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Chun Li's last case (a meep meep request)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by sooperhero1, Mar 10, 2012.

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    (Just a few notes before you read this. First, it's my first request here and it became a lot longer than I had originally intended. Thanks to meep meep for making this request and I hope it touches on everything he wanted. I hope it's not too long and hope that everyone else likes it!)

    * * * * *

    A group of criminals winced as the body of a woman smashed into a nearby crate, the crunch of breaking wood ringing out over the normally quiet docks.
    "Big mistake, Li..." one of the woman's eyes flashed bright pink as she glared at her opponent from the wreckage.
    The woman's opponent had a smooth faced beauty, almost innocent but for the hard look of determination on her face. At the comment, a wisp of a satisfied grin turned her lips.
    "You're the one who made the mistake, Juri Han," Chun Li's response was cool, "Coming back here when you knew I was tracking you... that's crime school 101 stuff,"
    Juri responded by giving Chun Li a brutal glare, then sprang from the ruined crate, landing half a dozen paces in front of the Interpol agent in a flamboyant fighting stance. The two sets of eyes met, Juri in her wild, flamingo-like stance, Chun Li in her more conservative kung fu stance. Neither moved for a few moments, staring each other down. Like the quiet before the storm.
    The various thugs and shady businessmen watched with wide eyes as the two faced off, most of them feeling out of their depth. They had agreed to meet Juri at the ship containing their smuggled contraband of drugs and weapons because Juri had promised a lucrative business opportunity. They hadn't signed on to getting caught in the crossfire with a famous Interpol agent and a sociopathic criminal.
    One of the men started to back away in the hopes of quietly escaping, but the movement drew Juri's eye and her head snapped towards him as if on a swivel.
    "If any of you leaves, I'll make what I do to her look gentle," Juri's eye flashed, "We still have business,"
    The man froze in place and gulped, his fancy suit suddenly feeling very tight about his throat.
    Once sure her point was made, Juri slowly turned back to Chun Li, her momentary fury becoming a lazy, playful quirk of the lips.
    "Besides..." Juri drawled as she sneered at her opponent, "Why beat the strongest woman in the world to death if there's no audience?"
    "You talk a good fight, Juri..." Chun Li narrowed her eyes, undaunted.
    Juri leapt in and struck with a powerful kick and a war-like cry, Chun Li blocking and returning with a blow of her own.
    Despite their nervousness, the assembled thieves and smugglers found that part of themselves enjoying the spectacle of the two women attacking each other. Both were very attractive in their own way. Juri had a smooth face, with delicate, angular features. Dark eyes with heavy, alluring lashes and creamy, pale skin mixed with the cone shapes of her hair to make her look almost like a possessed child, perverted innocence.
    Even with the child-like smoothness of her features, her body left no doubt that she was a woman. Her upper body was clothed in what could be described as a black halter, but was closer to a bib held in places by straps that lashed across her back and neck, purposefully baring her toned arms and shoulders, the gentle ridges of her abdominal muscles and belly button.
    Every time she kicked that unnervingly pretty face strained with glee, her body coiling and flexing, pumping her hips and backside. Her legs were undoubtedly graceful and curvy, but a set of baggy gi-style chaps obscured them. The same couldn't be said, however, for the round shape of her hips and crotch, hugged by pink spandex and a set of equally tight over shorts, drawing up so tightly they almost parted the woman's bottom like a thong.
    The two matched each other with aggression and power, martial cries and the claps of flesh on flesh intermixed.
    Juri pistoned a kick into Chun Li's stomach, the sociopath's heel driving into the relatively soft form of her opponent's stomach. Li grunted and stumbled back a step, but before Juri could press her advantage Chun Li lifted one powerful leg then unleashed a flurry of lightning fast kicks that Juri was barely able to fend off.
    Although managing to keep the kicks from striking cleanly, each blow thundered into Juri's arms, rattling and jarring her from the impact. Unlike in some video games, when someone blocks kicks with their arms and legs, particularly Chun Li's kicks, it still hurt and caused damage.
    Chun Li was almost the polar opposite of Juri, but still very alluring in her own way. Her face was strong and womanly, eyebrows narrow with severe arches, close to handsome but with a hint of definitely feminine softness. The firm body she had trained so vigorously sported dynamic curves, muscles creating generous swells and turns along her figure.
    A blue satin qipao was filled out by ample breasts, the garment poofing out at the shoulders but leaving her arms bare down to the spiked bracelets on her wrists. In traditional fashion, a white silk wrap was wound around Chun Li's slender waist, but below that waist was where tradition stopped. Instead of the long flowing dress of a traditional qipao there were two knee length folds of cloth that successfully hid her bum and crotch (if she stood still), but left the sides of her hips bare but for the sheer brownish hose that clung to her legs.
    "Yah! Yah! Yah! Yah! Yah! Yah!" Chun Li's cries were almost right on top of each other as her statuesque leg snapped out and back over and over, driving Juri back until she was out of range.
