I'm searching a ren'py programmer for a free help for now [CLOSED]

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Oct 30, 2018
Hi all.
I'm developing the game "Slip Over Time", but I'm an artist, and for less than a year I have taken up this passion (drawing and creating stories) after 25 completely different years of work.

Discovering this world has stimulated me to look for an outlet that could finally leave my inspiration free and at the same time (maybe), manage to get away from what I'm doing and to be able to support my family and me; I am not looking for wealth, but only the possibility of creating and leaving my nature free.

At the moment I can't afford to pay anyone, I found a volunteer collaborator who is helping me and helping with the translations and drafting of the texts, and I must say I'm lucky, because I think he's good and saved me a lot of work time raising the level of quality. Obviously if the project meets good responses and starts to bring profits, I will certainly also face the economic aspect of the work.

After 25 years, taking back in hand to design and at the same time learn how to get to know the necessary software again (Adobe Suite for art and animations, and others for video and audio editing), was a tough challenge, both for life commitments , both for age; if we add that I don't know anything about programming, you can easily imagine how everything is very tiring and long for me....
Renpy, as easy as it may be as a structure, and as much information as can be found on the internet, remains, for me, a completely unknown world, so it is actually the biggest obstacle to overcome.

I wrote this long introduction and explanation, because I wanted to be very sincere and clear above all so as not to waste time on the reader if all that I am writing does not interest him; the person I am looking for should not expect immediate gains, but will have to wait for the game to find its audiance and start monetizing, otherwise I cannot do; apart from maybe some occasional extras if I get the chance.

So if anyone is interested, I strongly advise them to contact me and request the latest version of the game I'm working on, along with which I will provide more information on future development, only later, if I do he is still interested and believes the project has potential and in some way it can excite him, then a dialogue can be undertaken.

Two quick technical information: not being a programmer, I built the whole story not for complicated mini-games or anything, but above all on getting different choices that lead to different paths; in theory then the code structure should be fairly linear ...
The game will contain a lot of eroticism and sex, but not continuous pornography, so the sexual aspect must be seen as complementary and interconnected with art, music, dialogue and history as a whole ... all these elements form a unique group if one of them fails, the game loses much coherence (I chose this line specifically, to try to create something new).

Please forgive this long Post, but I have tried to give as much information as you can to read so you can immediately guess, what you could face and expect, avoiding as much as possible wasting time if your interests and goals do not coincide with what I wrote .

Thank you all for your attention and
have a nice day
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