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how to localize

Discussion in 'Help' started by clare jpn, May 22, 2014.

  1. clare jpn

    clare jpn Guest

    Hi, I'm Japanese user trying to make the Japanese dialogue.
    I was directly editing the dialogue.txt, and found out when I actually launched the SDT itself that the japanese fonts aren't available. I looked up the SDT.log.txt and tried to add the Japanese font but somehow it didn't work.

    ************************************************** DefineFont3
    LanguageCode: Japanese
    FontID= 3072, name: Meiryo UI
    CodeTableNum= 6
    ************************************************** DefineFontAlignZones
    FontID= 3072
    CSMTableHint: medium
    ************************************************** DefineFontName
    FontID= 3072
    FontName: Meiryo UI
    FontCopyright: c2009 Microsoft Corporation

    This is the actual script I added (and failed) at the last part of the log.
    It was my first time touching the inside of swf, and I'm sure there would be a idiotic mistakes which I don't know where.

    I want to ask;
    1.If there is already a localization MOD that can display Japanese, or other foreign language which I can refer to
    2.If there is anyone who succeeded installing the foreign fonts, would you please give me the hint

    Sorry for my non-native English & if I'm asking in the inappropriate thread, or asking about the very easy problem.
  2. ModGuy

    ModGuy Content Creator

    Feb 17, 2011
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    Can't you change the dialogue font to something like _sans?
    Tech Writers, look in to this.