    Juri despised Chun Li's goody two shoes attitude but couldn't help admiring her as a fighter, and wasn't going to underestimate her. The villainess quickly stepped to the side, then shot in at an angle at Chun Li, avoiding the kicks and leaping forward with a powerful flying that caught Chun Li in the temple and jerked her head to the side.
    "NGH!" the beautiful agent grunted from the impact, but snapped an open palm into Juri's chin that whipped her head straight back.
    Chun Li stepped to the side and slammed a fist into Juri's ribs with an impact that drove a gasp of pain from Juri, but caught an elbow across the cheek that staggered her.
    Now that the battle was close, the men watching could barely make out what was going on due to the speed of the attacks. There was a clap and Chun Li's head snapped back, then Juri grunted as she took a punishing blow to the cheek, thuds and martial arts cries echoed off the side of the cargo ship as attacks were blocked and launched.
    Finally, Chun Li threw a punch that Juri saw coming, the Korean ducking to the side and catching her wrist. Chun Li had just enough time for her eyes to widen with alarm before Juri lunged and jerked the hold in just the right fashion.
    "ULF!" Chun Li's wind was driven out of her as she landed hard on her back, arm still twisted in a painful lock that Juri was more than eager to apply pressure to.
    Our heroine grimaced in pain, then snapped a kick towards Juri's head as she lay there, catching her opponent on the top of the skull and forcing Juri to let go of her arm. Juri backed away and Chun Li hurried back to her feet, the two fighters squaring off once more.
    Upper lip curled in a grin, Juri rubbed the crown of her head, "Not bad, daddy's girl, but I can already tell that you're not good enough,"
    Chun Li's jaw tightened. The daddy's girl comment stung slightly, whether Juri knew about what happened to her father or not.
    The two women circled each other like wolves, looking for an opening.
    "I wonder what happened to you, Juri," Chun Li's eyes were hard, "When was it that you snapped? Must have been something bad that made you turn into this..."
    For a moment Chun Li thought she'd scored a point as Juri looked stunned, but then her grin returned, broader than ever. Without taking her eyes off of Chun Li, she released a disturbingly high pitched giggle.
    "Trying to get into my head, Nancy Drew?" Juri's eyes twinkled with mirth as she tittered, "That's so cute... but I can tell I touched something when I mentioned your daddy dearest..."
    Chun Li's face tightened and then abruptly she snapped a kick towards Juri's leg, but the attempt to hobble her was blocked when Juri simply raised it and they collided shins.
    "Eww..." Juri tucked her chin and shadows played across her snake-like grin, "definitely touched on something... did something bad happen to your daddy?"
    Chun Li whirled around and whipped a spinning kick towards Juri's face, then charged in with a flurry of punches, intent on putting pressure on the Korean before she let anything else slip.
    But Juri didn't appear pressured. She wore a delighted grin as she ducked the kick then retreated, turning aside Chun Li's punches one after the other.
    "Oops!" Juri teased as she knocked one punch out of the way, "Oh my!" she said as she blocked another.
    The battle continued like this for close to a minute, Chun Li swinging knockout punches for Juri, only to be blocked or avoided each time. She was avoiding Chun Li's blows without making any attacks of her own, forcing the hot shot Interpol agent to chase her and expend more energy. In the back of her mind Chun Li knew this, but she also knew that Juri was distracting herself with her own taunting, giving her an advantage...
    Chun Li ducked low to strike for the body, then abruptly threw an uppercut that snapped Juri's head back.
    The woman's sharp, violet eyes were dulled for a moment from the impact, but she quickly shook it off then lunged in to clamp both hands behind Chun Li's neck. It was a classic Muy Thai neck hold and Juri was very quick, jerking Chun Li's head down and throwing a knee into her stomach before she could counter.
    "OOLF!" air was punched from Chun Li's lungs and as she worked her own her hands between Juri's to pry the grip free, she took another knee to the gut, "UFF!"
    Juri shoved Chun Li away before the hold could be reversed but immediately our heroine lashed out with a kick that Juri barely managed to knock away, glancing off her forehead regardless.
    Juri appeared unperturbed, despite having her bell rung like that. In the next moment she was grinning again, purple eyes sharp and cruel.
    "So tell me, little miss perfect," Juri continued, "was your daddy a goody good copper just like you? Is he the reason you are what you are?"
    "I'll tell you... all about him..." Chun Li rasped, realizing she was panting, "after I... take you in..."
    "No, you don't need to say anything," Juri's grin broadened, "I can tell all about him just by reading your pretty face... don't play much poker, I bet..."
    Juri moved forward a pace or two but even though Chun Li yearned to attack, she didn't take the bait this time. She wasn't going to let Juri play her.
    Juri, however, just grinned... she liked a challenge.
    She dropped her fighting stance altogether and casually walked back a few paces.
    "See, that's the thing with you types..." Juri's tone was light, "trying so hard to be brave and honest, thinking that the world is this great fair place that will reward you some day because of it. Doesn't work that way, though..."
