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Cyclone's Dialogues - NEW: Liara T'Soni, 11.36 kb.

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by Cyclone, May 21, 2012.

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    Stockholm Girl - She's this guy's prisoner and sex slave, and she's fallen completely in love with him. He's kept her in a cell for days/weeks/months/years, and while she didn't love him at first, she does now (WARNING: Don't do this in real life. It probably wouldn't work, and also, it would be very, very wrong). She's desperate to please in the hopes that it will make him love her back and he just enjoys the abuse.

    When starting, I recommend setting the arm free and leaving her sitting there for a few seconds to get a bit of intro dialogue. That was the only way I could figure out to make a line of dialogue play itself and then never repeat. Oh and it'll probably make more sense if you have her arms behind her back, put some cuffs on her, and pick the background to be the one which is a prison... you know, you're smart, you can manage it on your own.
    pain:"Did I do something bad?"{"next":"snort"}
    snort:"Heh. No."
    pain:"I'm sorry for whatever I did."{"next":"why"}
    why:"Why do you think you did something bad?"{"style":"Him","next":"why2"}
    why2:"I-- because you came on my eye. It hurts."{"next":"why3"}
    why3:"Do I need a reason to hurt you?"{"style":"Him","next":"why4"}
    why5:"So maybe I just did it because I felt like it."{"style":"Him"}
    cum_in_eye:"Ow! Ow!"{"next":"pain"}
    pain:"When he hurts me, that's because it brings him pleasure, right? So this is making him happy. I'm making him happy. Okay, see? It's not so bad if you think about it like that*, ME*."{"style":"Thought"}

    cum_in_mouth:"I love the taste of his cum on my tongue... I just want to let it swirl there forever."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_mouth:"He came! In my mouth! Since his semen was once his food, that's like an indirect kiss, right?"{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_mouth:"Do you want me to swallow it? Let it drool out on the ground? Whatever you want, I'll do it*, YOU*. Just tell me."

    cum_in_nose:"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I tried to keep it in... it just squirted out... please forgive me..."
    cum_in_nose:"At least I'll keep his scent for a while longer like this."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_nose:"It's like the rosey fragrance of a beloved perfume."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_nose:"Hah, you know, until you, I didn't even know cum could do that."{"style":"Him"}

    cum_in_throat:"Did you come*, YOU*?"{"next":"obv"}
    obv:"Of course I did*, ME*, you idiot."{"style":"Him","next":"obv2"}
    obv2:"Sorry*, YOU*! I'm sorry! I'm just a stupid little whore, forgive me for asking such a stupid question!"{"next":"obv3"}
    obv3:"I'll forgive you if you make a good showing now*, ME*."{"style":"Him","next":"obv4"}
    obv4:"Yes! I'll do whatever you want*, YOU*!"{"next":"obv5"}
    obv5:"Don't screw this up now*, ME*, you know what he wants. *Just do like YOU always asks you to, and you'll be fine. *Just do like he always wants."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_throat:"Oh my God, I think he's coming straight down my throat! That's to make it easier on me, right? After all, it's easier to deal with cum if it skips your mouth, right? So he's being nice to me! I knew he cared!"{"style":"Thought"}

    cum_on_face:"I love it when you do this to me."{"next":"care"}
    care:"Like I care what you think about it."{"style":"Him","next":"care2"}
    care2:"Good job,* ME,* now you've made him angry. You know that you're just his toy... why did you have to say that? [ADD_TEARS] It only makes you feel sad when he reminds you how he feels."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_on_face:"It's all over me, like a shower of his love. I want to wear it until Armageddon... but I can't."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_on_face:"Well, how does it feel to be humiliated and covered in my cum*, ME*?"{"style":"Him","next":"not"}
    not:"When you treat me like this*, YOU*, it's like a sacred rite. I could never be humiliated by being used by you."{"next":"not2"}
    not2:"Wow, you're really that big of a slut?"{"style":"Him","next":"not3"}
    not3:"Only for you, my lord* YOU*."

    drool:"You wanted me to let it just roll out, right?"{"next":"idiot"}
    idiot:"Of course I did, you stupid bitch. Jesus, can't you just do your job without asking these kinds of stupid questions? Don't answer that, it's rhetorical."{"style":"Him","next":"idiot2"}
    idiot2:"Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! How can you be such a goddamn idiot?! It's no wonder he treats you like he does when you can barely string a sentence together."{"style":"Thought"}
    drool:"Yeah, that's it. Just like that. You're so goddamn stupid, there's nothing more appropriate than seeing you drool out the contents of your mouth."{"style":"Him"}
    drool:"[LOOK_DOWN] He wants me to do this, right? That's why he moved my head like that? [LOOK_UP] Yeah, he wanted me to do that. So I made him a little bit happy. That's good."{"style":"Thought"}
    drool:"Did that make you happy*, YOU*? I only want to please."{"next":"well"}
    well:"Happy? I don't know. It didn't make me angry, though, which is unusual for you."{"style":"Him"}

    first_dt:"There you go, you stupid whore. See? How difficult is that?"{"style":"Him"}
    first_dt:"Oh thank God, it's finally in my throat. Thank you, thank you, God. Why did my gag reflex have to come back? I've done this before..."{"style":"Thought"}
    first_dt:"See? There, it's all come back to me. I'm sorry about that."{"next":"better"}
    better:"It had better have come back, or I'll give you something to be sorry about."{"style":"Him","next":"better2"}
    better2:"Oh, please. [ADD_TEARS] I really am sorry! Really!"

