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Gwen Tennyson

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by Alive13, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Alive13

    Alive13 Potential Patron

    Dec 13, 2011
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    Well, have this. My humble first contribution to this board.

    I was playing with Gwen the other thought that the SDT guy was Ben for a second, probably because of the white shirt. So I made this dialogue about him raping her. I recommend to use her on angry mood because she isn't too willing to suck her cousin's dick.

    This dialogue is meant to be used with loli era Gwen, so she's still pretty bitchy ;D and because she's still a girl, and as we know, a good girl she won't say 'cum', 'cock' nor curse.

    Please tell me if there's a typo or a grammatical mistake I couldn't spot while proofreading.

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  2. killington

    killington Potential Patron

    Jan 30, 2012
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    thnx man been looking for this
  3. rsjop

    rsjop Potential Patron

    Jan 31, 2012
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    Really good, nice work.
  4. Alive13

    Alive13 Potential Patron

    Dec 13, 2011
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    Re-uploaded because there was a small mistake in the cough parameter (missing a break line).

    Glad you guys enjoy it!
  5. Edward Foster

    Edward Foster Potential Patron

    Mar 9, 2012
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    Hey I really enjoyed your Dialogue, I wanted to Ask if you minded that I Added to Original, It just seemed short and a lot of lines repeated for me so I just tried my hand at a Dialogue, seeing That is what i will mainly try to put into the communty, I have this version here, so message me and tell me what you think, I was wondering if you would let me post it up, with full credit to you of course!
    dialogue_name:"Gwen Tennyson(Revised By Edward Foster)"


    cum_in_eye::"I'll never forgive you for this."

    cum_on_face:"Ah! Why did you do this to my face!?"

    cum_on_face:"I feel so dirty now..."

    cum_on_face:"You're a pig, Ben."
    cum_on_face:"Untie me! I have to clean my face!"

    cum_on_face:"Ugh! I'm going to take a shower as soon as we finish!"

    cum_on_face:"I really hate you, Ben"
    cum_on_face:"You're finished now, good, let me go."
    cum_on_face:"Why is it so hot?"
    cum_on_face:"You'd better not have gotten any in my hair, Ben!"
    drool:"I couldn't take it all."

    drool:"It's hard to keep it all inside when you keep pushing."

    drool:"Won't you let me clean myself!?"

    drool:"Now my body is all sticky...I hope you're glad, Ben."

    drool:"Did you expect me to swallow it, Idiot?!"
    drool:"It feels so slimy..."
    drool:"Never again!"
    held:"That was horrible!"

    held:"Ben, I'm going to...pass out if you keep doing that."

    held:"Why you..why did you held me down...for...so long!"

    held:"Worse day of my life."

    held:"You're a jerk!"
    held:"Don't you...dare...do that again!"
    held:"That wasn't funny, Ben!"
    swallow::"This is like drinking the worst soda in the world."

    swallow:"Ugh! Your...juice..."

    swallow:"Did you expect me to swallow it all with a smile or something, Ben?"

    swallow:"I can't believe you made me swallow all that!"

    swallow:"Why won't you let me spit it!?"

    swallow:"It's warm and sticky. I don't like it."
    swallow:"Swallowing with a sore throat is hard."

    swallow:"You're done now right?!"
    pre_cum:"Huh? What's with that grin?"

    pre_cum:"Don't tell me that you're about to..."

    pre_cum:"Why are you shaking, Ben?"

    pre_cum:"Would you just hurry up!"
    pre_cum:"Are you about to..."
    pre_cum:"Oh no, not now..."
    cum_in_throat:"At least I didn't have to taste it."

    cum_in_throat:"I want to puke."

    cum_in_throat:"Ah...done already?"

    cum_in_throat:"Don't do that again."

    cum_in_throat:"Do you want me to fill my stomach or what!?"

    cum_in_eye:"My eyes!"

    cum_in_eye:"I can't see anything!"

    cum_in_eye:"It's like a sticky flash..."

    cum_in_eye:"Will you stop now!?"

    cum_in_eye:"It stings!"
    cum_in_eye:"Am I gonna go blind?!"
    cum_in_eye:"Why would you do that, Ben?!"