    Juri leaned back against a nearby crate, resting while Chun Li glared at her.
    "I bet your daddy would agree with me," Juri sighed, "if he were here now..."
    Chun Li's eyebrow twitched.
    "You don't know anything about my father..." Chun Li growled, reminding herself not to be goaded.
    "Oh, I'm sure he taught you that good wins in the end," Juri shifted to find a more comfortable position, "But he learned different... I bet the guys that finally got him taught him alllll about the way the world really works..."
    Chun Li's bottom lip began trembling slightly. She couldn't stop it. Her heart was pounding in her ears.
    Juri stifled her own grin, remaining nonchalant. She idly held up a hand to examine her nails, as if she were having a simple conversation.
    "I've done the same thing to lots of people just like your papa," Juri heaved another sigh, remembering old times, "made them beg... curse the names of their children... if I was the one who got to school your daddy in the ways of the world, I'd have made him tell you that everything he'd ever taught you was wrong... that he had been a fool... and that's what he'd say right now, if he were here...'
    "If he were here, and..." Juri gave Chun Li a pointed look over her nails, "you know... not dead,"
    Juri throw herself aside and Chun Li's axe kick smashed into the crate she'd been leaning against moments before. Chun Li didn't even pause before lunging at Juri again, snapping a straight kick out towards the woman's stomach, then sent her skirt tails flying about with a spinning kick.
    Juri was forced to retreat quickly to avoid the powerful shots, the criminals watching actually wincing and starting to retreat on their own, not wanting to get trapped between something solid and the world's strongest woman.
    Chun Li lunged in and fired a high kick straight for Juri's face, but the cunning villainess ducked under, then fired a sharp blow into the furious heroine's crotch while her legs were spread.
    "NAH!" Chun Li yelled in both shock and pain, knees clamping tightly together and causing her to hobble backwards on bowed legs. The pain wasn't so severe that her legs turned to jelly, but it hurt. Chun Li struggled not to double over, biting her bottom lip to restrain a groan of agony.
    Juri giggled once more, a bizarre, near childish sound, "Cllllassic..." she purred, running her tongue over her teeth as if to taste the moment.
    Chun Li's eyes were glassy with pain, but full of hatred, but she didn't attack blindly. She leapt forward onto her hands like she was going to stand on her head, but instead immediately shoved herself back off the ground.
    "SPINNING BIRD KICK!" Chun Li cried out, spinning like a helicopter, legs whirling about, her body propelled toward Juri. The attack had Chun Li upside down with her legs acting as helicopter blades, pulverizing the cruel sociopath in their path.
    Unfortunately... Juri had gotten out of Chun Li's path before the heroine reached her.
    Chun Li flipped back over and landed in a crouch, shoulders heaving as she panted.
    Juri wasn't in front of her. She couldn't see Juri at all! Where was she?!
    Her question was answered as she started to rise, and a thunderous kick slammed into her lower back, pounding into her kidney.
    "AAGH!" Chun Li cried out, the attack striking a particular nerve cluster that made her back arch, her ample chest to thrust out.
    The tired good girl spun around, swinging a back hand toward Juri to get her to back off. This time Juri easily stopped the attack by catching Chun Li's wrist, then drove a fist into the heroine's ribs, forcing more air from her lungs.
    Juri wore a grin as her prey staggered back, but was stopped from retreating too far by the grip on her wrist. Chun Li was reaching her body's limits. She was beginning to slow... Juri decided to help it along some.
    Still holding Chun Li's arm up, Juri smashed a side kick into Chun Li's exposed ribs, a blow that would have driven the woman away if Juri hadn't kept a hold of her wrist. Juri punished Chun Li's ribs with another kick before she could recover from the first. Then another and another and another.
    Juri's grin became bared teeth as she hammered kick after kick into Chun Li's ribs, Chun Li staggering away only to be yanked back by her arm.
    Chun Li Xiang was a legend in martial arts circles. A beautiful woman with unmatched kicking power and grace, having measured up to and defeated supposedly unbeatable fighters, legends in their own right. She was what every female martial artist was measured against, even at such a young age.
    But Juri knew that despite all the stories and renown, Chun Li was still a human being.
    Juri finally released Chun Li's wrist and then kicked her in the inner side of her oh so strong and beautiful leg, forcing it outwards and making Chun Li lose her balance.
    Human beings were just like any machine. If you knew how they worked, you could make them do what you wanted.
    Juri popped a sharp kick into Chun Li's solar plexus, making her shoulders and head jerk forward as her diaphragm spasmed.
    Chun Li gasped for air, eyes wide with shock. Juri gave her a playful wink.
    And once you could make them do what you wanted... you could take them apart.
    Juri threw a kick almost straight up into Chun Li's jutting chin, forcing her entire body into the kick and lifting both of them off the ground.
    Chun Li's body flew upwards in a lazy arc, as if in slow motion, a startled, animalistic cry flying from her lips.