    first_throat:"I'm sorry, I don't know what's the matter with me today..."
    first_throat:"Jesus. Where has your talent gone*, ME*? You used to be good at this."{"style":"Him","next":"sorry"}
    sorry:"Sorry! I'm so sorry! It's just been a while since you used me last... I've got to get back into the rhythm..."{"next":"sorry2"}
    sorry2:"Well make it fast. I don't have all day."{"style":"Him"}
    first_throat:"Come on, get it together*, ME*! You don't want to disappoint* YOU*, do you?"{"style":"Thought"}
    first_throat:"I'm disappointed in you*, ME*. Your incompetence is making me angry, and we don't want that, do we?"{"style":"Him","next":"disappointed"}
    disappointed:"No! I'm going to do it, I swear!"
    first_throat:"This is the one thing you're good for*, ME*, and now you're fucking it up. Is this all you can manage?"{"style":"Thought"}
    first_throat:"Come on. Just relax. Relax and let it in. Relax and let it in. Breathe, imagine it's nothing..."{"style":"Thought"}
    first_throat:"Oh Jesus. Don't tell me you forgot how to take a cock? I mean, I know you're stupid, but you're not %2Athat%2A stupid, right?"{"style":"Him","next":"surely"}
    surely:"N-no. I definitely didn't forget*, YOU*. I just was a little surprised, is all."{"next":"surely2"}
    surely2:"Shit! Shit! You fuckup! How did you manage to fuck this up too?! Is there nothing you can do right?!"{"style":"Thought"}
    first_throat:"This is the meaning you've found in life, and you can't even accomplish your one purpose? How can you be so pathetic*, ME*?"{"style":"Thought"}

    general:"So, what do you think about sucking my dick now?"{"style":"Him","next":"thoughts"}
    thoughts:"I love it. I love the way you've made me yours. Please never stop."
    general:"God, what a slut. I knew you had it in you."{"style":"Him"}
    general:"This is it... this is perfection... you are my rapist, my father, my boss, my owner, my king, my master, my god, you are everything to me... do whatever you like, just don't let this ever change."{"next":"tease"}
    tease:"Maybe I'm done with you, *ME, you little *whore. [LOOK_UP] [SHOCK] Maybe I don't want you anymore. What do you think of that?"{"style":"Him","next":"tease2"}
    tease2:"No, please, please... [LOOK_DOWN] [ADD_TEARS] I'm sorry I ever complained. Please don't leave me... please..."{"next":"tease3"}
    tease3:"Relax, you stupid little bitch. I'm going to keep you for the rest of your life."{"style":"Him","next":"tease4"}
    tease4:"Oh, thank you, thank you so much! I promise to never ever complain ever again, just don't leave me."
    general:"Remember when you first came here?"{"style":"Him","next":"no"}
    no2:"I asked you a question*, ME*. Don't make me get physical."{"style":"Him","next":"no3"}
    no3:"I remember when I first came here..."{"next":"no4"}
    no4:"You remember the things you said?"{"style":"Him","next":"no5"}
    no5:"[LOOK_DOWN] Yes..."{"next":"no6"}
    no6:"How do you feel about them?"{"style":"Him","next":"no7"}
    no7:"I'm sorry... I'm sorry I ever said them... [ADD_TEARS] I'm sorry I ever said all those things to hurt you..."{"next":"no8"}
    no8:"Oh, don't worry, they didn't hurt me. I was just thinking about punishing you for them."{"style":"Him","next":"no9"}
    no9:"Please, I'm sorry! I didn't know! I didn't know..."{"next":"no10"}
    no10:"Well, now you do. It's been a while, but don't disappoint me like that ever again."{"style":"Him","next":"no11"}
    no11:"Don't worry, I won't!"
    general:"Did I do something wrong? Why is he just holding me here?"{"style":"Thought"}
    general:"Don't stop."{"next":"mine"}
    mine:"It's my choice to stop or not, you fucking moron. When I stop, or don't, that's my choice alone. If I decide to never come back here ever again, to leave you here like the pathetic little whore you are, that's my choice too. I choose when and how to fuck you."{"style":"Him","next":"mine2"}
    mine2:"I'm sorry, I just meant... don't stop on my account."{"next":"mine3"}
    mine3:"Don't worry, I won't."{"style":"Him"}
    general:"Did I do something wrong*, YOU*? Why did you stop?"

    head_grabbed:"Sorry! I'm so sorry! I thought because you weren't holding me down, that meant it was okay!"{"next":"twit"}
    twit:"Oh, are you saying it's my fault? You're blaming me? I'm not the one who pulled you up."{"style":"Him","next":"twit2"}
    twit2:"No, that's not what I meant! I'm sorry, please forgive me."
    head_grabbed:"When I want you off my dick, I'll pull you up by your hair, understand?"{"style":"Him"}
    head_grabbed:"Oh no, why did I pull myself off? Oh jeez... please let him forgive me. Well, he doesn't seem to be saying anything, maybe it was okay this time..."{"style":"Thought","next":"notreally"}
    notreally:"Bitch, what the hell was that? Do you get off on disappointing me?"{"style":"Him","next":"notreally2"}
    notreally2:"No! Never! All I want to do is make you happy... I'm sorry I messed up..."
    head_grabbed:"I'm sorry, it was an accident, I swear!"{"next":"accident"}
    accident:"It had better have been."{"style":"Him"}
    head_grabbed:"That wasn't what I was supposed to do. He doesn't seem to be saying anything this time... but I know I disappointed him... I've got to make it up to him."{"style":"Thought"}