    cum_in_mouth:"It tastes horrible!"


    cum_in_mouth:"I thought this couldn't get any worse."

    cum_in_mouth:"We're done. Now let me go."

    cum_in_mouth:"Uggh...At least it's over."
    cum_in_mouth:"Why would you do it inside?!"
    cum_in_mouth:"You are SO dead!"
    cum_in_nose:"Urgh...smelling it just makes this worse."

    cum_in_nose:"My nose..."

    cum_in_nose:"You're so lucky I don't have my magic powers anymore."

    cum_in_nose:"Ugh...I'm gonna be sick..."
    cum_in_nose:"Why did it come out there?!"
    cum_in_nose:"It Burns!"
    resistance:"Ow! That hurts, Ben!"

    resistance:"Why are you doing this to me!?"

    resistance:"Stop pushing so hard!"

    resistance:"Let me go, Ben!"

    resistance:"What did I do to deserve this!?"

    first_dt:"Let me breathe!"

    first_dt:"Why do you want to choke me!?"


    first_dt:"I'm doing my best, stop pushing!"

    first_dt:"Do you have to make this as painful as possible?"

    first_dt:"Stop doing that!"
    first_dt:"I hate you, Ben..."
    first_dt:"It doesn't fit, so just stop!"
    first_dt:"I'm gonna puke..."
    restart:"I'm going to bite you if you try to stick it in again!"

    restart:"You still want to go on!?"

    restart:"You still are hard as Diamondhead..."

    restart:"You're going to be in a world of trouble when I tell my aunt about this."

    restart:"You're worse than that tentacle alien we fought last week."

    restart:"Again?! What if Grampa comes back?!"
    restart:"Why are you still...up? You...got it out...right?"
    general:"How are you going to explain this to Grandpa Max?"

    general:"When did your...when did you grow up so much?"

    general:"Ben, I got 25 dollars. Let me go and they are all yours."

    general:"This is humillianting."

    general:"Looks like I ran out of luck."

    general:"Can we stop now?"

    general:"I hate you, Ben."

    first_throat:"I can't believe you really made me...taste you."

    first_throat:"Pwag! You need to wash yourself more carefully!"

    first_throat:"I-I'm NOT going to do that again!"

    first_throat:"This is so gross!"
    first_throat:"Will you just quit it!?"
    first_throat:"You'd better not do that again!"
    wake:"You made me pass out...and still want to keep going!?"

    wake:"I hope you're happy now, Ben."

    wake:"I'd rather be unconcious again. At least then I wouldn't have to feel you in my mouth."

    wake:"Thanks Ben, for giving me the worst nap ever."
    wake:"You could have killed me, Ben!"
    wake:"You really are a monster..."
    wake:"Wha-What happened?"
    wake:"Did you just keep going while I was out?! You animal!"
    intro:"Joke's over Ben, untie me and give me back my clothes!"

    intro:"What is wrong with you!?"

    intro:"Ok, if you stop now I won't tell Grandpa Max or your mom. Just let me go."

    intro:"You're a freak. Just like those aliens in your watch."

    intro:"If you stop right now I'm gonna act like this never happened"

    vigorous:"You're such a brute!"

    vigorous:"I don't want to keep on doing this!"

    vigorous:"Do you have to be so rough!?"

    vigorous:"Are you trying to make this as painful as possible!?"

    vigorous:"You're shaking me as hard as Four Arms!"

    vigorous:"Please stop, My throat is killing me!"
    vigorous:"Oh...It hurts..."
    vigorous:"I...Don't wanna suck it any more!"


    Have yet to put any Finishes and things like that, But i'll work on it if you give me the OKGO!

    Thanks for the original, really realistic and pretty interesting!
  6. Alive13

    Alive13 Potential Patron

    Dec 13, 2011
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    Go for it bro, I really dig the changes you made.
  7. Jacktheripper123

    Jacktheripper123 Potential Patron

    Sep 18, 2011
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    Great stuff, nice varsity in dialog and it stays true to what Gwen would say good stuff.