    Chun Li slammed hard into the dock, her body bouncing from the impact, powerful form limp as a doll.
    The world went dark for a few moments then suddenly became too bright, everything spinning and swaying in Chun Li's vision. She thought she'd fallen into the water, the way everything felt like it was floating, moving shapelessly beneath her. She blinked dazedly, jaw a bit slack as she slowly managed to lift her head, having to struggle to see over her own heaving breasts.
    There was a familiar, evil giggle, but it sounded kind of muffled and far away.
    Chun Li's eyes crossed for a moment and her vision blurred. She could see something looming over her... pink, purple, black, pale white...
    The battered girl gazed dreamily up at Juri for a moment, her vision slowly starting to clear.
    Juri wasn't known for her patience, though.
    "Enough lying around, daddy's girl," Juri grabbed two handfuls of Chun Li's qipao, "I still want to play..."
    Chun Li grunted as Juri hauled her back to her feet, her once powerful legs loose and weak, reluctant to hold her up.
    "Aww, still all dizzy?" Juri crooned, "Well WAKE up!"
    The villainess punctuated the word "wake" with a hard slap that left Chun Li's ears ringing. The stinging pain pierced through the cloud that muddled Chun Li's thoughts, snapping her out of it, but before she could respond, a fist was driven up into her stomach.
    "OFFF!" Chun Li's upper body lurched forward, face going slack with shock as the punch drove into her soft body, muscles relaxed and completely unprepared for the blow.
    Juri curled her upper lip with disgust and released Chun Li's qipao, allowing the agonized heroine to drop to her knees, clutching her stomach.
    "Pfft," Juri put a hand on her hip and cocked it to the side, leering down her nose with a cruel smirk, "Get up, legs. Show me what you've got,"
    Chun Li's mouth yawned open as she gasped for air like a landed fish. Juri could have finished her already and they both knew it, she was just dragging this out as long as she could. It was a cocky mistake that Chun Li promised to make the criminal sociopath pay for.
    The glare Chun Li gave Juri was strained with pain as she climbed back to her feet.
    "Doken!" Chun Li thrust out a palm, sending a bright blue blast of energy in Juri's direction... an attack that Juri leapt over with ease.
    A foot planted itself hard into Chun Li's face before she could react, making her stumble backwards, off balance. She managed to block a kick that Juri threw for her ribs, but then the cruel temptress ducked low and slammed another kick into the side of Chun Li's leg, jerking the knee inwards.
    "AAGH!" Chun Li gasped in pain hobbling back a step, only for another kick to slam into her opposite leg.
    The crooks by the ship, nervous attendees at first, now watched enraptured as Chun Li's fulsome legs buckled and she dropped to he knees. Before they had been afraid that they were going to have to run or hide to avoid getting lambasted during the titanic battle. Now they were watching the firm, beautiful Chun Li Xiang get preyed upon by a sultry, viciously playful Juri Han. It was like history in the making.
    Chun Li grunted in pain as her trembling legs struggled to push her back to her feet, but Juri's foot collided with the side of her head before she could get all the way back up.
    "UNGH!" Chun Li ate the dock floor again, landing hard on her side. Then, as she started to turn over to climb to her feet, a heel smashed down into her lower back, striking like a hammer blow, "AUGH!"
    Chun Li fought back a whimper as she laid on her stomach, grabbing clumsily at the stabbing pain in her lower back from Juri's axe kick.
    Round hips and a pink and purple clad rump swaggered towards Chun Li as Juri approached, eyes narrowed with lust and pleasure. She lifted her foot, then violet eyes snapped wide with mad glee when her heel jammed back down into Chun Li's already tender back.
    "AAH-AHHHH!" Chun Li arched off the deck and howled as Juri ground her heel in, increasing the pressure by leaning on her leg.
    "I was just kidding before..." Juri grinning teeth ground together, "I'm not going to kill you... See, I'm trying to think ahead... Killing you would be fun now, but then..." She twisted her found and shoved down hard, making Chun Li cry out anew, "it would be over..."
    Juri leaned down, still applying pressure to Chun Li's back, then hooked her fingers into the tightly bound hair on her victim's head and yanked back. Chun Li gasped as her upper body was arched back up, forming her into something close to a J shape.
    "I'm going to break your body..." Juri whispered as Chun Li grabbed awkwardly back for the hand holding her hair, "Bleed your fighting spirit dry... then you'll get to taste complete humiliation... before I end your life as you know it..."
    Chun Li's eyes clenched shut, pretty face contorted with pain, helpless to do anything but squirm under Juri's cruel ministrations.
    Finally Juri released Chun Li's hair and stepped back, allowing the agonized girl to slump back to the deck, muscles spasming in pain.
    "Get up, Chun Li!" Juri snapped, suddenly angry, "Get up or I'll drag you up! You're not done until I say you are!"