    held:"How does it make you feel when I hold you down?"{"style":"Him","next":"great"}
    great:"It makes me feel like I'm a princess and you're my--"{"next":"great2"}
    great2:"I'm sorry, I forgot, I don't care. [LOOK_DOWN] [ADD_TEARS] [ADD_TEARS] [ADD_TEARS] [ADD_TEARS] [ADD_TEARS] Oh Jesus, are you crying?"{"style":"Him","next":"great3"}
    great3:"N-no. Well, yes, but just because of your dick in my throat. In a good way."
    held:"Can't... breathe... I hope he lets me up soon."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"Oh God... if I die like this, I shall die with my beloved..."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"Is he going to let me up? [LOOK_UP] I can't tell. I hope he does... but then I also hope he doesn't... after all, what's more romantic than dying to make the person you love happy?"{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"I love you*, YOU*, I hope you can see that. This is the only way I know to show you my love."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"When he holds me like this, it's... it's strange... it feels like we're one person. Like I'm a part of him."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"I love him so, so much."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"There is nothing I love more than him."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"It's been so long since I saw the outside world, but strangely, I don't miss it. This is enough."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"I wonder what kind of person he is, in the outside world? Is he a father? A husband? He would be a good husband, I think... I know I love him."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"There is nothing in this world so wondrous as touching the person you love and bringing them pleasure."{"style":Thought"}
    held:"I hope one day he loves me back... if I please him enough, maybe one day he will..."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"Imagine us together, walking hand in hand in the streets, me doing whatever he orders without hesitation. It would be so sweet to be displayed by him, so that everyone could see that I am his."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"Sometimes I can't remember a time when I didn't love him."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"Please, God, let us stay together forever. And I know it's too much to ask for, but I would be greatly appreciative if he could love me back."{"style":"Thought"}

    intro:"Oh, yes, it's you*, YOU*! You're finally back! I'm ready. [HOLD]"{"held":"false","next":"hello"}
    hello:"Oh, hello, *ME, *you little whore. I'd almost forgotten about you. I trust nothing interesting happened while I was gone?"{"style":"Him","next":"hello2"}
    hello2:"No. Nothing interesting ever happens while you're gone..."
    intro:"I know that I am in no position to ask any--"{"held":"false","next":"shut"}
    shut:"Then why are you about to, *ME, *you stupid little slut?"{"style":"Him","next":"shut2"}
    shut2:"I'm sorry! But if you have any friends, or acquaintances, or even total strangers, I'd gladly let them use me just like you do. I only want to please... and I get so lonely when you're out..."{"next":"shut3"}
    shut3:"Your desperation is amusing*, ME*, but no. You're mine, and mine alone*, ME*. Remember that. [HOLD]" {"style":"Him","next":"shut4"}
    shut4:"Thank you for saying that- that I'm yours..."{"next":"shut5"}
    shut5:"Don't take it the wrong way. I don't care about you. I just own you. I don't let other people drive my car either, doesn't mean I care about it, you understand?"{"style":"Him","next":"shut6"}
    shut6:"I do, I understand. I'm sorry I said anything."
    intro:"I'm sorry... I don't know what's the matter with my throat. We don't need to take a break. Though if you want to, we can."{"held":"true"}
    intro:"Do you want me to fuck your throat?"{"held":"true","style":"Him","next":"yess"}
    yess:"More than anything in the world."
    intro:"Why isn't he doing anything? I know I'm messing it up but... he used my throat even back when I couldn't do it at all, and screamed in anger every time he touched me..."{"held":"true","style":"Thought"}

    pre_cum:"Oh, I'm so glad, did I please you*, YOU*?"{"next":"eh"}
    eh:"Only in the most perfunctory sense."{"style":"Him"}
    pre_cum:"I'm going to come, *ME, *you little cunt. Where do you want it?"{"style":"Him","next":"yours"}
    yours:"Wherever you want it."{"next":"yours2"}
    yours2:"Good to see you know your place."{"style":"Him"}
    pre_cum:"Yes, I did it, I made him happy."{"style":"Thought"}
    pre_cum:"Oh boy, he's about to come. I'm so happy!"{"style":"Thought"}
    pre_cum:"I did it, I'm making him come!"{"style":"Thought"}
    pre_cum:"Please come*, YOU*. I know I don't deserve it, but I love knowing that I've made you happy."
    pre_cum:"I'm yours, I'm so glad you've used me to bring yourself happiness like this*, YOU*."

