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Gal Gun

Discussion in 'Games' started by SplitRyona, May 12, 2012.

  1. SplitRyona

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    May 29, 2011
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    Gal Gun is a game that flew under my radar when it was first released. In a nutshell, it is on-rail shooter / dating simulation.

    The storyline (from wikipedia, since I don't understand japanese): Tenzou, the protagonist is a student who is accidentally shot with a Cupid Arrow by an apprentice angel Patoko. The blessing from the arrow makes Tenzou irresistible to the opposite sex, transforming him into the most popular boy in school for one day. Holy moly, that's what I'd want too. But there is a catch - if Tenzou is unable to find his true love before the effects of the Cupid Arrow wear off, he’ll be destined for a life of loneliness.

    The game was originally only for the Xbox 360, but a PS3 port with additional characters and PlayStation Move support has been released on February 23, 2012.

    Gameplay (most if from wikipedia again) - Gal Gun plays is basically on-rail shooter, with the player walking through the school - as girl after girl runs towards the player trying to profess their love via hand-written notes or screams. Armed with "pheromone shots", the player keeps the girls at bay by shooting and dropping them to the floor in dizzy ecstasy - all the while trying to cultivate a romance with one of the four main female leads. Worry not, the game is not bloody at all.=) When a girl is defeated, her eyes become two big red hearts and she fades off screen in a bunch of flowers.

    If you manage to shoot the girl at a specific part of the body, you can OHKO her with so called Ecstasy shot. While you're shooting the girls down, a special gauge is filling up on right side of screen. When you have at least one bar full, wait until there are lots of girls on screen, and press Y while aiming at one of them. You'll enter DokiDoki mode, where you have to shoot the girl at various parts of her body and fill up her ecstasy meter. But be efficient, because your special gauge is draining during the process. Once the girl is ecstasied enough, a huge heart appears around her defeating all other girls on the screen.

    Pro-tip: I've read there's over 300+ different panties designs in the game.

    But it is not just on-rail shooting. The shooting is broken up by "action events" - you could consider those to be boss battles, hehe. I'll list three action events to give you a taste of them.
    - Shoot your dream girl with pheromone shots while protecting her from evil spirits
    - One of your dream girls is on a ladder in a public library looking for a book. You need to hold the ladder steady, and if you let go, she starts losing her balance, allowing you a nice glimpse of her panties. But that's not all... while all this is going on, you need to keep books from falling off the shelves. Lol, silly, I know.
    - Red-haired dream girl is launching bowling balls at you, and you need to shoot each ball twice to prevent it from hurting you.

    During storyline segments you're often presented with up to three choices, and I reckon that these choices affect how much your dream girl likes you. When you make a good choice, an appropriate sound effect will let you know so. And vice-versa for bad choices.

    For those that would like to get the game, please consider getting PS3 version. It has more content and offers Move support. I've been unable to confirm if XBOX 360 version works with any type of light guns. My money for a while was on Cabela's light guns, but very likely they're only compatible with Cabela's game titles.

    The developer has added a panic button that switches the action for a retro-looking game, with authentic animations and sounds. This is referred to as a Mama kita gamen or "Mom arrived screen." I'll provide two videos.

    GalGun intro:

    GalGun stage 1 with red-haired girl:

    I may update the thread with more info when I get farther in the game.
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