    "Ohhh..." Chun Li groaned, body shaking as she climbed to all fours, her protruding backside pointed in the direction of the watching thugs. She faltered a couple of times, slipping, but finally managed to stand... but she wasn't the same as before.
    Everything felt heavy. She was slow, her strong legs now weak and wobbly. Most of the anger she'd felt about Juri's treatment of her late father was gone, not having the strength to keep it up. Instead dread was beginning to creep in... deep down, she knew that it was no longer possible for her to defeat Juri.
    Chun Li staggered once on her feet, almost losing her balance, then turned around to face Juri, who was grinning smugly in her direction. For a moment Chun Li stared at Juri almost in fear, then she shook her head and fought off the feeling, refusing to let the sociopath win. This wasn't just about her any more... this was about proving that what her father taught her was true! It was about bringing this woman to justice once and for all! It was for everything she believed in!
    Chun Li's face hardened and she suddenly sprang at Juri with a strength she didn't know she had, like the spirit of her father was giving her the power to fight on.
    It was Juri's turn to be shocked when Chun Li leapt forward, a powerful kick slamming into her mid section.
    "ARGH!" Juri cried out in pain and indignation, eyes wide in shock. It was impossible! Chun Li couldn't POSSIBLY have the strength to attack her like this!
    Chun Li lashed out with a punch that the startled Juri barely blocked, then leapt up with a back flip, her foot catching Juri in the chin on the way.
    Juri staggered back, bristling and incredulous, then counter attacked, leaping up and stabbing a kick of her own towards Chun Li's face.
    The fight became furious, shots being traded once more. Juri was becoming angry at how much Chun Li's blows still hurt, how she had somehow found reserves that might actually allow her to win!
    A hard blow staggered Juri back, her eyes flashing dangerously. Then, a covert grin spread on her lips. Chun Li might have miraculously found reserves of strength, but Juri had a trump card of her own...
    The villainess snapped a kick, then retreated, cleverly drawing Chun Li after her. Chun Li leapt, trying to drop in on Juri with a powerful kick... and that was what Juri had been waiting for.
    Juri's eye flashed, lighting up bright pink, then she shot up into the air. Pink energy flew off of Juri's legs as she spun in a propellar-like fashion, blows hammering up Chun Li's thighs, stomach, chest... The pair of them were driven up into the air, Chun Li's body carried by blow after blow, too many and too fast for her to even cry out in pain.
    At last Juri's leg came up and over, smashing into Chun Li's body and shooting her towards the ground like a rocket. But not as fast as Juri herself. The villainess shot past Chun Li to the ground and before the heroine's body could reach the hard wooden boards of the dock, it met with a kick that slammed up into her spine.
    "AAHHHHHhhhhh..." Chun Li's cry of anguish rang out, then faded as did her strength.
    Juri wore an insane snarl, eyes wide and feral, her leg straight up and stiff as a board, holding a limp Chun Li up with her foot. The snarl curved upwards in an almost clownish grin as she saw the broken, grief stricken look on her prey's face as she was draped over her foot like she'd been impaled on it.
    "Daddy would be so ashamed..." Juri whispered to Chun Li, then whipped her foot down, smashing the broken form into the ground.
    Chun Li's form bounced off her head, then flopped to the ground on her stomach. And this time, she didn't move.
    Juri's face was starting to hurt from her fierce smile... but she couldn't stop. She had crushed the great Chun Li. She wished she had the tongue of a snake so she could taste the air... she was certain that at that moment, it would be the most delicious thing she'd ever tasted.
    Juri placed a foot against Chun Li's hip, then shoved, rolling the heroine over onto her back. Her arm slung over and plopped down beside her, head lolling to the side. Her breasts were heaving up and down... still alive. Juri reached out with a toe and turned Chun Li's face towards her. The eyelashes fluttered, then the poor girl barely managed to open bleary eyes, staring weakly at Juri... She was still conscious... Oh, too perfect...
    The look Chun Li gave her was sad and defeated... it made Juri's heart clench with longing...
    Juri licked her lips hungrily.
    "H-holy shit..." one of the thugs interrupted Juri's revelry, "Chun Li! You just... you just kicked her ass! Chun fucking Li!"
    Juri flinched and looked over her shoulder at the group of thugs and criminals, all watching wide eyed with shock. Shock that was slowly turning to delight as they realized what this meant.
    "Holy shit!" another said, "Holy shit, I've gotta... gotta get my camera!"
    Juri's eyebrow arched with irritation, which dampened their enthusiasm a bit.
    "I-I mean..." the man amended, "If you don't mind, I meant to say,"
    Juri glared at them for a moment. She had wanted an audience while she cleaned Chun Li's clock, but now that the heroine was helpless and broken she wished they were all somewhere else. She wanted some... alone time with her prey...
    In fact... a new idea blossomed in Juri's mind. A way to make the unbelievably erotic feeling she had looming over Chun Li's beaten form to last... and last... and last...