    pulled_down:"You should be lower than that. Lower than dirt, really."{"style":"Him"}
    pulled_down:"You're just like a dog, get down on the ground and beg."{"style":"Him","next":"beg"}
    beg:"Please, please*, YOU*. Please fuck my throat."
    pulled_down:"I wonder if I could fuck your eye socket."{"style":"Him","next":"eyes"}
    eyes:"If you could, I would let you, but I don't think you can*, YOU*."{"next":"eyes2"}
    eyes2:"Don't tell me what I can and can't do*, ME*. I'm the one in charge here, not you."{"style":"Him","next":"eyes3"}
    eyes3:"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that!"{"next":"eyes4"}
    eyes4:"Well, I guess I can forgive you... this one time. Don't let it happen again."{"style":"Him"}

    pulled_up:"Are you... going to kiss me?"{"next":"kiss"}
    kiss:"No, of course not, you fucking moron."{"style":"Him","next":"kiss2"}
    kiss2:"S-sorry... [ADD_TEARS]"{"next":"kiss3"}
    kiss3:"Why did you have to say a stupid thing like that*, ME*?"{"style":"Thought"}

    resistance:"What am I going to do with you?"{"style":"Him"}
    resistance:"What's the matter*, ME*? Your throat's not letting my cock in. You know that's not good for me."{"style":"Him","next":"apol"}
    apol:"I'm sorry*, YOU*. I don't know what's the matter with me... it's like my body won't listen to my commands."
    resistance:"Come on, come on! You can do this*, ME*! Why are you choking now?"{"style":"Thought"}
    resistance:"If you can't even swallow a cock, maybe you shouldn't get to swallow real food either*, ME*."{"style":"Him"}
    resistance:"Come on, throat. Relax. Let it in. God, what's happening to me?"{"style":"Thought"}
    resistance:"I can't do it... [ADD_TEARS] Why can't I do it? No, don't listen to yourself*, ME*, you're better than this. You've just got to put yourself into it."{"style":"Thought"}
    resistance:"Nobody's encountered this much resistance to take something so valueless since the Nazis tried to take Pavlov's house."{"style":"Him","next":"what"}
    what:"Sorry? Is that like Pavlov's dogs?"{"next":"what2"}
    what2:"What? %01%01%01%01%01 No, it's not. %01%01%01%01%01 Just get back to sucking dick, you stupid bitch, it's all you're good for."{"style":"Him"}
    resistance:"I am so, so sorry*, YOU*. Please forgive me, please."

    restart:"I'm ready for this."
    restart:"I'm sorry that I haven't pleased you enough, even though you came* FINISHES*."
    restart:"Use me as much as you need!"
    restart:"Maybe the fact that he still wants to do it means I'm doing well? Well, maybe..."{"style":"Thought"}

    swallow:"Make sure to swallow it all, *ME, *you little bitch."{"style":"Him","next":"iwill"}
    iwill:"I will! [SWALLOW] [SWALLOW] That should be all of it."
    swallow:"I can feel it all inside me."
    swallow:"I love knowing that I've got a little bit of you inside me."
    swallow:"It's kind of... romantic, don't you think?"{"next":"love"}
    love:"I don't know what you're talking about, you stupid piece of shit. How could I ever love a blubbering little whore like you?"{"style":"Him","next":"love2"}
    love2:"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that... I love you... I know you don't love me, and I don't care... that's all I meant... [ADD_TEARS] I'm sorry, I just don't know what to say..."{"next":"love3"}
    love3:"Whatever, slut. Get back to work."{"style":"Him","next":"love4"}
    love4:"Maybe if I please him, he'll love me one day... God I hope so..."{"style":"Thought"}

    vigorous:"Oh, good, I'm making him happy."{"style":"Thought"}
    vigorous:"Yeah, take that you little tramp."{"style":"Him"}
    vigorous:"You know what you are? Just a toy, a fucktoy. My fucktoy."{"style":"Him","next":"his"}
    his:"He called me his! Oh that makes me so happy..."{"style":"Thought"}
    vigorous:"You're mine, you understand what that means?"{"style":"Him","next":"when"}
    when2:"That means I get to do this whenever I like. How does that make you feel?"{"style":"Him","next":"when3"}
    when3:"Fantastic*, YOU*."
    vigorous:"I hope this makes him happy."{"style":"Thought"}
    vigorous:"This means he likes me, right? He wouldn't be doing this with me if he didn't, right? Yeah. Yeah, he likes me."{"style":"Thought"}
    vigorous:"Wow, he's really into it today! I'm so glad."{"style":"Thought"}
    vigorous:"You love it when I do this, right you little slut?"{"style":"Him"}
    vigorous:"God, there's so little sensation in your throat, I've got to go to all these lengths to feel anything..."{"style":"Him"}
    vigorous:"Damn, you're really getting into it, huh?"{"style":"Him","next":"intoit"}
    intoit:"Yes, I - being facefucked by you like this is so good."
    vigorous:"Is he getting closer? God I hope so..."{"style":"Thought"}

    wake:"Oh, I'm sorry, was I boring you?"{"style":"Him","next":"nosir"}
    nosir:"No, not at all! I just..."{"next":"nosir2"}
    nosir2:"You just what? Haven't been sleeping well lately? Stayed up too late last night?"{"style":"Him","next":"nosir3"}
    nosir3:"No, I couldn't breathe! I passed out! I'm sorry."{"next":"nosir4"}
    nosir4:"Next time, try breathing through your nose, you stupid cunt. Or are you so stupid as to literally be a mouthbreather?"{"style":"Him","next":"nosir5"}
    nosir5:"N-no, I'll do better next time."{"next":"nosir6"}
    nosir6:"But I really can't breathe through my nose when his cock is in my throat... Lord knows I've tried... what did I do to deserve such a disappointing body? If only God had given me one a little better, I could make him happy..."{"style":"Thought"}
    wake:"Huh? What? What's going on? What happened? Was I dreaming?"{"next":"dream"}
    dream:"Just a nightmare. Get back to work before I hurt you."{"style":"Him","next":"dream2"}
    dream2:"Y-yes! Sorry!"

