruno jumped in and pushed Max aside. "..And i am Bruno!" Max jumped back in and pushed Bruno aside now. "As Nicole must have told you..I am the great..." Before he could complete the sentence, he was pushed to the wayside again. "Greatest wrestler you will ever fight against!" Bruno completed Max's sentence.

    The whole Laurel & Hardy vibe from the 2 grown ass men falling over each other for her attention made Keri laugh. "Okay! Okay! You two, Stop It! There is enough of me to go around for the both of you, now calm down.." Max and Bruno composed themselves and all three fighters shook hands in the center of the ring. "Just to let you know Keri Daniels! We are not going to easy on you!" Max and Bruno took their fight stances. "Good.." Keri said as she took her fight stance "I don't do Easy!"

    Without warning, both of them rushed her, Keri felt Max's huge hand wrap around her waist, while Bruno sneaked in from behind and his concrete hands locked around her throat in a sleeper hold. Keri felt the pain shoot through her back and neck at the same time. Desperate, she unleashed a furious elbow to the back of Max's head sending crumpling to the mat Face first. Keri then positioned her head below Bruno's chin and suddenly dropped to the mat, Bruno's chin collided with Keri's head as he felt two of his teeth come loose, he staggered back in the corner but as he lost his balance, he didn't release the hold, he took Keri with him to the corner, Bruno's back hit the turnbuckles hard but he had taken Keri with him into the corner, He changed his hold and locked on a full nelson. Max drove the cobwebs out of his head and taking advantage of the situation started raining huge fists on Keri's rock hard abs. "Omphf!" She whimpered as she felt the punch fold her body into a "U" with it's force. After about 20 punches, Bruno let Keri go and she collapsed on the mat face first. Max planted a boot into the small of her back, grabbed her hands and yanked her back with ferocious force in a surfboard move. "Ughhhhh...!!" She yelled out as she felt the pressure pouring on with intensity on her lower back. Bruno seized the opportunity and came running in towards her left side, suddenly he slid across the mat and his size 10 boot met the side of Keri's face as it sent her hair flying in a tizzy while snapped right with the force. He repeated the move from the other side as Max let go of his hold, Keri's body went flying across the ring.

    Both of them walked over towards Keri's crumpled body. Bruno picked her up and put her in a savage bow and arrow hold. Max rained down punches to her stomach again, "Ahhh..Uff..Fuck..Uff!" She screamed as the relentless punches invaded her stomach while the knees in her back stung like knives. Bruno let go of the hold and she fell face first on the floor again.

    "She is still not out cold!, This is our lucky day!" Max said excited and jumping up and down in the ring. "I am bored of her stomach now, let's focus on something else." Bruno said. For a minute, both their gazes shifted to her short daisy dukes. They both smiled. Bruno went over and picked Keri up by her beautiful blonde hair. Max tore open her shorts. "Well lookie here! She went commando for us!" He commented as he looked at her beautiful clean shaven cunt. Bruno placed one hand beneath her left ass cheek and lifted her up in seating chair position overhead. Max went down to one knee and mockingly pretended to clean his knee pad. Bruno sent her crotch first into Max's inviting Knee. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh...!!!" Keri screamed as she felt intense pain shoot through her vagina. She sat on Max's knee for a while before comically tipping over and falling to one side grabbing her crotch. Max grabbed her hair and lifted her upto her knees, in a sort of doggy style position as Bruno started raining down punches and kicks on her unprotected crotch. "Ahhh...Owwww..UFFF!!" Her screams filled the empty room as both of them took turns beating her crotch down. Bruno then grabbed her and sent her crotch first into the top rope, "Ahhhhhhh!!!" She screamed as she hung on the top rope by her crotch before a kick to the side of her face sent her outside the ring. Both of them followed her out of the ring. Max yanked her up by her hair brutally and locked her in a full nelson as Bruno sent punch after punch into her crotch. Then they both took turns bashing her head against a table outside, Keri felt her forehead rebound off the table for the 20th time before they stopped, Next bruno bent her over the table and again they took turns mauling her crotch. Keri's screams of agony filled the empty auditorium. They then sent Keri Crotch first into each of the four ring-posts from outside the ring!

    Keri was barely even screaming anymore, she knew she had no hope of retaliating against the duo and something about that had begun to turn her on. She orgasmed furiously as Max sent her crotch into the ring-post one more time. Both of them laughed at the sight.

    "Well, she is still going and orgasming now!" Max said as he looked at keri's body on the floor. "Well! why disappoint her then?, get her back in the ring, let's give her a proper orgasm then. Bruno threw Keri back into the ring over the top rope, she landed face first and with a resounding thud as her face collided with the floor mat. Max followed her in, got her up to her feet and tore open her top, leaving her magnificent breasts vulnerable. Keri moaned as Max and Bruno grabbed a nipple each and twisted them hard. Max sent her thudding into the corner post backfirst, Now max and Bruno took turns sending hard chops on her chest, reddening her chest on impact. The last thing Keri remembered before passing out was orgasming furiously as Max and Bruno sent down chop after chop on her chest.

    Keri found herself in her bed after she came too, she found a bottle of champagne on the side table with a card and a Dog Collar. Keri smiled, she knew what the dog collar signified, she had seen it on Nicole. She was Max and Bruno's bitch now and she didn't mind. She collapsed back into the bed. She lifted up her sheets to find she was still nude and a little wet from all the orgasming. She bit her lower lip and smiled. But before she could drift off to sleep, she suddenly whipped around to see her Bedroom door Flung half way across the Room. "Puma!!!" She exclaimed as the man mountain stood where the door used to be. Decked out in his luchador outfit and a wild puma mask. His black skin glistened under the room lights.
    Without warning, he grabbed Keri's beautiful blond hair and threw her violently across the room, Keri's body collided face first with the room wall before collapsing to her back on the floor. "Well Bitch!! The great Puma is going to destroy you today!" He picked her up by her hair and smashed her forehead across the side table. Next he pinned her against the wall and started sending brutal blows to her stomach. Keri was too tired to fight back and a little turned on still from her previous fight, she decided to go with the flow. The next few moments were a blur to her, as Puma decimated her nude body. He threw her back first into the dressing room mirror, Smashed her head on the tough marble of the kitchen counter again and again until it broke. He choke slammed into her bath tub, as it broke on impact. He ripped off the shower head and beat her with it mercilessly, punching her face then her crotch. He twisted her nipples hard, before punching, biting and mauling her tits. He ripped a pipe off the wall and smashed her face hard with it. Puma was exhausted now, as he stopped to take a breather, he couldn't believe it, he was on the verge of beating Keri for the first time. He saw her stir and get up to her knees slowly, she stood up and got into a fight stance groggigly as she orgasmed hard. "Whaat..are..you..waiting..for?" She trembled with another orgasm as she spoke. "Take...me!!, FUCK ME HARD!!"

    In the morning, Keri found Puma laying next to her nude, exhausted and spent. She woke him up gently and kissed him passionately as the two embraced in a lover's cuddle.
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