    "Change of plans," Juri growled, "You guys get me a van and I'll meet you at the end of the dock,"
    The men paused, glancing at each other. They were reluctant to leave this epic scene... and to get a van? Didn't seem like something they all needed to do together...
    "NOW!" Juri yowled.
    The men took one look at Juri's face and scattered, not wanting to be on the wrong end of the villainess's wrath.
    Juri's glare chased the men down the docks, and only when they were well away did she turn her attention back to her prey.
    This was the most fun Juri had ever had hurting someone... she felt high... and it was only going to get better.
    She crouched down and over the beaten woman and ran the back of her knuckles down Chun Li's soft cheek, stroking and feeling how smooth it was. Soft and lickable... and Chun Li could do nothing to stop her from doing so...
    She ran a palm down Chun Li's neck, the heroine looking slightly confused as the hand smoothed over the shiny satin blouse, fingers cupping around a breast.
    "You're done, Chunners..." Juri hissed, "This is how your legend ends..."
    She squeezed the soft form of Chun Li's breast, making the heroine release another tantalizing moan of anguish, then stood back up.
    Reaching down, she took Chun Li by her white boots, grabbing her ankles and lifting her legs... then began shuffling back, dragging the Interpol agent after her.
    The irony wasn't lost on Juri... she was using Chun Li's own famous legs to drag her towards her fate.
    Chun Li tried a couple of times to grab at the boards as her back scraped along the dock, but she didn't have the strength to hold on or even move her arms much at all. And most terrifyingly... she didn't have the will to, either.
    Juri drug Chun Li like a bag of laundry until they were beside the ship, where the fight had first began. Juri dropped one of the beautifully turned legs to the deck, then began working on the laces of the boot on the other, jerking and tugging them loose.
    Chun Li wanted to lift her head, to look and see what Juri was doing, but she was too tired. All she could do was turn her eyes in that direction, but wasn't able to see anything over her breasts.
    The boot finally came free with a yank, revealing Chun Li's hose clad feet, then there was a splash as Juri tossed the boot into the water.
    What was juri doing? Taking her shoes off? But...
    Chun Li's eyes widened and she stiffened slightly, an idea suddenly striking her.
    Juri quickly removed the boot and tossed it into the water as well. Once done, she straddled Chun Li and sat down on her hips, Juri's hard rump digging uncomfortably into her crotch. Just as Chun Li feared, Juri reached under her for the catch to untie the sash about her waist.
    "N... no..." Chun Li mewled weakly, unable to do anything else to protest.
    "Mmmm..." Juri purred, glancing up at Chun Li as she began to work the sash free, "yes, yes..."
    Juri yanked the sash loose then tossed it over the side of the dock as well. Chun Li watched as the light silk floated down towards the water.
    "I had a plan for what I was going to do with you, you know..." Juri grinned, shuffling herself a bit farther up to Chun Li's stomach, "I was GOING to have those idiots sell you on the slave market... they've got the connections and I was only going to keep 70% of the sale... they wouldn't have turned me down. 30% of what they could sell someone like you for is still plenty..."
    Juri wasn't gentle with the buttons of the qipao, ripping the garment open and exposing Chun Li's cleavage and blue satin bra to the night air.
    "It was beeee-yootiful..." Juri took Chun Li's arm and began working it out of the puffy sleeve, "You getting to ride along with the very cargo of drugs and guns that you'd been tracking for months... getting to see the black market you'd been trying to crack up close..."
    Juri managed to finally work Chun Li's limp arm out of the sleeve, tearing it a bit on the spiked bracelet, then climbed off of Chun Li to get it the rest of the way off.
    "Becoming a victim..." She took Chun Li behind the neck and drew her up to a sitting position so she could get the qipao top out from under her and work it off her other arm, "of the very... system... you were trying soooo hard to mess up..."
    She got the sleeve off Chun Li's arm finally, then released Chun Li's neck to wad the whole top up into a ball and toss it into the water.
    Chun Li grunted, finding she had the strength to stay sitting up... but just barely. Juri hooked a finger under Chun Li's chin and tilted her head back so she could look into the Chinese woman's eyes.
    "I almost came when I thought that idea up..." Juri's eyes narrowed with pleasure when Chun Li winced at the implication, "But then after I saw the look on your face when I caught you on my foot... I got a different idea..."
    Chun Li didn't want to be staring into those purple eyes that seemed to glow with malevolence... but she couldn't look away. She stared like a mouse does at a snake, gaping at its oncoming end before it's devoured.
    Juri removed her finger from under Chun Li's chin to attend to her wrist. Chun Li winced and she sagged, but managed to keep her head up.
    Juri lifted the sleek, toned arm up like a limp noodle and began wiggling the bracelet off her wrist.
    "I had so much fun breaking you..." the bracelet his the water with a loud splash, then Juri reached for the other as Chun Li's arm flopped uselessly to her side, "I want to have that feeling forever... so..."
    The other bracelet came off and splashed into the water, but Juri didn't continue with what she was saying for a few seconds.