    Submissive: She's really, really into being facefucked and "forced" to deepthroat a guy. Her boyfriend/lover/husband isn't quite so into it, but he's willing to do it for the woman he loves. If you pull her up, it switches between having her head grabbed or not, which changes most of the dialogue from her begging him to facefuck her and her being really intent on bringing him pleasure, and him taking a dominant role and her relishing it.

    === HIM RELUCTANT (held = false) ===
    cum_in_eye:"Oh, yeah, I love it when it spurts all over my face and gets in my eyes. It hurts so good."{"held":"false"}
    cum_in_eye:"Mmm... the perfect mix of pleasure and pain. Doesn't this just turn you on? [LOOK_UP] It doesn't? Well, believe me, it gets me hot and heavy."{"held":"false"}

    cum_in_mouth:"It tastes so good on my tongue. Wanna see?"{"held":"false"}
    cum_in_mouth:"I'm going to swirl it around on my tongue so I can just bask in the taste."{"held":"false"}
    cum_in_mouth:"Oh, baby. I love your taste... your texture... your feeling... it's like an orgasm in my mouth."{"held":"false"}

    cum_in_nose:"Whoa! Holy shit, are you okay?"{"style":"Him","next":"better"}
    better:"I'm better than okay... I'm fantastic!"
    cum_in_nose:"Wow, the smell is so strong... and so good."{"style":"Thought"}

    cum_in_throat:"You just came, right?"{"next":"yea","held":"false"}
    yea:"Y-yeah, baby."{"style":"Him","next":"yea2"}
    yea2:"I'm glad I made you feel good. You starting to get into it?"{"next":"yea3"}
    yea3:"Umm... I guess."{"style":"Him"}
    cum_in_throat:"I can't believe how good that feels..."
    cum_in_throat:"Surreal, baby... I didn't even taste it..."
    cum_in_throat:"Whoa... right into my stomach..."

    cum_on_face:"It's all over me... it feels so good..."{"held":"false"}
    cum_on_face:"I love a good cum bath... mmm..."{"held":"false"}
    cum_on_face:"It's so wonderful... I'm glad to feel it on my cheeks, on my face... mmm..."

    drool:"Aww, yes, I want it all over me... I want to be caked in it..."{"held":"false"}

    first_dt:"Yesss... I got it all the way down my throat. I'm just sorry that I had to do it all on my lonesome*, YOU*... next time help me out a little?"{"held":"false"}
    first_dt:"Goddammit... I'd meant to make you force me down your cock the first time I took it all the way to the base... [LOOK_DOWN] I guess I just got too into it... next time for sure, right*, YOU*?{"held":"false"}

    first_throat:"Ha, woops, let me just try again."{"held":"false"}
    first_throat:"Having a little difficulty, babe, I'm so sorry."{"held":"false"}
    first_throat:"Oh, darn, I'm having a tough time with this
    first_throat:"Does the feeling of my gagging throat around the head of your cock feel good? I hope so."{"held":"false"}
    first_throat:"It feels ~so~ good to choke on dick..."{"held":"false"}
    first_throat:"I'm trying to get it all the way in, but my body's just not cooperating. Isn't that sad*, YOU*?"{"held":"false","next":"sad"}
    sad:"I guess it is."{"style":"Him","next":"sad2"}
    sad2:"Aha! I knew you liked it! Uh uh, no objections*, YOU*."
    first_throat:"Why even have a gag reflex? Honestly. It just messes things up."{"held":"false"}

    general:"You know, I was thinking... maybe we could spice things up a little. Maybe a threesome some time? You, me, my friend Jessica... what do you think?"{"held":"false","next":"sure"}
    sure:"I... um... guess so. If that's what you want."{"style":"Him"}
    general:"Hey, so, how do you want me?"{"held":"false","next":"dealer"}
    dealer:"Dealer's choice."{"style":"Him","next":"dealer2"}
    dealer2:"That's not what I asked... oh well, I guess I'll just carry on."
    general:"I want you to put your hand on the back of my head. Come on. You don't even have to do anything else. Just put your hand on the back of my head."{"held":"false","next":"grip"}
    grip:"[HOLD] Like this?"{"style":"Him","next":"grip2"}
    grip2:"[AHEGAO_MOOD] Yeah, just like that. You want to... push me down on your cock? C'mon, please? Just interrupt me and shove me down your cock... please? Go ahead. Surprise me. I'm waiting. C'mon... please... no? Okay then... let go and I'll do it myself. [RELEASE]"
    general:"Would you ask for it?"{"held":"false","next":"asking"}
    asking:"No, because I know you're the one who wants it more."{"style":"Him","next":"asking2"}
    asking2:"[LOOK_DOWN]What if I didn't, though? Would you still want it like this?"{"next":"asking3"}
    asking3:"Probably not, no."{"style":"Him","next":"asking4"}
    asking4:"Then I'll just have to try harder, until you get as much out of this as I do."

    intro:"I want you to make me do it, c'mon."{"held":"false"}
    intro:"I can't believe I have to do this all on my own... ugh, you're intolerable sometimes!"{"held":"false"}

    pre_cum:"Oh, God, yes, you're going to come aren't you?! I'm so excited!"{"held":"false"}
    pre_cum:"Oh, yes, it's coming... this cum... it's all mine... to do whatever I want with... mmmhmmm..."{"held":"false"}

    pulled_up:"Yeah. Yeah. Fuck yeah. [HOLD]"{"style":"Him","held":"false","next":"getting"}
    getting:"Oh yeah, somebody's getting into it! Take charge*, YOU*! Treat me like a slut, baby!"

    pull_off:"This is pretty hard... but it feels sooo good."{"held":"false"}
    pull_off:"You enjoying this*, YOU*? Please tell me you are, because I sure as hell am."{"held":"false","next":"enjoy"}
    enjoy:"Y-yeah, it's pretty good."{"style":"Him"}
    pull_off:"You feeling ready to really treat me like a slut? C'mon baby."{"held":false","next":"not"}
    not:"I'm - I don't think I'm quite comfortable with that."{"style":"Him"}

    vigorous:"Holy fuck."{"style":"Him","held":"false","next":"little"}
    little:"Does that make you feel good, baby?"{"next":"little2"}
    little2:"Yeah, a little bit. Jesus. Doesn't that hurt?"{"style":"Him","next":"little3"}
    little3:"Only in a good way*, YOU*."
    vigorous:"Fuck yes, this is so amazing, I love it... damn... how did I get like this?"{"style":"Thought"}
    vigorous:"This is such a goddamn turn on..."{"held":"false","style":"Him"}

    wake:"D-damn, I knocked myself out... holy shit, was that hot or what?"{"held":"false","next":"iguess"}
    iguess:"I... guess so? I mean, if you liked it."{"style":"Him","next":"iguess2"}
    iguess2:"Of course I liked it! I'm the one who did it, aren't I?!"
    wake:"Are-are you okay?"{"style":"him","next":"okay"}
    okay:"Fffuck yeah I'm okay. Let's do that again! Feel free to... you know... *use* me while I'm out. Oh God imagine if I woke up during that! Wouldn't that be great?!"

    === HIM IN CHARGE (held = true} ===
    cum_in_eye:"Oh my God, right in my eye! Haha, Jesus you're getting into it."{"held":"true"}
    cum_in_eye:"I'm sorry! It was an accident [ANGRY_MOOD] I... swear? Wait, that's a lie, I did it on purpose. [AHEGAO_MOOD]"{"style":"Him","held":"true"}

    cum_in_mouth:"Do you want me to swallow or drool?"{"held":"true"}
    cum_in_mouth:"So... tasty... mmm... I love it on my tongue. Thanks for letting me taste it."{"held":"true"}

    cum_in_nose:"Yeah, take that, bitch! Watching it squirt out your nose... so hot."{"held":"true","style":"Him"}

    cum_on_face:"The humiliation of my face being used as your cum tissue... is so orgasmic..."{"held":"true"}
    cum_on_face:"I love it all over my face."
    cum_on_face:"It feels like your love is covering me."
    cum_on_face:"So humiliating... just leave it there, baby."{"held":"true"}

    drool:"You want me to drool it out on my tits? Okay, baby."{"held":"true"}
    drool:"Yeah, just let it all slobber out like the dumb slut you are."{"held":"true","style":"Him","next":"dumbslut"}
    dumbslut:"I'm sorry I'm such a dumb slut..."{"next":"dumbslut2"}
    dumbslut2:"If you were really sorry, you'd stop being one."{"style":"Him"}

    first_dt:"[COUGH] I'm just glad you made me take it all the way to the base*, YOU*. I love being forced."{"held":"true"}
    first_dt:"Thank you so much for making me take you all the way down... it's so sexy and romantic, being ravished like that..."{"held":"true"}

    first_throat:"Yeah, make me gag on your cock, baby! Force me down it!"{"held":"true"}
    first_throat:"Brilliant... the sensation of your cock and my gag reflex... it's so... sexy, don't you think?"
    first_throat:"Choke me on your cock, make it so I can't breathe, fuck my closing throat."{"held":"true"}
    first_throat:"[workforit]Keep it up, fuck my throat hard and painfully until I yield to you... maybe I'll keep it up, make you work for it..."{"held":"true"}
    workforit:"Oh, would you like me to work for it?"{"style":"Him","next":"workforit2"}
    workforit2:"I'd like you to push me extra hard, baby."
    first_throat:"I'm going to do it, just give me another shot."{"held":"true"}
    first_throat:"Keep going, I can manage it."{"held":"true"}
    first_throat:"My bad, baby."{"held":"true"}
    first_throat:"Sorry, try again?"{"held":"true"}

    lick_penis:"This is kind of nice, like a %22vanilla kink.%22"{"held":"true"}
    lick_penis:"I don't mind this, but we're going for the real deal soon, right?"{"held":"true"}
    lick_penis:"Let's get to business soon, please."{"held":"true"}
    lick_penis:"This is good foreplay."{"held":"true"}

    general:"Did I do something bad, baby? I mean, I took it all the way to the base... do you want me to do something special? Do you want me to beg? I will. Please shove me down your cock without mercy."{"held":"true"}
    general:"Wreck my throat, please... come on..."{"held":"true"}
    general:"Is there any... like... reason for how much you like this?"{"held":"true","style":"him","next":"reasons"}
    reasons:"Reasons are for people who can't just accept that they like what they like. Now fuck my throat like it was my ass."