    She stepped closer and took Chun Li under the arms, almost in a hug, then pulled the heroine up to her feet, letting Chun Li lean against her to stay upright.
    "So," Juri pressed her cheek to Chun Li's, whispering right into her ear, "I'm going to keep you around... for a while..."
    She couldn't resist giving Chun Li's ear lobe a quick bite, then slipped her hands down the woman's waist, to the qipao skirts and the satin undershorts that protected Chun Li's panties from prying eyes when she kicked too high. She hooked her fingers into the silk garment and the hose underneath then sank down, wiggling them both down as she went. Chun Li's bare thighs were exposed bit by bit, along with the silk panties she'd hid so jealously.
    "I'm going to make you obey me..." Juri allowed the skirts and undershorts to drop down to Chun Li's ankles, but had to work the hose down one side at a time, "worship me... I'm going to be your god, little miss detective..."
    When the hose were finally as low as they could go, Juri pinned the fabric caught between Chun Li's feet them down with own her foot and lifted the heroine up, the hose turning inside out as their owner's feet came free.
    "You're going to change..." Juri grinned as she stood back up, slipping an arm around Chun Li's waist to keep her close, "In ways you never thought you would... and it's going to hurt..."
    Juri took a moment to eye Chun Li's beaten body up and down... She was full and muscular but still stayed slim and feminine, the muscles in her shoulders and arms cut, but breasts still ample, plunging cleavage heaving up and down as she breathed. The hills her abdominal muscles left on her tummy, that belly button... the way her waist slimmed, then flared out so dramatically at the hips, becoming those meaty thighs that hugged the V shape of her crotch so tightly...
    "Don't worry..." Juri hooked a finger into Chun Li's bra cup and drew it away to peek inside at the darker nipple capping her breast, "There will be fun... you're too much of a prude to enjoy it on your own, so I'll probably have to make you, though... I can't wait..."
    Juri took Chun Li almost gently behind the head and drew her closer, resting the woman's chin on her shoulder. It gave Juri an excellent aerial view of the curves of Chun Li's back, the faint outline of muscles, the way her spine curved out to swell into the shape of a round butt, the top of which she could barely see out of the top of Chun Li's blue silk, V cut panties...
    The villainess grinned as she reached around to pinch the waistband of the undies then stretched it away so she could look inside at the heart shaped cheeks of a butt that Chun Li had worked so hard on shaping... pale, but full, protruding healthily...
    The waistband snapped back for only a moment before Juri abruptly dipped down and pulled Chun Li's panties down her thighs, making the heroine sway and almost lose her balance. The panties came down her knees and ankles, revealing to anyone watching the pale bottom of the famous Chun Li, then Juri yanked them out from under those feet, tripping their owner in the process.
    "It's going to be just like being born again..." Juri grinned as she stood back upright, holding the panties on one fist, "Pain... submission... awakening..."
    Juri subtly reached behind Chun Li's back and unhooked her bra, then slipped it off her shoulders. It plopped down on the ground between them, leaving Chun Li's generous bust now bare. Chun Li glanced down at the soft orbs on her chest, then back up at Juri, scared for the first time since the fight began.
    "And just like when you were born..." Juri grinned wildly, "You have to be naked..."
    With that, she lunged, her mouth closing on Chun Li's, nearly shoving her tongue down the former Interpol agent's throat.
    "Nhh!" Chun Li's eyes widened and she stiffened, arching slightly in shock as Juri forced herself upon her.
    Their lips pressed tightly, Juri occasionally flicking her tongue and biting, but mostly kissing just like she fought... aggressively, dominating.
    Chun Li's arms shifted as she struggled to raise them to her defense, managing a jerk when Juri squeezed a handful of her butt, gripping possessively.
    Her fingers twitched and her arms floundered a bit, trying to find the strength to reach up and stop her. But after a few seconds, her arms went slack, giving up. It was no use. She couldn't win. Juri had proved her point. She had failed Interpol, everyone who counted on her, her father, and herself. She couldn't beat Juri and worse... she didn't deserve to.
    Chun Li closed her eyes and went limp, allowing Juri to kiss her, to feel and squeeze her firm butt... to do whatever she wanted. She didn't really care.
    Juri finally broke the kiss with a loud smack of lips. She had felt it... felt Chun Li give up... she knew it was probably only temporary, but it was still amazing to crush such a fiery spirit.
    Juri grinned with insane abandon at the exhausted expression on Chun Li's face, the eyes doey and soft, listless and looking away... submissive. A throaty giggle built in her throat and she lunged in to give Chun Li another quick kiss, biting her bottom lip then pulling away, only to let it pop back against her teeth.
    Then, without warning she brought her other hand up to Chun Li's mouth and pushed her own panties in, getting it in partway, then jabbing them in with a finger, making sure they filled her whole mouth.
    Chun Li winced, but didn't try to spit them out. Her eyes only briefly met Juri's before turned her face away, unspeakably ashamed.
    Juri wouldn't stand for this, however, and turned Chun Li's face back towards her, forcing her to stare into her eyes when she said:
    "You're beaten, Chun Li Xiang. You lost when it counted the most and now you're mine, body and soul,"
    With that Juri ducked slightly, then tossed Chun Li up onto her shoulder, her bare butt poking out and arms dangling down Juri's back. Juri patted Chun Li's butt cheeks then squeezed with a wicked grin as she carried the woman down the docks towards the waiting van.
    Chun Li never struggled through the whole long walk down the dock.

    9... 8....7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0

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    Not much to say except holy shit wow. That's just awesome.
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    Wow. This was great. This board has some great talents, but this honestly might be my favorite work of fiction catering to this interest.

    The villainess shot past Chun Li to the ground and before the heroine’s body could reach the hard wooden boards of the dock, it met with a kick that slammed up into her spine.
    “AAHHHHHhhhhh…” Chun Li’s cry of anguish rang out, then faded as did her strength.

    Truly incredible. I'm amazed that you were able to produce this entirely based off my one (admittedly ardent) paragraph-sized request. I'll be cherishing this for a long time, and look forward to reading it again and again. Thank you.
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    Man, and people have told me I am good... this is just... words don't even describe how awesome it is. I think it shames anything I've ever written. I'm just amazed.
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    wow, thanks guys! Don't know if I could hope for more better praise than that!
    I'm still taking requests, so if anyone has something they want to see, let me know!
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    amazing story
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    This is probably the best story I have ever read, no exaggeration. Nice
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    Very well written. Curious as to what happens to Chun Li afterwards... but it might be better left to the imaginations of the readers. :o
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    I've known about this site for a months now, but I've made an account just so I can say that this was an excellent fan fic, maybe one of the best I've ever read. The way you detailed the fight and everything else going on made it really easy to visualize. Juri's immediate reaction to defeating Chun-Li was exceptionally well written and described. I'm looking forward to any more entries you make man, well done. Are you still taking requests though?
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    He he, thanks for the praise! What particular details about Juri's reaction to her victory did you like? Was there anything you didn't like?
    As for requests, I've got about a few on the que and school has been kicking my butt lately (apologies to those who've made requests), but I'm definitely still taking requests. Send me a private message with any details you want and I'll put you down for a request :)
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    I came across this story and I gotta say it's the first one that I've read in a LONG time in completion and enjoyed it How come I've just noticed this thing was here all these days!? Anyways, everything here was spot on, Juri and Chun's character portrayals were right on the mark and of course, the eventual domination and humiliation of our favorite Fighting Game first lady was the whole cake, complete with icing. I enjoyed the whole thing, and there really wasn't anything that I hated about it. Personally, I'd like to see what the other guys have requested of you in the future and how that pans out rather than add on anything personally, so I'll be keeping a look-out. Shoot, this may even make me try to write a bit... It has been a long while since I've contributed anything to this site...
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    In particular it was when she mentioned wishing she had the tongue of a snake so she could taste the air, for some reason that line stuck with me lol, great imagery. Like DeNice mentions, the character portrayals were dead on and the domination during and after the fight were the highlights. The dialogue was well-written and sensual too, seemed true to the characters as well. Especially Juri's, there were lines there that I could definitely see her actually saying in a canon storyline. The line where she says to Chun-Li that "her legend ends here" I thought was a clever nod to a terrible movie :)

    In all honesty I can't find much to say that I didn't like, except maybe that I wish it was longer, kinda felt like things were just getting really good, then Game Over. I guess it's best to just leave it to our imaginations, for now anyway :P. The best I can say is keep up the good work. I'll private message you when I think of a few requests, maybe two or three. The recent Street FighterXTekken game has already given me a few ideas.....
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    Could you please create another fiction about Sakura Kasugano Win Chun-Li and humiliate her like Juri ?
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    juri_vs_chun_li___commission_by_mikemaluk-d4qtvvx.jpg juri_vs_chun_li_2___commission_by_mikemaluk-d4qtwb3.jpg juri_vs_chun_li___commission_by_mikemaluk-d4is53l.jpg

    These images aren't mine. They belong to deviatart user mikemaluk, mikemaluk on deviantART, but it almost felt like he drew them with this story in mind. I saw them and was reminded of the incredible job sooperhero did writing this story, which I am still in love with over half a year later.
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    Now that I know you better, Sooper... I renege everything I said about this. :P

    Just kidding. It's still awesome stuff.
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    I really liked the 'snake tongue' comment as well, and Juri's reactions are quite true to her character and thankfully lacking the overblown insanity some other Juri fanfics contain.

    I suppose my one critique would be that Juri didn't admire nor pay any attention to Chunny bunny's sweat-matted lady-mound once she had her naked ...but I suppose there's still plenty of time for that .. >:}
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    This is the name of my new band.
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    Best Chun-Li Ryona story EVER!!!
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