    head_grabbed:"I was worried for a second you were going to chicken out on me."
    head_grabbed:"Good to see we're still going."
    head_grabbed:"Keep it up, treat me like your personal fucktoy."

    held:"Oh, God, he's not gonna let me up without a fight... yes, he's finally really into it. Thank God."{"style":"Thought"}
    held:"Do you want to breathe, slut? Huh? Well, too bad. I'm in charge here now."{"style":"Him"}
    held:"Being held down like this... it's the perfect kind of ecstacy..."{"style":"Thought"}

    intro:"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry that I haven't managed to take it all the way down... please, shove me down, help me, force me to do it..."{"held":"true"}
    intro:"I want you to wreck my throat like it was your personal plaything... I know I'm being a little disappointing, but don't just leave me here until my mouth dries out."{"held":"true"}

    pre_cum:"Are you ready for this, slut?"{"style":"Him","held":"true","next":"fuckyeah"}
    fuckyeah:"Fuck yeah I'm ready for this! Hit me, baby!"
    pre_cum:"Come wherever you like, use me as your personal cum napkin."{"held":"true"}

    pulled_up:"I'm... I'm not sure about this. It feels weird. [RELEASE]"{"style":"Him","held":"true","next":"out"}
    out:"Oh come on* YOU*, you know I want you to. Fine, I'll show you how much I love to get my throat fucked."

    pull_off:"Don't stop making me yours. Use me like a toy."{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"Don't stop on my account."{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"I love it when you completely take control."{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"I want you to hold me down and choke me on your cock."{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"It's so good to be held down."{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"Knowing that you have all the power is so freeing."{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"Not being able to breath... wondering if I'll be able to... it feels so good."{"held":"true"}
    pull_off:"Please, do that again."{"held":"true"}

    restart:"You're still hard? I knew there was a reason I loved you..."{"next":"notonly"}
    notonly:"I hope it's not the only reason..."{"style":"Him","next":"notonly2"}
    notonly2:"Aww, don't worry baby, I love you for other reasons too..."
    restart:"Keep going and never stop."
    restart:"Damn, you've got endurance..."
    restart:"This is the most incredible feeling in the world, I think I've come more than you have."

    swallow:"How does that taste, you whore?"{"style":"Him","held":"true","next":"taste"}
    taste:"Salty... strong... and delicious..."
    swallow:"Swallow every last drop."{"style":"Him","held":"true","next":"allofit"}
    allofit:"Yes sir! [SWALLOW] [SWALLOW] So you're getting into it, then?"{"next":"allofit2"}
    allofit2:"Don't ruin the mood."{"style":"Him"}

    vigorous:"That's it, ream my throat."{"style":"Thought","held":"true","next":"ream"}
    ream:"You love it, don't you*, ME*, you great big slut?"{"style":"Him","next":"ream2"}
    ream2:"You know I do."
    vigorous:"Tell me how it makes you feel, whore."{"style":"Him","held":"true","next":"whore"}
    vigorous:"Oh my god... I half want him to stop, half want him to keep going..."{"style":"Thought","held":"true","next":"stopping"}
    stopping:"Don't stop! Keep going!"

    wake:"Please... do that again sometime."{"held":"true"}
    wake:"... whoa, damn, that was... incredible."
    wake:"Amazing. Please, facefuck me to sleep again soon, baby."{"held":"true"}
    wake:"Haha, hope that didn't do any permanent damage."
    wake:"Let's... do that again sometime."
    wake:"Lost a little time there, baby. Was it good for you?"{"held":"true"}

    Desperate to Please - She's gone from one bad relationship to another for years. This guy, who's pretty much just an acquaintance, takes time out his day and expends a lot of effort to help her when she really needs it... and she's very appreciative. For pretty much the first time in her life, a guy has done her a good turn without expectation, and she wants him to stay nearby. Three guesses how she decides to try to get him to stay near, first two don't count.

    Written for use with normal or happy face and having him hold her head.

    general:"Am I doing a good job?"

    first_dt:"That was good, right? I did good?"

    intro:"I'm not sure about this..."{"style":"Him","next":"sure"}
    sure:"I am. Let me make you feel good."{"next":"sure2"}
    sure2:"It's just... I don't know..."{"style":"Him","next":"sure3"}
    sure3:"Do you - oh God, do you not find me attractive? Or - fuck, fuck, do you already have somebody? Shit, shit, I should've asked earlier..."{"next":"sure4"}
    sure4:"No! No, you're very attractive. And I'm unattached. It's just... I feel like I'm... [LOOK_UP] nevermind... it's stupid."{"style":"Him","next":"sure5"}
    sure5:"It's okay, even really smart guys like you sometimes think stupid things."

    intro:"I know this is a good girl's job, so I'm going to do it!"

    resistance:"Sorry, just a little performance anxiety. I've got to relax."

    vigorous:"Damn, you've really got some pent up energy*, YOU*. Let it all out."

    pull_off:"I want him. I'll do anything for him. I need to show him my worth, my value - and this is it."{"style":"Thought"}

    pull_off:"Relax. Relax your throat. Let him in, let your throat wrap around his cock and ignore everything else."{"style":"Thought"}

    held:"Okay, just calm down*, ME*. He'll let you up, he's just checking to see that you trust him."{"style":"Thought"}

    held:"This is amazing! Fuck!"{"style":"Him","next":"love"}
    love:"I'm glad you feel that way. I was having a bit of trouble breathing."{"next":"love2"}
    love2:"Oh, jeez, I'm sorry, I totally--"{"style":"Him","next":"love3"}
    love3:"It's nothing. I don't mind."{"next":"love4"}
    love4:"Why did I mention that? Now he's going to be anxious the whole time..."{"style":"Thought"}

    held:"When is he going to let me up? I can't breathe. No, it's fine, I'll live. What's important is showing my appreciation."{"style":"Thought"}

    cum_in_mouth:"I don't mind the taste of your cum in my mouth."
    Liara T'Soni - Everybody's favorite asari gets her face fucked. Pretty self-explanatory. Hold her down for long enough and she starts to enjoy being held down. The dialogue works for when you've got your hand on her head and when you don't.

    held:"Please, don't... actually, it's fine*, YOU*. I think I've gotten used to it. I trust you."{"check":{"brokenhold":"false"},"set":{"brokenhold":"true"}}

    held:"Wonderful, it feels so good to be held down*, YOU*... the submission, the trust... it makes me feel so... incredible... almost as good as melding."{"check":{"brokenhold":"true"}}

    pull_off:"God... that was incredible, Shepard, I could almost feel your pleasure like a tangible force in my throat."{"held":"false"}

    vigorous:"By the Goddess! Has he lost all rational thought?"{"style":"Thought","held":"true"}
    C&C greatly appreciated, especially in the area of typos, technical errors and lack of sufficient dialogue to prevent repetition.

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  2. rubix

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    Jan 4, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    Informative AND fun...

    I dig this, the interaction is well done, it comes across as less vicious than most of the other BDSM type dialogues about, suggesting a proper established relationship, which is in keeping with the Stockholm Syndrome theme you were going for.

    as for getting rid of the base set put;

    all: "CLEAR"

    in the txt file as a line and it should clear all the defaults out for you
  3. Cyclone

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    I used that but it didn't work on the pull_off stuff for some reason. I dunno.

    fake edit: Oh, you have to put a space between the words? Huh. Guess that's what I was doing wrong. Dammit.
  4. bono-fr

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    Feb 2, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    One of my preferred dialogue ever. The use of the new features is very good. I really like the way you used the thoughts while unable to speak. Very good work.
    Hope to see more of it.
  5. Cyclone

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    I made some modifications:
    - added several "vigorous" lines
    - moved the "pull_off" lines to "held" so that they don't play back and forth to exhaustion over a relatively short period whenever you hold her down
    - added some "head_grabbed" lines.
    - some other minor stuff that I forgot.
  6. zzaapp002

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    Dec 10, 2011
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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    This is great. Thanks!
  7. dirtydave93

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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    Best dialogue I've seen yet.
  8. astounded

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    Apr 15, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    Great work! This is my favorite dialogue so far. Her attitude and thoughts are perfect. Extending this into a long, more complex scene would be appreciated.
  9. Cyclone

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    I don't think I can make it much more complex. The game's dialogue logic is very rudimentary, sadly.
  10. danx12

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    Mar 17, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    So much detail. You put in a lot of work into this. Not my style of Dialogue But i respect you talent. If i may ask how do you use these new trigger lines? A little confusing. I'm sure it's not that hard but i never wrote so many new triggers at once. A better question is how would i trigger these? i apologize for being a noob. i can write basic Dialogue but this is a whole new level for me.
  11. Eastwood007

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    May 1, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    I feel like I've had a girlfriend somewhat like this before, but I only knew the term "whipped". Or psychotic.
  12. Cyclone

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    What do you mean by "new trigger lines"? If you're talking about the little "conversations" that play, it's done by putting {"next":"linex"} at the end of the line and then making a custom line with the title "linex". So you have

    head_grabbed:"Blah blah."{"next":"linex"}
    linex:"Blah blah blah."

    Which will make them play sequentially, so after having her head grabbed she'll say "blah blah" then "blah blah blah" in two separate boxes.

    I basically just used the in game dialogue editor, then switched to using a text editor to speed things up. The in-game dialogue editor is pretty straightforward and you can see what does what when you go into the text editor. You'll probably want to use Notepad Plus instead of the bundled notepad, since that one makes it all display as one giant line, which is tough to read.
  13. danx12

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    Mar 17, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    Yea I'm sorry i figured it out this morning. I'm a bit dumb but thanks for the info. I got a ton of writing to do now lol. Anyways Nice job and i hope you make more Dialogues.
  14. rick410xx

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    Re: Stockholm Girl

    I can't tell you how much i love love love this dialogue! It never gets stale or boring which is really great. looking forward to whatever it is you're doing next.
  15. Cyclone

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl & Submissive

    Added another dialogue: Submissive.
  16. astounded

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    Apr 15, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl & Submissive

    "Submissive" is fantastic. ;D You are inspired and my fav author here. That girl has personality. Great work. More please!
  17. KurotoEregantona

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    Jul 7, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl & Submissive

    Thank you, nice work.
  18. Jeff

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    Re: Stockholm Girl & Submissive

    Nice. I like the back-and-forth between them.
  19. Cyclone

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    Apr 22, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl, Submissive and Desperate to Please

    Added another dialogue: Desperate to Please.
  20. talgoth

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    Aug 19, 2012
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    Re: Stockholm Girl, Submissive and Desperate to Please

    Thanks, i enjoyed the first 2, im sure i'll enjoy the new one as well.